Chapter 48: Royalty is missing.

Early in the morning, Princess Lilly was awaken by her two servants.
"Princess Lilly, it's time for breakfast," the purple pony announced.
Princess Lilly yawned and stretched then she sat up in bed.
"It's on the Table in the dinning room," the yellow pony added.
Princess Lilly got out of bed and left her room, she walked across the livingroom and into a small dinning room. She sat at the table and started eating her waffles and eggs.
"Princess Lilly, have you checked your schedule?" the yellow pony asked.
"Not recently, Sun Spot."
The purple pony set a clipboard on the table, Princess Lilly picked it up and studied it. She wasn't pleases with the list, "Who made this list?"
"The King and Queen did," Sun Spot replied.
"They made it just before you left over seas," the purple pony added.
"This schedule will keep me busy all day, Flower Peddles."
"Yes, Princess but you always get Schedules like that," Flower Peddles replied.
Princess Lilly stood up from the table and walked over to the window sadly, "Have you two ever played with other ponies?"
The servants looked at each other, wondering why she would ask a question like that.
"Yes, but what does that got to do with the Schedule?" Sun Spot asked.
Princess Lilly signed, "Nothing...absolutely nothing."

Lunarstar had just gotten out of bed and walked to the Kitchen looking for her mother but she wasn't there. Lunarstar poked her head outside through the kitchen door. She eventually found her mother at the fence planting flowers. Lunarstar changed to an earth pony and went to her mother.
"Hi," Lunarstar announced.
Rosebud stopped and turned around, "Oh, Lunarstar. Good Morning."
"What about breakfast?" Lunarstar asked.
"Oh...I completely forgot," Rosebud exclaimed, "Oh, honey I'm sorry. Why don't you find yourself something in the frigerator."
"Ok," Lunarstar left and went back to the kitchen and search the frigerator for food but didn't find any for breakfast. She grab the bread from on top of the frigerator and toaster from the counts and made herself cinnamon toast.
after she had eaten she went outside to tell her parents she was leaving, then she grabbed her school bag hanging on the front door and ran out.
She ran to the park, then slowing down to a walk. Lunarstar's friends were also walking to school when they saw Lunarstar ahead of them. they ran down the sidewalk to catch up to her.

Princess Lilly looked out the window sadly as she watched the little ponies walk to school. Just then she heard a knock at the door.
"Come in!" the Princess yelled without looking at the door. Two of her servants walked in the room.
"Princess Lilly," Sun Spot began, "Your carriage is outside waiting for you."
The Princess didn't answer nor did she hear her, she was still thinking about the little ponies walking freely on the sidewalk.
"Princess Lilly?" Flower Peddles asked, after they got no response from her.
Princess Lilly turned around, "I'm sorry.
"Is there something wrong?" Flower Peddles asked.
"I'm suppose to be on vacation. I was only asked to open the New track because we where heading to Pony Lake and we were going through Ponyland to get there."
Princess Lilly turned around staring out the window, "Can you two do me a big favor?"
"Sure," hey answered.
"Cancel everything for today."
"What?" they asked, surprisingly.
Princess Lilly turned around looking at Sun Spot and Flower Peddles, "I'm going out and I don't want you two to tell anyone I'm gone."
"Leaving?" Flower peddles asked.
"Where? how long?" Sun Spot asked.
"Just out and about. Please you two, as a friend."
The two ponies stood and stared at each other.
"I'll be back tonight...It's not easy being a Princess and I have always wondered what's it like outside the castle."
"Ok, we'll help you," Sun Spot answered.
"But you need to change your hair and appearance," Flower Peddles answered.
Flower Peddles brushed Princess Lilly's hair and tied her mane back with a ribbon, then gave her a white cape to wear on her head. Sun Spot made plans for sneaking the Princess out side. She went and got a laundry basket and have Princess Lilly hide under the sheets and towels. Sun Spot and Flower Peddles took the laundry basket out of the room and down the hall far from the soldier.
"All clear," said Flower Peddles.
Princess Lilly climbed out of the basket full of sheets.
"We'll be here to sneak you back in tonight," said Sun Spot.
"Thank you and I promise, I'll be here tonight." Princess Lilly left the hall and walked downstairs, it seemed strange walking alone. She always had Guards with her and had other ponies staring at her but no one was looking at her this time.
She walked out the Inn and down the sidewalk, passing other ponies. She was enjoying herself looking in the windows of the shops. Then she saw the park and walked to the entrance. She spent most of the day looking around the park and watching mothers with their babies.
She even stopped and played on the swing sets and slides.

