Chapter 49: The Grand opening.

In the morning after the sun had risen, Lunarstar walked to the New Track N Field with her Parents, Buster and Charades. A lot of ponies in Ponyland was going to the new Track N Field, most of them walked there.
"Come on, let hurry!" Lunarstar exclaimed excitedly walking head of her parents.
"Don't worry the grand opening doesn't start for about 10 minutes," Booster replied.
"I know dad but I want to get there before the crowd does."
"Lunarstar, stay with us," Booster ordered.
Lunarstar was excited about the grand opening, she couldn't wait to get to the Track N Field.
When they got there, Lunarstar was surprised. She didn't even recognize the place. Instead of metal Bleachers, there was tall wall that was round and long as a football field. The driveway went pass the tall gates and around the back of the Stadium.
"Well?" Rosebud asked, noticing Lunarstar standing there, "it's going to around back."
Lunarstar snapped out of it and followed her parents, they walked on the road to the back. Lunarstar couldn't get over how different the Track N Field looked.
In the back was a large parking lot surrounded by a tall fence. Near the main entrance of the stadium was a stage. Lots of ponies stood in front of the stadium but not to close. There were guard standing in front of them.
Lunarstar and her parents stood on the side of the crowed, close to the stage.
Booster lowered his head next to Lunarstar's ear, "don't let anyone bump you or touch you."
"I know, dad."
They had stood for quite a while, Lunarstar was getting restless. Just then a purple pony with blue hair walked on stage and stood in front of a microphone.
"Welcome to the grand opening of the Track N Field. I am Mayor of Ponyland and I'm happy you all could come. We have food and drinks inside for everyone but first, we have a special guest," The pony looked off stage and knotted, "This is Princess Lilly, we were delighted she could come and help celebrate the New Track N Field." The purple pony stepped aside and waited for Princess Lilly to walk on stage.
Lunarstar was surprised to see who it was, she recognize her, "Mom."
"Yes, honey?"
"It's Water Lilly," Lunarstar whispered.
Rosebud looked at the Princess for a second, "She certainly looks like her."
"Who?" Booster asked.
"A pony, Lunarstar brought home the other day. She looks a lot like the Princess," Rosebud whispered.
"She was the Princess," Charades whispered to them.
"She...was?" they asked.
"I'll explain it later."
"I'm happy I could be here today," Princess Lilly announced, "Thank you so much, Mayor. It's such an honor to be here for opening of the new Track N Field. I'm delighted myself to meet all of you and help you celebrate this wonderful occasion, but that will be much later because now, it is time for the Grand Opening of the New Track N Field!"
Princess Lilly left the stage and walked to the double doors to the stadium. In front of the doors was a long red ribbon with a bow in the middle. The Mayor handed her a par of scissors and stood aside watching her. the crowed became quiet and anxiously watched as Princess Lilly cut the ribbon.
Once the Ribbon was cut, everyone cheered loudly. The Mayor and Princess Lilly walked in, followed by the crowed.
They walked down a long hallway passing other hallways. They went through another set of double doors and walked into the track N field.
The field was very long with tables were along the walls where the stand were. Each table had food and drinks and ponies stood on the other side waiting to serve other ponies.
A small stage sat in the middle with a band playing music. Lunarstar got in line at one end of the table, when she had reached the table she picked up a plate. As the line slowly moved she started filling her plate with food. Once her plate was full she followed other ponies to the stands behind the wall and sat down. Her parents weren't to far behind her, they sat next to her with Buster and Charades behind her.
"Aren't you thirsty?" Rosebud asked.
Lunarstar was so hungry that she forgot about her drink, "Where did you get the drinks?"
"At the last table." Lunarstar looked around the field and saw a couple of large tables full of cups, "I'll be right back." Lunarstar set her plat down and walked off the stands. She carefully avoided the crowed and made he way towards the long tables. She picked up a yellow cup which was filled with punch and turned around. Lunarstar gasped when she came close to bumping into a yellow pony with rainbow hair.
"I'm sorry," said the yellow pony.
Lunarstar smiled and continued on her way back to the stands. The Yellow pony turned and watched Lunarstar walk away, "It can't be her...could it?"

Lunarstar went to her seat and sat down and finished eating with her cup on the ground. Lunarstar looked around the Stadium and Stands, she tried to imagine the stands filled with ponies. Her and the team out in the field running and the crowds cheering. Ponies in the middle leaping over bars and jumping as far as they can go.
"Lunarstar!" Booster called.
Lunarstar snapped out of it and looked at her father, "what?"
"What do you think of the new Track n Field?" Booster asked.
"It's great dad."
"Just think, you'll be out their racing other ponies," Buster remarked.
"I know. I can't wait."
Lunarstar and her parents spent all day eating and listening to the music til nightfall.

The next day after School, Lunarstar's coach took them to the new track n Field to practice. The girls set their bags down on the bench and waited for the coach to speak.
"This is where we're going to be having Practice till the games are over. I'm sure you all came to the grand opening yesterday and got a chance to look around."
The girls all knotted their head.
"Good, now lets start practicing. First lets start off with a walk around the track."
The girls walked over to the track, lining up along the white line..
"Now don't forget this is not a race hear me Raspberry?"
"Yes coach." Raspberry sighed.
The coach blew the whistle and then the girls started to walk. They had made half way around the track when Lunarstar noticed Princess Lilly on the Stands watching, after a few minutes she turned and left. That was the last time Lunarstar saw Princess Lilly.