Chapter 54: Going to the games

Lunarstar had gotten up early and was eating breakfast with her parents, Charades and Buster. She sat in the Dinning room eating pan cakes with sirup and melted butter on it. Buster had a white cloth wrapped around his front leg.
"Are you excited about the games?" Charades asked.
"I sure am," Lunarstar answered.
"What events are you going to do?" Rosebud asked.
"Just two, the mile and Baton race. I can't really do anything else because of my wings and horn."
"That's understandable," Buster commented.
Lunarstar quickly eat her pancakes and then carried her plate to the Kitchen.
"You sure are in a hurry," Booster observed.
"I just want to get to the Games," Lunarstar walked in the dinning room, "Buster, are you sure your leg is fine?"
"It hurts a little but I can still walk."
Buster smiled, "don't worry. I'll be good as new soon."
Lunarstar smiled.
After Breakfast Lunarstar grabbed her bag from her room and rushed downstairs. Rosebud gave her a bottle of water and a towel in case she needed it.
"If that's all you'll need, then we better be leaving," said Booster.

They left the house and walked to the Stadium. When they got their lunarstar noticed the yellow and blue flags on top of the stadium. The gate was wide open and there were a few ponies ahead of them.
They walked in through the doors down another hallway to the stands. There wasn't a lot of ponies in the stands. There were a few ponies on the field checking the equipments.
"I think we're early," Buster observed.
"Looks like it," Charades replied.
Lunarstar followed them to a set of seat in front. Lunarstar stood while they sat. She looked around, there were a few ponies her age carrying water bottles or bags. Lunarstar could only guess they're entering in the events.
A little father down from her was Prism who also was looking over the railing.
"There she is!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Who?" Booster asked.
"Prism," Lunarstar left and hurried over to Prism, she wanted to talk to and explain a few things about herself, "Prism."
Prism turned and saw Lunarstar, "Go away."
Lunarstar didn't listen she continued to walk towards her, "Please, Prism." Lunarstar could see the scarred little pony she used to know in her eyes.
"Don't get near me. Stay away!" Prism yelled.
"Prism..." Lunarstar began but Prism didn't listen, she turned and ran back into the stadium.
Charades had seen Prism run away, he left his seat and walked up to Lunarstar, "She's still afraid of you."
"I know. I'm trying to talk to her but she won't let me."
"Well, you have plenty of time before the Game starts. Why don't you go chase her down and talk to her?" Charades suggested.
"Ok. See you after the games," Lunarstar hurried in the Stadium after Prism.

Stardust arrived at the Games early, along with Liberty.
"It's great that the boss let us take the day off today," Liberty commented.
"Yeah, it was," Stardust agreed.
They entered the stands and looked around.
"This is fantastic!" Liberty exclaimed, "I missed the grand opening."
Buster was the first to notice Stardust, standing not to far from them.
"Charades, look who's at the entrance?" Buster exclaimed.
Charades turned around and gasped, "Stardust, I didn't expect him to be here."
"Who?" Booster asked.
"Stardust, he's one of the three black ponies who is after Lunarstar," Charades answered as he pointed towards Stardust.
Booster and Rosebud gasped when they saw him. The pony they had heard so much about was standing close by.
"He's as black as the night sky," Booster observed.
"You should see all three of them together," Buster replied.
Stardust looked to his right and saw Buster and Charades staring at him.
"You know them?" Liberty asked, noticing them looking at each other.
"Lets find a seat," Stardust proposed.

Lunarstar wandered around the halls looking for Prism. Lunarstar was heading back to the main hallway when she head a voice calling her name. She stopped and turned around, Starlight was the first to find her, the others where behind her, "We came to wish you luck."
"We hoped we would find you," Melody added.
"Thanks everyone," Lunarstar blushed. She had wonderful friends and she was happy to have them. She just wished they knew her secret.
"We'll be in the stands cheering you on," Patch exclaimed.
Lunarstar noticed Prism at the end of the hall glaring at her and ran off.
"Who was that?" Starlight asked.
"Her name is Prism," Lunarstar answered.
"A friend of your?" Sweetheart asked.
"Along time ago," Lunarstar paused, "I've been trying to talk to her but she just runs away."
"Would you like us to help?" Bright Eyes asked.
"No, that's ok. This is something I must do. Please excuse me, I have to find her."
"Ok, we'll see you later," said Starlight.
Lunarstar rushed down the hall to find Prism. She rushed through several hallway and finally found her, talking to 3 ponies. Lunarstar recognized them from the group playing in lake.
"Prism," Lunarstar called.
"Go away. leave me alone," Prism exclaimed angrily.
Prism turned and walked down the hall.
"Prism I'm..." Lunarstar started to say.
One of the girls stepped forward, "I don't know who you are or what you want with Prism but just leave her alone."
"It's clear that she doesn't want to talk to you," the other girl added.
The 3 ponies turned and followed Prism.
Lunarstar stood in the hall watching Prism and the 3 ponies walk away. She was sad but also felt annoyed by the 3 ponies, "I'll talk to her one way or another."
Prism gave Lunarstar one last look and turned down another hallway.
"I'm sorry, Prism," Lunarstar whispered sadly.