The School bell rang and Lunarstar wanted to get home as soon as possible. She ran out of school and through the park. She ran so fast and had so many thoughts about school that she hadn't noticed a pony about to cross her path.
Suddenly Lunarstar and the pony bumped into each other throwing themselves in the grass.
Lunarstar jumped to her feet, "I'm so sorry!"
The other pony slowly go to her feet, she was white with dark blue bangs and tail, her light blue mane was tired back.
"Are you alright?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm ok." the pony noticed her hat was missing and looked around for it. She soon found it in the dirt and grass.
"I'm so sorry about your hat," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"I'm dirty too."
Lunarstar looked at herself and noticed the grass stains and dirt on her coat, "It's my fault," Lunarstar stared at the pony, she doesn't recall ever seeing her before. She was a little older too, "I don't think I've seen you around before."
"Oh...well, would you like to come to my house and clean up?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, that would be wonderful."
"My name is Lunarstar."
"My name is..ummm...Water Lilly."
Lunarstar smiled and the two left the park.

When Lunarstar got home, they entered the livingroom, "Mom, I'm home!"
Rosebud came downstairs and saw how dirty Lunarstar looked, "What happened? your dirty."
"Sorry mom, I bumped into Water Lilly," Lunarstar pointed to the pony next to her, "and got dirty."
"Why don't you two go upstair and clean up. Water Lilly, if you like, I can wash your hat."
"Yes, please. That would be wonderful," Water Lilly handed Rosebud the hat and followed Lunarstar upstairs to the bathroom.
After a while they came downstair all clean and walked to the livingroom in front of the couch were 2 glasses of Lemonade.
"Lemonade," Lunarstar exclaimed, "My mom makes great Lemonade."
The two ponies sat down and talked while drinking Lemonade.
"Have you seen the Princess?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes. Haven't you?" Water Lilly asked.
"No, I didn't. I went today to see her but there were to many ponies in the way."
Water Lilly looked around the living room while they continued to talk.
"Where are you from?" Lunarstar asked.
"From one of the Islands. I'm here on vacation. What about you?"
"I'm from ponyland."
"Oh, here in Ponyland, so I guess you lived here all your life."
"No, I haven't. We moved a lot until last year."
The two enjoyed talking to each other. Rosebud even made Cookies for them.
after half the day had gone by, Water Lilly finished her glass and cookies. Rosebud walked in with her white hat.
"Here, you go. All clean again," Rosebud handed her hat back.
Water Lilly put her hat on as she noticed how late it was getting, "thank you for your help. It's getting late and I had better be heading back."
Lunarstar showed her to the door and apologized for run into her.
"That's ok, If you hadn't ran into me, I wouldn't have meet you. Thank you for the Lemonade and Cookies." Water Lilly smiled and left, "Bye."

