Chapter 51: Familar Friend.

After school Lunarstar and few other ponies waited for the coach at the playground. A few of the ponies sat on a bench. Lunarstar sat on the grass and waited. The others stood and talked.
It didn't take long til the Coach showed up, "Alright girls, lets go!"
Everyone stood, throwing their school bags around their neck and followed the Coach. They walked through an open field covered with a few trees. They followed the sidewalk to a small community of houses. In the distance was a tall white building sticking up from above the tree tops. The girls were excited, they couldn't wait to get there. They had practiced there once before and loved it. The track was longer and the stadium was bigger than the one they usually practiced at.
They walked through the forest and up the driveway towards the gate. The Coach was about to unlock the Gates with a key around her neck when she noticed the gate was already unlocked.
The Coach was confused just as the girls was.
"Who could be here besides us?" one of the girls asked.
"Lets go in and find out," the coach replied.
The walked around the building following the driveway. They went to the parking lot and walked through the double doors to the stadium.
Once they had reached the large Field, the girls gathered around standing next to the coach. On the other side was a group of ponies doing exercise.
"Well, it looks like they're getting ready for the game too," the Coach observed, "I guess we'll have to practice on this side of the field today."
The Coach set her bag down next to the bench, "Ok, girls lets do those exercises."
Everyone lined up in front of the coach, Lunarstar stood behind everyone to make sure she didn't poke anyone with her horn or touch anyone with her wings.
"Lets start off with some stretching exercises.
As the girls did their exercises, a yellow pony with rainbow hair was also doing exercises on the other side of the field. She and few others noticed another group but non of them said anything. The Yellow pony recognized Lunarstar from the Grand Opening, the one she had almost bumped into.
"It has to be her. Her symbol is the same...oh...what was her name?" the yellow pony watched Lunarstar and thought about it, "Luna."
After a few hours had went by, the Practice was over. Lunarstar and the girls went to the bench to get their school bags. A coach from the other group walked across the field with the girls behind her, "Hello."
The coach looked surprised and happy at the same time, "Whistle, it's been a long time since I saw you. Are you getting ready for the big game?"
Whistle was a pink pony with red and pink hair, "Yup. We arrived the day before the grand opening."
The coach turned to the girls, "Girls this is Whistle, we've been friends since school."
"Hi," the girls replied.
"These are my girls," Whistle pointed to her girls.
"Hi," they replied.
Lunarstar recognized the yellow pony and noticed she was staring at her. The Yellow pony didn't look away, she continued to stare, making Lunarstar feel uncomfortable.

The girls left the stadium with the two coaches talking. Lunarstar hurried home to drop off her school bag. She walked in the house and went upstairs to her room.
"Lunarstar is that you?" Rosebud called.
"Yes, mom!"
Lunarstar put her bag on the bed and rushed downstairs.
"Did you want something?" Lunarstar asked as she entered the Kitchen.
"Yes, I was wondering if you could help me put the dishes away?"
"But, I'm meeting my friends at the Ice Cream shop," Lunarstar complained.
"It shouldn't take you long to put the dishes away."
"Ok," Lunarstar muttered.
Lunarstar's horn began to glow, her wings appeared transparent like her horn.
"Wait till I'm out of the kitchen first," Rosebud grabbed two glasses full of punch and went outside.
Lunarstar made the doors on the cupboards open and the drawers opened as well. The plates float and began stacking neatly in the cupboards. The cups floated to the next set of cupboards, setting then upside down. The silverware floated to the drawers. The doors on the cupboard shut and so did the drawers.
Lunarstar's horn stopped glowing and disappeared, along with her wings. She took a deep breath and went outside through the kitchen.
"Finished. I'm going out for awhile!" Lunarstar yelled.
"Ok, have fun!" Rosebud yelled.
Lunarstar ran around the house and to the sidewalk. She ran down the street to the park and hurried to the Ice Cream Shop.

She left the park and walked into the Ice Cream shop. Her friends were sitting at a table talking.
"Hi, Lunarstar," said Starlight.
"How was Practice?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Great. There was another team there. They were getting ready for the games."
"I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of teams start showing up," Patch replied.
"I can't wait for the big games," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"Yeah, all those ponies sitting in the stands," Melody agreed.
"We'll be cheering you on of course," added Starlight.
"It'll be like the circus," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"But there will be more ponies, most of them will be coming from other countries and across the ocean," Bright Eyes explained.
Lunarstar hadn't thought about other ponies from other countries coming to the games, she was excited and wished the games would come soon.
Just then 3 ponies entered the shop and sat down and a table. Lunarstar recognized of them, the Yellow pony who kept staring at her.
The Yellow pony sat down, looked at the menu on the table. when she looked up she noticed Lunarstar looking at her.
"Lunarstar," Patch whispered, "Who are they?"
"They're the other team that was at the Stadium."
"Wow, looks like you have some competition," Sweetheart muttered.
"I guess I do," Lunarstar sighed.

The sun was going down in the horizon, the sky turned orange and blue.
The 3 ponies paid for their shakes and left, going in different directions.
"I have to do," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"I guess we all better go," Bright Eyes proposed.
"Mom wouldn't be happy if I missed dinner," Melody exclaimed.
The girls got up and left the shop, saying good-bye to each other.
Lunarstar walked to the park and was about to head home when Charades showed up, "Lunarstar!"
Lunarstar hurried over to him, "Charades, what are you doing here?"
"I come to take you home."
"Oh," Lunarstar signed.
"What's wrong? You are on your way home after all, weren't you?"
"Yeah I am." Lunarstar noticed Buster wasn't with him, in fact she doesn't remember seeing him this morning or when she got home, "Where's Buster?"
"In bed."
"Is he going to be ok?"
"He'll be fine. Stardust came very close to braking his leg. It'll be awhile till Buster can walk around."
"Is he going to the games?"
"Yes, he wouldn't miss it."
"That's good to hear," Lunarstar suddenly noticed the Yellow pony walking through the park, "Charades would you wait here?"
"Sure. Where are you going?"
"Just to talk to that pony," Lunarstar pointed.
Lunarstar ran to the pony, she had wondered why the pony has been staring at her all day.
"Excuse me!"
The yellow pony stopped and turned around, "what?"
"You're the pony on the other team."
"Yes, what about it?" The yellow pony asked sounding annoyed.
"I just want to introduced myself and wish you luck on the games."
"Oh," the yellow pony gave a weak smile, "My name is Prism."
"I'm Lunarstar."
Prism's weak smile quickly died and became serious, "Why don't you leave me alone?"
"What?" Lunarstar asked sounding surprised, "But..."
"Leave me alone, Luna. Don't ever bother me again!" Prism turned and walked away, leaving the park.
Charades hurried over to Lunarstar after watching Prism walk away with an unhappy look on her face.
"Is everything ok?" Charades asked.
"I don't know. Things were going just fine till I told her my name."
"That's strange."
"Yeah," Lunarstar suddenly remembered what Prism had called her, Luna. Lunarstar felt the name sounded familiar but she wasn't sure why.
"What is it?" Charades asked.
"She called me Luna."
"Maybe she thinks your someone else?" Charades guessed.
"I guess so." Lunarstar wasn't sure if Charades was right, she couldn't help but feel the name Luna felt familiar.
"Well, it's getting late. I better take you home," Charades proposed.
Lunarstar followed Charades out of the park towards home.