Chapter 56: The Race

Lunarstar and Prism walked out of the stadium just as the announce finished talking.
"Well, Luna. I'll see after The Games," Prism smiled.
Lunarstar smiled back, "talk to you later."
The two went their separate ways and sat on the benches with their group. The Games had already started and ponies stood in the field doing the Hammer Throw. Ponies took turns standing in a circle, throwing a metal ball attached to a wire rope with a handle at the end.
After the group of ponies had all thrown the ball, the winner was announce. One of the groups cheered and congratulated a red pony with pink, green and white hair.
"Next even is the Long jump!" said the announcer.
A group of ponies stood in the field next to a long straight track. At the end of the track was long box of sand. Each pony took turns running and jumping as far as they could go. After the long jump was finished, the winner was announce. A blue pony with purple hair jumped excitedly.
Lunarstar found the events fascinating, as she watched the events she wondered if the three black ponies would be able to win in the events.
"Next event is the Sprints," said the announcer.
A few of Lunarstar's group walked onto the track. Once a group of ponies were on the track and ready to run, a green pony on the side raised a flag, a minute later he quickly lowered the flag. The ponies ran as fast as they could to the finish line. After the sprints, the winner was announced, a pony from Lunarstar's group had won.
Lunarstar sat and stared at the stands, ponies filled every seat, some were eating, some stood and cheered others watched and talked. Lunarstar looked around for her parents but there were so many ponies it was hard to tell where they were. Lunarstar sat and watched the events, it was in the afternoon before they announced the Mile run.
Lunarstar and few others from her group, stood up and walked to the track. They lined up and waited anxiously for the flag. Once the pony had lowered the flag, the ponies ran around the track. Lunarstar was third in the first lap, she didn't want to catch up till the last minute. once the third lap came around, Lunarstar began to make her move. She slowly began to catch up.

Stardust sat next to Liberty and curiously watched Lunarstar.
"Just look at that pony go. I bet she'll win," Liberty commented, "Don't you think so?"
"Maybe, if she doesn't pick up speed soon."

Lunarstar was on the last lab in second place, she knew she had to run faster if she wants to make it to first place. She thought about Stardust and how he ran. She wondered how could her run so fast. Was it something you learn or is it something you were born with?
She tried her best and ran faster, soon she was catching up to the pony in front of her. The crowds cheered but Lunarstar wasn't paying attention to them, her focus was on the pony in front of her. The Finish line was getting close and she was quickly coming up on the pony, it wasn't long till she had passed the pony and crossed the finish line.
Lunarstar slowed down to a stop. a minute later the winner was announced. Lunarstar was breathing heavily.
"The winner for The Mile Race is...Lunarstar!"
A few ponies from her group went over to her and congratulated her. Lunarstar was careful that non of the girls touched her. She and the girls walked over to the bench and sat down. Lunarstar was to tired to hear what the next announcement was.
Just then her group stood up and walked back into the stadium.
"Are you coming?" the coach asked.
"Coming?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's time to take a brake. We're heading into the locker room to rest."
"Can I go see my parents?"
"Sure just don't eat and be back here before the next event starts." The coach turned and left.
Prism walked up to, "Are you coming to the locker room?"
"No, I'm going to find my parents."
"They're here?" Prism asked surprisingly.
"Yup. want to meet them?"
Lunarstar and Prism walked into the Stadium and through the halls, passing ponies as the went. Lunarstar found the Stand entrance and went looking for her parents but they wasn't there, "Where could they have gone?"
"Maybe they went to get a bite to eat?" Prism suggested.
Lunarstar turned around and walked back into the stadium. They walked along the halls till they came to a wide hallway, there were concession stands on both sides of the hall. Lunarstar stood and looked around. The hall was crowed with ponies.
"Hi," said a voice from behind them.
Lunarstar turned around and saw a white pony with red and blue hair.
"Aren't you the one who won The Mile long Race?" the pony asked.
"Yes I am," Lunarstar answered.
"Well, congratulations on the race."
"Thanks," Lunarstar blushed.
"That was an impressive race," said a familiar voice from behind her.
Lunarstar turned around and almost gasped but she tried not to show it. Stardust stood and looked at her with a week smile.
"You think so?" Lunarstar asked cautiously.
"Yes, I do."
Lunarstar looked at his blue eye, he had nice eyes, not like the nights he had chased her.
"I recognize you," Stardust calmly said.
Lunarstar was afraid he had recognized her as the Princess, her heart started to race.
"I've seen you in the park quite a few times. I think the last time, you ran into me with our skates."
Lunarstar felt relieved, "Yeah, well...I'm sorry about that."
Stardust smiled at her, it was something Lunarstar will never forget.
"Liberty, let go," Stardust looked at Lunarstar, 'It was nice meeting you," then he turned and disappeared in the crowed with Liberty.
"Wow, Luna. Did you notice his feet? He's so black too," Prism was still amazed at the sight of Stardust.
"Yeah I did," Lunarstar muttered.

