Chapter 53: When we first meet

Booster walked in through the Kitchen and saw Lunarstar sitting on the couch with her mother standing next to her.
"Is something wrong?" Booster asked.
"Lunarstar meet an old friend today," Rosebud answered.
"Old friend?" Lunarstar asked wondering what her mother meant by that.
"What old friend?" Booster asked.
"Do you remember a little pony named Prism?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes, I do. How could I forget?" Booster asked.
"Tell me. Who is she?" Lunarstar asked desperately.
"Don't tell me you forgot?" Booster asked sitting down on the other couch, "She was your first friend that you ever made. She was the one who saw you change. Remember?"
"You were only 3 at the time it happened," Rosebud sat down next to Booster, "Prism was 4, only a year older than you."
"Oh, her. I barley remember what happened."
"Let me tell you what happened," Booster began, "It all started the day you meet our new neighbors."

Rosebud was out in the front yard watering her flowers and watching Lunarstar at the same time. Lunarstar was a baby pony in her earth form. She ran all over the yard chasing a yellow and orange butterfly. The butterfly flew to the flowers garden, Lunarstar smiled and ran towards it. Rosebud gasped and caught Lunarstar with her hooves before Lunarstar ruined her flowers.
"No, Lunarstar. I told you never to run in my flower garden."
Lunarstar felt sad. She knew she did a bad thing, "Sorry, mommy."
Rosebud set Lunarstar down, "Why don't you go play...away from my flowers but stay in the yard."
Lunarstar smiled, running and jumping as she laughed. She was having so much fun that she never noticed a yellow baby pony with rainbow hair, watching her from around the fence. Lunarstar suddenly stopped above her was a butterfly but this one was pink and blue. Lunarstar followed the butterfly to the fence and watched it fly over the top. Suddenly she heard a giggle, Lunarstar looked at the end of the fence and saw a pony about her age. Lunarstar shyly walked up to the pony.
"Hi," said the pony.
"Um...Hi," Lunarstar answered shyly.
The pony giggled and walked out from behind the fence, "I'm Prism."
"I'm Lunarstar.
"Lu...nar...,"Prism had trouble saying her name, "" after tying to say her name, Prism gave up, "I'll call you Luna."
Lunarstar smiled and the two left, running around the yard.
"Prism!" yelled a voice.
Prism stopped and stood next to Lunarstar. Rosebud turned around after realizing there was another little pony in her yard. Just then a Light Blue pony with rainbow hair walked out from behind a fence and into Rosebud's yard, "There you are, Prism. I told you not to wonder off."
"Hello," said Rosebud as she walked up to the pony, "You must be the new neighbors."
"Yes, we're in the process of moving in. My name is Crystal and this is my daughter, Prism," crystal pointed to the small pony next to her.
"My Name is Rosebud and this is my daughter, Lunarstar,' Rosebud looked at Lunarstar who sat beside her.
"She's very cute," Crystal commented.
"Yes she is," Rosebud smiled.
"Once we get moved in, perhaps Lunarstar would like to play with prism?" Crystal asked.
"Oh, I'm sure she would love that," Rosebud answered.
"Well, it was nice meeting you," Crystal left with Prism close behind her.
Rosebud went back to watering her garden while Lunarstar jumped around the yard. It wasn't long till she got tired and decided to sit next to her mother.
"What's wrong, Lunarstar?" Rosebud asked, noticing her just sitting beside her, "Are you tired?" Lunarstar looked up at her with tired eyes and yawned.
Rosebud smiled, "I guess you are," Rosebud picked up Lunarstar, "I think it's time for your nap."
Lunarstar yawned, her tiny horn appeared glowing, her wings appeared folded at her side. Her hair turned pure white. She curled up in her arms and fell fast asleep before Rosebud reached the front door.
Lunarstar and Prism play everyday since their first meeting with each other. They did everything together, they played and eat.
Several months had went by, Rosebud and Booster were asked to watch Prism for a while. Rosebud and Booster agreed knowing it's would make Lunarstar very happy.
Rosebud took Prism to a room full of Lunarstar's toys.
"Stay here Prism, I'll get Lunarstar," Rosebud ordered.
Prism ran to a big ball and jumped on it while Rosebud went to another room. Lunarstar was in her winged unicorn forum on the couch looking at the pictures in a magazine. Rosebud entered the room, "Guess who's here?"
