Chapter 52: An old friend?

Lunarstar left her room and walked downstairs.
"Mom!" Lunarstar yelled but her mother didn't answer. Lunarstar went to the Kitchen but her mother wasn't there either. She looked outside and saw her mother watering the flowers. The Sun was out and the wind blew slightly, it was a perfect day for watering flowers.
Lunarstar's horn glowed and she began to change. Her hair turned purple while her horn and wings disappeared.
She hurried outside to her mother, running across the yard.
"What is it, honey?" Rosebud continued to water the flower.
"I'm going out for a while."
"Out where?"
"To the park I guess. I meet a pony the other day and I want to see if I can find her."
"Ok but be careful."
"I know, mom."
Lunarstar ran around the house to the front yard and walked along the sidewalk. She remembered what Prism had called her and told her to stay away. Lunarstar didn't understand why. She had spent all night wondering, all she knew is that Prism seems familiar to her all though she doesn't remember ever seeing Prism before.

Lunarstar walked to the Park and looked around but all she saw were ponies walking around or sitting down. None of them were Prism. Lunarstar wondered if Prism was even in the park. Lunarstar wondered around the park watching other ponies play and skating by her but non of them were Prism. Lunarstar was ready to give up and go home when she heard more ponies laughing. She wouldn't had bothered but they sounded so close, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to look."
Lunarstar walked through the bushes and pass the trees till she came upon the ponies that were laughing loudly. There was 5 ponies at the lake diving off the Dock. The last pony to jump in the water was Prism.
"Found her," Lunarstar whispered.
"Found who?" a voice asked.
Lunarstar jumped, her fur fluffed out. Lunarstar turned around and saw Charades standing behind her.
"Sorry, if I scarred you," said Charades after noticing Lunarstar had jumped. Lunarstar ran her hoof over her coat to get the fur to lay down flat, "Don't sneak up on me like that."
"You seemed so...into what ever you looking at, you would have jumped if I touched you."
Lunarstar took a deep breath and relaxed, looking up a Charades and noticed a bag hanging around his neck.
"What are you doing here?" Lunarstar asked.
"I was on my way home."
"It's a little early to go home, isn't it?"
Charades smiled, "Yes it is. I'm just bringing Buster some ointments for his leg. What were you doing sneaking around the bushes?"
"I was...uh...watching Prism."
"The pony I talked to the other day, remember?"
"The one that didn't like you?"
"Yes. I just want to find out why she doesn't like me. That day was the first time I talked to her. There is no reason for her not to like me. She didn't even talk to me long enough to get to know me first." Lunarstar turned around and continued to watch the group of ponies playing in the lake.
"Why don't you go talk to her?" Charades asked.
"I want to wait till she's by herself."
"It looks like you'll get your chance."
Prism got our of the water and squeezed the water out of her mane and tail. She laughed and played with the girls then left.
"Don't forget Prism!" a pony in the water yelled.
"Don't worry, I'll get drinks for all of us!"
Lunarstar watched her till Prism had disappeared in the small forest.
"Well?" Charades asked.

Lunarstar left Charades in the bushes and hurried to the sidewalk, hoping she hadn't missed Prism. As ran as fast as she could jumping out of the bushes and onto the sidewalk. Lunarstar looked to her right and was Prism walking away from her.
Lunarstar ran to catch up to Prism, "Wait."
Prism stopped and turned around, "You again!"
"I just want to talk."
"Go away!" Prism turned around and continued to walk.
"Please, tell me why? I just meet you the other day and I don't even know you."
"I'm surprised you don't remember me. I never forgot you!" Prism exclaimed angrily. She began walking faster, trying to get away from Lunarstar, "Go away, Luna!"
"Stop calling me Luna. I'm Lunarstar!"
"I used to call you Luna, remember?" Prism asked angrily, Lunarstar had no Idea what she was talking about, "Amazing. You forgot all about me."
"I...uh..." Lunarstar wanted to reply but she didn't know what to say.
"Go away, your nothing but...a freak!"
"What?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
Prism stopped and stood facing her, "I've seen what you really look like."
Lunarstar's heart was racing, had Prism found out about her secret...that she's the ghost?
"Your not even a pony. Your some kind of monster."
"Your joking...I'm not a monster."
"I've seen you with my own eyes!" Prism turned away, "Don't even get near me!" Prism ran leaving Lunarstar clueless as to what she was talking about.
Charades had watched from the bushes, when Prism ran away, he came out, "She's still mad at you."
"Yes she is and I'm not sure why."
"What did she say?"
"She called me a freak, a monster and that I'm not even a pony." Lunarstar felt sad, she had no idea why Prism would say such a thing.
"Lunarstar, why don't you ask your Parents?" Charades suggested.
"I guess I could."
"I'm sure they'll know what she's talking about."
"Ok," Lunarstar took a few step from him and stopped, "Are you coming?"
"I have to take this ointment to Buster, Remember?"
"I'll see you at the house soon."
Charades left Lunarstar and headed out of the park. Lunarstar went in the opposite direction heading out of the park.

When she got home, she walked to the kitchen looking for her mother but her mother wasn't there. Lunarstar felt tired from her day at the park. She went to the living room and sat on the couch.
Rosebud walked downstairs and saw Lunarstar on the couch.
"I see your home. Did you find that pony you were looking for?"
"I did," Lunarstar answered sadly.
"What's wrong?"
"Has anyone ever called me Luna?"
Rosebud stood and thought about it, "I think so. Why do you ask?"
"I meet this Pony her name is Prism," Lunarstar noticed Rosebud looking surprised, "She called me Luna and a monster."
"Well, I'm not to surprised she would call you that," Rosebud replied.