Water Lilly left the house, she was happy to have meet a nice pony and to be able to visit her house. It was something she'll never forget. By the time she reached the park, the sun was beginning to set. She walked around the park, she even looked at the lake. After awhile the sun had went down and the sky turned pink and purple. She decided it was time to leave the park, as she walk along the sidewalk she hard a noise in the bushes. Water Lilly turned around and noticed a Black pony watching her. She was scarred and hurried back to the Inn but the Black pony just followed her. She ran as fast as she could while glancing back, she noticed the Black pony wasn't following her. She though she had lost him but as she looked ahead, The Black pony stood in front of her. Water Lilly suddenly stopped, Stardust was about to say something but Water Lilly wasn't going to wait to find out what he was going to say. She turned and ran through the bushes and trees in the park.
The Sky had gotten dark and the stars began to twinkle. Water Lilly continued to run, as she ran her hat blew off but she didn't care, she was more worried about the black pony following her. She was too busy looking back to notice the rock and then she tripped, falling on the grass.
Stardust slowed down to a walk, glaring at her. Water Lilly stared up at him, she felt scarred and wondered what he was going to do to her. suddenly Lunarstar in her winged Unicorn form, appeared next to Water Lilly, glaring angrily at Stardust.
"Well, well. I certainly wasn't expecting you here," Stardust remarked.
Water Lilly stared up at Lunarstar, she had never seen a pony like her before, she never even knew they could exist.
"What do you want?" Water Lilly asked, after she got over the shock of seeing Lunarstar.
"I was carious about you. You looked familiar to me, so I just followed you to find out," Stardust paused and looked at her suspiciously, "you look a lot like the Princess who came to town."
Lunarstar looked down at Water Lilly. What Stardust right? Did Lunarstar really had the Princess in her house? the thought excited Lunarstar.
"Why did you follow me? Why didn't you just ask in the first place?"
"I was going to when you ran."
Just then Buster and Charades showed up and stood next to Water Lilly and Lunarstar.
"I should have known you two would show up," Stardust looked at them angrily and left heading towards the park exit.
Water Lilly stood up, feeling surprised and confused. She looked at Lunarstar, "Thank you."
Lunarstar smiled and then Winked out, winking back in a second later with a white hate in her mouth. Lunarstar dropped the hat and left with Buster behind her.
Charades stayed behind, "Are you alright?"
"Yes, I'm fine."
"Let me walk you home."
"No, that's ok."
"No, I insist. You are Princess Lilly, are you not?"
Water Lilly looked up at him, "You knew? but how?"
"I saw pictures of you, it wasn't hard to figure out who you were."
Water Lilly was surprised, she wondered if other ponies knew who she was?

Lunarstar ran til she was sure no one was around. Buster stopped next to her.
"Couldn't you have waited for us first?" Buster asked.
"I'm sorry but...I just meet her today and I want to help her and..."
"Well, you should have waited anyways. Stardust could have taken you."
"I know."

Water Lilly stopped that the Park exit, "thank you.'
"Your welcome...Why did you leave the Inn by yourself?" Charades asked.
"I was raised and treated like a Princess. I never got a chance to make friends or play."
"Oh, I see. You don't have any friends?" Charades asked.
"Well, maybe a few," Water Lilly replied, She had forgotten about sun Spot and Flower Peddle, her two servants who traveled everywhere with her, "I have to go. Thank you for walking me here."
"Your welcome. Just do me one big favor?"
"Don't tell anyone about what happened tonight. Promise me as a Princess."
"Ok, It's a promise," Lilly smiled and left the park. she entered the Inn and walked upstairs. She went to the Hall where she had left Sun Spot and Flower Peddles. As she turned the corner, she saw her two servants.
"In here Princess," Whispered Sun Spot showing her under the cart. Princess Lilly climbed under the cart and Flower peddles dropped the sheet over her so she was completely covered.
When she got the her room the two servants let her out.
"Did you have a good time, Princess Lilly?" Sun Spot asked.
"Yes, I did but I miss you guys most of all."
"Us?" Flower Peddle asked.
"You guy are my friends ever since we were little and have been on all my trips."
"Thank you, Princess Lilly," they replied.
"Please, call me Lilly."
" parents," Flower peddles began to say.
"Not to worry, only call me Lilly when it's just the three of us alone."
Sun Spot and Flower Peddles smiled.
"Now, how about we have some Ice Cream?" Princess Lilly asked happily.
"We?" Sun Spot and Flower Peddles asked.
"Yes. I just want to eat with my friends," Princess Lilly asked.
Sun Spot and Flower Peddles smiled and left the room to get some Ice Cream.