Chapter 55: Time to talk

Lunarstar stood at the stadium exit looking around the stands. More ponies had arrived and were beginning to fill in the seats.
"Lunarstar," the coach called coming up behind Lunarstar, "You should be heading to the lockers and getting ready."
"Ok," Lunarstar turned and headed back into the stadium, she walked through the halls till she came to the locker room. She walked through the double doors and went to the set of lockers to her right. Prism's group took the Lockers to the left. Another group was on the other side of Prism's group. Another Locker room was across the hall full of 3 more groups.
"I have already sighed you up this morning. Most of you have picked the Baton Race. Lunarstar I want you to be the last pony since you're the fastest. Those of you who are doing the hurdles, be carful not to run into the steeplechase barriers. They don't tip over easily." As the Coach continued to talk Lunarstar could her the other coaches giving last minute instructions. Lunarstar listened to Prism's coach, "Ok everyone? Prism you go last since you're the fastest. I hear the other pony who running against you is fast so be careful..." Lunarstar knew who the coach was talking about.
Lunarstar turned and continued to listen to her coach, "Ok, now let go out in the track and have some fun. Raspberry, remember what I said?"
"I know coach," Raspberry sighed, "I'm out if you catch me cheating."
The coach smile, "Well girls? lets hurry."
The ponies hurried and put their stuff in their lockers, then followed the coach out to the field. The other groups were also leaving. Lunarstar stayed behind when she noticed Prism wasn't leaving right away.
All the ponies had left, leaving Lunarstar and prism alone.
"This is my last chance," Lunarstar thought.
Prism had just finish putting her hair up in a ponytail and was about to leave when she noticed Lunarstar standing by the doors.
"Prism, we need to talk."
"Leave me alone. I don't want nothing to do with a monster!" Prism exclaimed.
Prism walked to the doors and opened them. Just as she was about to leave, the doors suddenly slammed shut. Prism was stunned at first, she grabbed the door handles and shook them but they wouldn't open.
"No, I can't be stuck in here!" Prism exclaimed worriedly.
"You can't open them because I'm holding them shut!" Lunarstar stated.
Prism slowly turned around, She gasped when she saw the transparent horn glowing.
"What...Are you?" Prism yelled.
"Your old friend," Lunarstar answered.
As Lunarstar walked towards her, Prism slowly backed away, "You are some kind of monster!" Prism wasn't mad, she was scared.
Prism slowly backed away, she hadn't realized she was backing up to a bench. Suddenly Prism tripped over the bench, slamming into the lockers and knocking over the trash can.
"Go away!" Prism begged.
"I'm not a monster."
"Yes, you are. I saw you!"
"That was a monster I got from a movie."
Prism looked at Lunarstar suspiciously, she had no idea what Lunarstar was talking about.
"I have the power to change into anyone I see. You see Prism, I had trouble keeping my form when I was little. It was really hard when you came over. Remember the movie we saw the day my parents babysat you? We had sneaked into the livingroom and was watching a movie that my parents were watching. Mom caught us and sent us outside. The Monster in the movie scared me. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Soon I had forgotten about keeping this earth pony form and began to change into the monster you saw. I had no idea what I had done at the time."
"So...the monster was something you saw in the movie?" Prism asked curiously.
"Yes. I can change my look by thinking about it, it just that...I thought about the movie to hard," Lunarstar lowered her head sadly, "I'm really sorry about that."
"So what do you really look like?" Prism asked.
Lunarstar's hair turned white, her wings appeared on her back while her horn appeared solid.
Prism was surprised and gasped at how pretty Lunarstar looked but the horn and wings surprised her even more.
"I'm a Winged Unicorn. One of a kind," Lunarstar answered.
Prism stood on her feet and stared at Lunarstar for several minutes.
"Luna," Prism began to say calmly, "I'm sorry."
Lunarstar raised her head and looked at Prism, surprisingly.
"I treated you so badly."
"I don't blame you. You were scared."
"Yes I was but..." Prism smiled, "I'm not now."
Lunarstar smiled.
"Is the horn and wings really real?" Prism asked curiously.
"But winged ponies and Unicorns are just stories."
"No, they're not. Pegasus and Unicorns are real."
"May I touch them?" Prism asked staring at her glowing horn.
"Sure," Lunarstar smiled.
Prism stood on her hind leg while reaching out with her front hoof to touch her horn. Lunarstar lowered her head a bit for Prism.
Prism noticed the horn was purly and hard, not furry like her white coat. Prism then touched the wings and was indeed real.
"Wow, Luna. This is cool!" Prism exclaimed.
Lunarstar turned around, facing Prism, "You have to promise me you won't tell anyone. This is a secret between you and me."
"I won't tell anyone, Promise. Besides, who would believe me?" Prism answered.
Lunarstar knew a few ponies who would but she decided not to tell Prism about them.
Suddenly the doors rattled.
"Hey! What gives?" a voice yelled from in the halls.
Prism looked at Lunarstar and watched her change back into a normal earth pony. Suddenly the doors flew open and the tan pony in the hall fell in the locker room.
"You two shouldn't be in here!" said the pony.
"I'm sorry but..." Lunarstar paused, she couldn't tell the pony what really happened.
"The doors was stuck and we couldn't get out," Prism lied.
"They're new doors," the pony said in disbelief.
"I don't know. I just know we couldn't open the doors," Prism replied.
"Well, you two better hurry before the announce is done," the pony rushed out of the locker room.
"You'll have to put up your hair up," said Prism.
"It's to long and you'll get hot easily. Trust me I've ran for a year and a half, so I would know," Prism hurried to her locker, too out 4 leg warmers. A hair band and a small tail warmer.
"What...what are you doing?" Lunarstar asked.
"Hold still," Prism put the leg warmers on Lunarstar and a tail warmer for the base of her tail tied, then she the hair up in a ponytail, "There"
"What are these for?" Lunarstar asked, looking at her feet and tail.
"To help you keep from sweating and it'll cool you off faster too. Now lets go."
Prism and Lunarstar rushed out of the locker room and hurried down the hall.
"Is this your first time?" Prism asked.
"You must be nervous."
"I guess so."
"Don't be nervous. Forget about all the ponies in the stands. Just go out there and have fun."
"Are we friends?" Lunarstar asked nervously.
"No..we are best friends, just like before," Prism smiled.
The two hurried to the stadium exit and into the field.