Chapter 50: A race with Stardust.

The sun was setting and Lunarstar in her earth form was about to leave the house with Buster and Charades.
"Be careful, honey." said Rosebud, giving Lunarstar a hug.
"I will."
"Don't stay our too late, remember you have school in the morning," Booster ordered.
"I know, dad."
Lunarstar left the house with Buster and Charades beside her. The sky was pink, orange and purple. The sun could barley be seen in the horizon. The full moon was getting easier to see.
"So, where should we go?" Buster asked.
"To the new track N field."
"Why?" Charades asked, "You have already seen it."
"I know but it's so big and...I just want to try the track by myself."
"Oh," Charades replied.
"You sure like to run, don't you," Buster remarked.
"Yup, I sure do," Lunarstar answered with a smile, "Come one, lets hurry. I don't have all night."
"Ok," Buster and Charades replied.

By the time they reached the New Track N field, they started glowing.
They hurried along the road and stopped at the tall gate.
"I'm not squeezing through the gates again," Charades suddenly said.
"You can always climb it," Lunarstar suggested.
"I don't want to try it. The gate is a little to high," Charades answered.
"Oh," Lunarstar stood and wondered how can they get in? It would be a pain for them to climb the gate and it was a pain for them to squeeze through the gates. She can't pick the lock either.
"oh...wait a minute!" Lunarstar suddenly remembered something that she can do but hadn't done it in a long time, "I know. I can get you in without a problem."
"What? fly us over the gate? Buster asked.
"No, you guys are too heavy for that."
"The tree you lifted in the storm is heaver than us," Charades remarked.
"I was just lucky."
"Lucky?" Charades asked suspiciously.
"Here, I'll show you," Lunarstar horn began to glow, her hair changed to white and her wings appeared on her back, "Now, stand still." Lunarstar's horn continued to glow, she walked over the Charades and touched his shoulder with her horn, suddenly he disappeared.
"What?...where did he go?" Buster asked.
"You'll find out soon," Lunarstar touched him with her horn and suddenly he disappeared.
Buster appeared in the middle of the Track N Field, Charades stood next to him just as surprised as Buster was. Then Lunarstar appeared in front of them, "now, why didn't I think of this earlier."
"What did you do? how...?"
"I winked you here."
"You can do that?" Charades asked surprisingly.
"Yes. It's been a long time since I did it though," Lunarstar looked around, it was dark on the field except for their glow, "I'm going to race around the track."
"Ok, but stay where we can see you," Charades replied.
Lunarstar left the boys and began racing around the track.
"So she has another power," Charades commented.
"She has more abilities than a regular Unicorn," Buster remarked.
"I noticed."
"You know what?" Buster asked, "that ability seems familiar, I think."
"I don't recall anyone who can do that."
"I'm pretty sure I've seen it done somewhere," Buster replied.
The sky was completely dark and Lunarstar had made her way around the track, she stopped and sat down on the track, resting trying to catch her breath.
"Looks like someone is tired," Buster observed.
"Looks like it," Charades agreed.
Lunarstar stood up and walked over to the boys.
"Worn out?" Charades asked.
"Yeah," Lunarstar laid down in the grass and rested.
"Want to head home now?" Buster asked.
"No, I want to race some more once I have caught my breath."
"More?" Charades asked.
"Yeah, I want to practice as much as I can before the big game."
After Lunarstar spent sometime resting she stood up and walked to the track.
"Want to race with me?" Lunarstar asked.
"No, you'll wear me out," Charades answered.
"I'm just going to watch," Buster added.
"Ok, then," Lunarstar took off and ran around the track. She ran so fast she felt like she was flying. She had made it to the other end of the track when she noticed a dark glowing figure in the stadium entrance. Lunarstar stopped suddenly when the figure dashed out of the shadows. Lunarstar gasped and swirled around running as fast as she could towards Buster and Charades. Stardust was on her heals, he was so close that he could touch her. Lunarstar's heart was racing, she felt scared that Stardust was going to catch her. Suddenly Buster and Charades ran past her and ran right into Stardust.
Lunarstar finally stop once she noticed Stardust wasn't chasing her. She turned around breathing heavily and watching the three ponies fighting. Stardust was on his back kicking at Charades and throwing Buster off him. Stardust jumped to his feet and slammed into Charades sending him a few feet across the field.
Stardust turned towards Lunarstar and ran after her.
Lunarstar gasped and ran, it didn't take long till he had caught up to her. Lunarstar winked out. Stardust suddenly stopped and looked around. Then he heard hooves running behind him. Lunarstar was running away from him in the other direction while Buster and Charades ran towards him. They ran right into Stardust sending him to the ground. Stardust jumped to his feet and fought Buster and Charades.
Lunarstar stopped and turned around watching the fight. She was so scared that she started crying, her eyes watered and tears dropped from her checks. She had never seen ponies fight so fiercely, it scarred her to watch.
Just then Stardust threw the two boys to the ground. Buster was about to get up when Stardust reared angrily and landed hard on Buster's front leg. Buster groaned in pain, barley moving his leg.
Lunarstar cried even harder when she saw Buster in pain. She felt worried and wondered if her was going to be alright.
Suddenly Stardust dashed after her. Lunarstar swirled around and ran. She gasped she noticed how fast he was running. Lunarstar took a leap in the air and flapped her wings, she thought she was safe flying in the air. Stardust leaped in the air after her and caught her tail, dragging her down to the ground. Lunarstar swung around and looked down at Stardust. She flapped her wings harder but all she did was barley moved him. Lunarstar grabbed her tail, pulling hard. Stardust had her tail in his mouth and wasn't about to let go. Lunarstar continued to cry, she was so close to getting away.
Suddenly Charades rammed into Stardust's side sending him to the ground. Lunarstar went flying up towards the sky. She flapped her wings to trying to stop herself from flying even higher. She knew it wouldn't be safe to go back to the stadium so she flew to the park.