Lunarstar knew immediately who her mother was talking about.
"Prism!" Lunarstar yelled, excitedly.
Rosebud smiled and picked up Lunarstar, "You need to change first."
Lunarstar's tiny horn began to glow, her pure white hair turned purple, her horn and wings disappeared.
"Don't forget. You must stay as an earth pony while she's here, ok?"
"Ok, Mommy," Lunarstar smiled.
Rosebud left the room and went to the toy room where Prism was playing.
"Luna!" Prism exclaimed.
Rosebud set Lunarstar on the floor, "Lunarstar, Prism! stay in this room."
Lunarstar ran and began playing with Prism. Rosebud smiled and left the room. Lunarstar and Prism spent a few hours playing till Lunarstar realized she hadn't seen her mother in a while. Lunarstar left the room followed by Prism.
"Where are you going?" Prism asked.
"Find mommy," Lunarstar answered.
They walked to the kitchen but Rosebud wasn't there. They turned around and walked into the Dinning room but she wasn't there either. They turned around and walked down the hall, Lunarstar stopped and peek around the corner to the Livingroom.
Her parents were sitting on the couch watching TV. Rosebud noticed how quiet it was, she got up and left the room.
Lunarstar and Prism stood and watched the TV when Rosebud came up behind them, "There you two are. Didn't I tell you to stay in the toy room?"
"Mommy, I'm hungry," Lunarstar complained.
"Ok, let go to the kitchen," Rosebud walked to the kitchen with Lunarstar ans Prism behind her.
After they eat, Rosebud took them outside to play in the backyard. Lunarstar and Prism ran around the yard while Rosebud sat and read a book.
Lunarstar couldn't help but think about the big Dinosaur that she had seen on TV, crushing houses. The more she thought about it the more it scared her. After awhile she stopped playing, all she thought about was the movie she saw, she had thought of it so hard that she didn't realize her horn was glowing.
Prism turned around, wondering what happened to Lunarstar. Prism gasped when she saw Lunarstar glowing very bright and covered in sparkling stars. She grew tall as a house and then the glow dimmed and the sparkling stars disappeared.
Prism screamed and ran to Rosebud.
Rosebud dropped her book when she saw the Dinosaur. Prism ran across the yard and into Rosebud's arms, crying loudly.
Booster rushed out of the house after hearing Prism scream. He stopped and gasped at the Dinosaur.
"She did it again," Rosebud exclaimed.
"I think she's to young to be playing with ponies. She can't even keep her form. Take Prism into the house, I'll take care of Lunarstar," Booster replied.
Rosebud cuddled Prism and went into the house.
Booster walked across the yard, "Lunarstar!"
Lunarstar began to glow and she changed back into a Winged Unicorn.
"Why, Daddy?" Lunarstar cried, "Doesn't she want to play?"
Booster was confused, it seem that Lunarstar hadn't realized what she did or even recalling changing.
Lunarstar sat and cried loudly. Booster picked up Lunarstar and cuddled her, "I don't think Prism will want to play anymore."
"Why?...she ran from me?..." Lunarstar was crying to hard for her to talk. She couldn't understand why her best friend would scream and run from her.
Booster walked into the house, he could still hear Prism crying. Booster took Lunarstar to her room and sat down with her till she fell asleep.
Ever since then Prism would cry or run when she saw Lunarstar. It wasn't long after that when Prism and her parents moved.

Booster finished telling Lunarstar the story.
"Poor Prism," Lunarstar commented.
"Do you remember now?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes I do. I understand why she doesn't like me now," Lunarstar answered, "I have to explain things to her."
"You mean tell her who you really are and what you are?" Booster asked.
"I don't think that would be a good idea," Rosebud replied.
"Please, she was my best friend. I can't let her leave thinking I'm a monster and that she'll always be afraid of me," Lunarstar exclaimed desperately, "Please?"
"It's to risky," Rosebud answered.
"She already knows, I can change. She saw me change into a monster," Lunarstar pointed out.
Her Parents hadn't thought of that but they knew Lunarstar was right.
"Ok, since she already knows but you be certain no one and I mean apsolotly no one is around when you tell her," Booster ordered, "I'll be very upset if anyone else finds out."
Lunarstar gave a weak smile as she looked at her father, he was serious and looked like it too.