"Hi, Honey," said a familiar voice.
Lunarstar looked next to her and said her parents with Buster and Charades.
"Mom, Dad!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Congratulations on the race," Booster commented.
"Thanks dad but I still have one more race."
"Who's that with you?" Buster asked.
Prism couldn't help be notice their feet, it was just like Stardust.
"This is Prism," Lunarstar answered.
"Oh, you've grown a lot since I last saw you," Rosebud commented.
"I see Lunarstar must have explained a few things," Booster remarked.
"Yes, she did and I feel bad about the way I acted."
"You were only four when it happened. How could you thought any differently?" Rosebud asked.
"I guess your right."
"What are you talking about?" Buster asked.
"We'll tell you later," Booster answered.
"Well, it was nice to see you again," Rosebud commented.
When they left, Prism could stop staring at Buster and Charade's feet, "Did you see their feet?"
"Yeah? what about it?" Lunarstar asked.
"They're hair, just like that black pony."
"Prism, there's more I should tell you but not here."
"More?" Prism asked.
"If you can come to my house later, I'll tell you."
"Ok...I think we better be heading back."

Lunarstar and Prism made their way through the halls till they found the locker rooms. Their group was just leaving when Lunarstar and Prism arrived.
"Break time is over girls," one of the coached remarked as she followed the group out the door.
Lunarstar and Prism followed their group and sat on the benches.
The announcer waited till the crowed had filled in the stand before announcing the next event, "For the next event is the Hurdling."
a few ponies from Lunarstar's group went to the track, even Prism. They stood in line and waited for the flag. one the Flag was lowered, the ponies took off leaping over metal bars. Prism was second and quicky catching up to the first pony in the lead. Prism was soon the first pony in the lead and to cross the finish line. Ponies cheer, even Lunarstar cheered for her best friend.
After a few events had gone by, the last even was finally announce, "The last event is the Baton race!"
Lunarstar and group of other ponies took their place in the lines, each pony ahead of the other. The first group of pony were given a red stick with a different color ribbon on it. When the flag was lowered the first group of pony ran with the stick in their mouths.
Lunarstar and Prism stood next to each other watching the race.
"Isn't this great? We'll get to race each other," Prism exclaimed.
"Yeah, lets see which one of us is faster," Lunarstar smiled.
The first group of ponies past the stick to the next set of ponies, then to the third set of ponies. Lunarstar and Prism anxiously waiting for their turn to run. When the third group of runners pass their sticks Lunarstar ran, Prism was close behind her. Lunarstar smiled, she loved racing with her friend.
Prism had caught up to Lunarstar and smiled at her, then continued to run a little faster. Lunarstar stretched her legs and ran even faster. The two ran head to head, the finish line was coming up on them fast. The crowed cheered wondering which one was going to win.
Prism tried her best to out run Lunarstar but found it had to do. When they cross the lines a flash went off.
"What a close ran. This is going to be a photo finish...!" The announcer said.
Lunarstar and Prism stopped, breathing hard and anxiously waited for the winner to be announced.
"And the winner for the Baton race is...Prism betting Lunarstar by a nose!"
Prism jumped excitedly and hug Lunarstar, "I won!"
"Congratulations, it was close race," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"It sure was," Prism replied.

After the Medals were rewarded to the winners of each events, they went to the locker rooms to pick up their bags.
Lunarstar had taken her hair down, took of the leg warmers and tail warmers. she carried a bag around her next and took the Leg Warmers back to Prism.
"Keep it, Luna. You can use them next time," Prism smiled.
"Thanks," Lunarstar stuffed them in her bag.

Lunarstar and Prism left the locker room and walked down the hall.
"There's my parents!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
Rosebud and Booster hurried over to Lunarstar and looked at the shinny gold Medal around her neck.
"It's pretty, Lunarstar. You should hang that up in your room," Rosebud suggested.
"I plan to, mom."
"Well, I guess you'll be leaving Ponyland after today," Booster guessed.
"Yup, my team is leaving tomorrow."
Lunarstar looked at her sadly, "I wish you could stay in ponyland a little longer."
"If I did where would I go?"
"We have an extra room you can stay in," Rosebud proposed.
"Well, I'll have to call my parents first."
"Prism!" yelled her coach, "lets go!"
"I have to go. I'll let you know if I can stay a little bit longer," Prism looked at Lunarstar, "Bye, Luna. see you around!"
Prism turned and ran to her coach.
"Well, it's been one exciting day," said Booster.
Buster and Charades arrived.
"Well, shall we go?" Charades asked.
"Home sounds good," Lunarstar exclaimed.
They left the hall and walked out of the stadium, heading home.