Stardust noticed knew he had lost Lunarstar and decided to continue searching for her. He threw Charades to the wall and ran towards the Stadium exit.
Charades got up and walked over to Buster who was still laying down.
"How's the leg feel?" Charades asked.
"It hurts badly."
"Can you get on your feet?"
"I think so."
Buster sat up trying not to move his leg, then he slowly stood on his feet, "So how do we get out of here?"
"Climb the gate I guess."
"I can't."
"You'll have to," Charades walked slowly with Buster limping.
They had reached the tall gate.
"Lets try the corner gate," Charades proposed.
Charades helped Buster up the gate. Buster groaned in pain but managed to get to the top. He climbed over but couldn't climb down.
"Your going to have to fall," said Charades.
Buster let go and fell to the ground landing on his back.
Charades climbed over the gate and climbed down on the other side.
"Now, lets find Lunarstar."
Buster slowly got to his feet and followed Charades.
"Where do you think she went?" Buster asked.
"The park would be my guess."

When they got to the park, they stood and wondered where to look next.
"She could be anywhere in the park," Buster remarked, groaning in pain.
"Well, she would be in a place she knows, a place she goes when she's sad."
"The Lake!" Buster exclaimed.
"Yes, I bet that's where she is."
They walked to the Lake and saw Lunarstar on the dock staring at the water. She laid at the edge of the dock watching her tears hit the water.
"Lunarstar!" Charades called.
Lunarstar turned around and smiled. She was happy to see they had gotten away from Stardust. She stood up and ran to Charades. She hugged him, burring her face and tears in his chest.
"Are you ok?" Charades asked.
"Yes," Lunarstar answered in a shaky voice.
"Stardust ran when you left," Buster commented.
Lunarstar turned her head so she can see Buster, her eyes was filled with water and her checks was wet from the tears. She noticed he wasn't standing on his other leg.
Buster saw the Lunarstar was staring at his leg, "I'll be fine."
"Does it hurt?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, it does."
Lunarstar closed her eyes.
"We'll take her home once she has calmed down," said Charades.
Lunarstar was still scared from what had happened. She continued to cry with her face buried on Charades.
"He was close to catching her, Charades."
"I know," Charades and Buster looked at Lunarstar, "We'll have to find another place to go on a full moon. If not, she'll have to stay home."
The two looked at Lunarstar sadly and worriedly, they were close to losing her tonight and knew they'll have to keep a very close eye on her at night.