Chapter 47: Princess visit.

Lunarstar in her winged unicorn forum, left the Dinning room after eating Breakfast, she was about to head up stairs to her room when something hit the door. Lunarstar opened the front door and took a peak to see what hit the door. On the mat sat a rolled up newspaper wrapped in rubber bands. Lunarstar changed to an earth pony and picked up the paper. She shut the door and sat on the couch, unrolling the newspaper. Buster walked in the Living room through the Kitchen door and saw Lunarstar on the couch with the newspaper.
"What are you reading?" Buster asked.
"Someone is coming to town," Lunarstar replied.
Buster leaned over the couch to the read the paper, "Princess."
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"No, I mean in the paper," Buster remarked.
Lunarstar continued to read till she saw what he was reading, "A Princess is coming to town? I wonder why?"
"I have no idea. Let me read it," Buster proposed.
Lunarstar gave him the newspaper and waited till Buster was done reading.
Rosebud came downstairs and saw Lunarstar in her earth form and Buster reading the newspaper.
"What's happening?" Rosebud asked.
"There's a Princess coming to town," Lunarstar exclaimed.
Charades and Booster walked in the kitchen and into the Living room.
"Princess?" Charades asked.
"No I mean, did you say Princess?" Charades asked.
"Yes, there's a Princess coming to town," Lunarstar repeated.
"There are Princesses in this world?" Charades asked surprisingly.
"Yes but mostly on the islands. They're not around Ponyland," Booster answered.
"What about your world?" Rosebud asked.
"Every country has is ruled by a king and not all kingdoms are ruled by ponies," Charades answered.
"Not by ponies?" Booster asked?
Buster gave the paper back to Lunarstar, "The Princess is coming to town to open the new Track N Field which will open sometime this week."
"Really? I can't wait to see her! I never seen a Princess before," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Well, she's going to be in the Water Mill Inn," Buster replied.
"When?" Lunarstar was anxious to go and catch a glimpse of her.
"At noon."
Lunarstar looked at the clock on the wall above the couch, "It's almost noon, now" she rushed to the door.
"Lunarstar," her father began, "be carful in crowed places."
"I know. I went to the concert without any trouble."
"Just want to you to be careful, is all," Booster replied.
"Have fun, honey," said Rosebud.

Lunarstar ran out of the house and down the sidewalk. When she got to the park, she ran to the other end of the park to an exit. Across the street was a crowd of Ponies standing in front of a tall inn. A red rug laid out in front of the building. Lunarstar hurried across the street and tried to look over the crowd.
"Lunarstar!" a voice yelled over the crowd.
Lunarstar turned and look, her friends were there looking too.
"So you heard?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yeah!" Melody replied.
"She's all over the newspapers," Bright Eyes answered.
Just then a white and pink carriage pulled up in front of the Inn and stopped. The guards jumped off the carriage and opened the side door. A white pony with dark blue bangs, light blue mane and dark blue tail, she stepped got out of the carriage. Her curly hair was medium length which the first two locks were tied with a curly ribbon bow.
and the glitter in her hair sparkled.
The crowed yelled louder as the Princess walked by. The two guards walked behind her.
Lunarstar and the girls tried to look but only caught a glimpse of her. She stood on her hind legs to look but only saw her tail as she entered the Inn. Lunarstar signed, she wanted to see the Princess so bad.
As Lunarstar turned to followed her friends she noticed Stardust standing on the other side of the street.
"I wonder what he's doing here?" Lunarstar thought.
"Lunarstar!" Patch called.
Lunarstar turned and ran to catch up to her friends.

The Princess entered a large room with the guard carrying her bag.
"Set it on the bed," The Princess ordered.
The room was white with blue lines at the top of the wall. The Princess walked to the window, pushing the curtains back and opened the window.
Her room was high and she could see the houses and part of the park. Below was a group of ponies walking by and laughing. A family heading into the park.
The Princess felt sad and just stared out the window.
"Princess Lilly?" one of the guards called.
Princess Lilly turned around, "Yes?"
"Is there anything wrong?"
"No," Princess Lilly walked to her bed in the next room, "Please stand outside. I'll be fine by myself."
The two guards left the room and stood in the hallway at her door.
Princess Lilly put her bag by the door and laid on the bed, resting her tired feet and heavy eyes. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Princess Lilly got up and left her room, "Come in."
Two of her personal servants and friends walked in. One was yellow with white and yellow hair, the other was light purple with pink and yellow hair.
"Do you want lunch?" the Yellow pony asked.
"No thank you. I'm very tired from the long trip and I just want to get some rest. Please make sure no one disturbs me."
The two servants knotted and left the room.
Princess Lilly walked to the window and stared at the ponies on the sidewalk and in the park, "I wonder what it would be like to play like normal ponies?"
Princess Lilly signed and went to her room. She took her curly bows out of her hair, letting her lock of curly hair fall. She set the bows in the night stand and laid back down on the bed, closing her eyes.

Lunarstar walked with her friends to the Ice Cream Shop and sat down at the stools.
"I never got a chance to see her," Lunarstar complained.
"I did and she's pretty," replied Bon Bon.
"I can't wait til the new Track opens," Clover exclaimed.
"I hear the major events are going to take place at the new Track for now on," remarked Bright Eyes.
"I went and looked at the new Track yesterday, It's bigger than the old one and completely different," said Patch.
"I read that the Princess is suppose to open the new track," Sweetheart commented.
"I can't wait to see that," Melody replied.
"You know, that's the second Princess that's came to Ponyland," Patch remarked.
"Oh, that's right," Bright Eyes suddenly remembered, "I wonder how Rosy is doing?"
"Who?" Lunarstar asked.
"Rosy was a little pony we found at the orphanage. Her parents had lost her when she was a tinny baby and they came to Ponyland, hoping she would be here," Patch explained.
"The whole time we thought it was Patch who was the Princess," Melody added as she giggled.
"But it turned out Rosy our new friend was the Princess, she looked very similar to Patch," Bright Eyes explained.
"Oh..." Lunarstar found it interesting and wished she was there to see Rosy and her Parents. Then Lunarstar felt sad she wondered what her parents were like.
"Is something wrong?" Starlight asked, noticing the sad look on Lunarstar's face.
"No, I'm fine," Lunarstar lied, "I think I'll go home and tell my parents about the Princess." Lunarstar only wanted to get away to think, "Bye. See you tomorrow."
The girls said their good byes and watched her leave.
"I wonder what's bugging her?" Melody asked.
"She said it was nothing," Clover replied.
"No, Melody is right, something has been troubling her for a while now," Starlight stated.

Lunarstar left the Ice Cream shop and walked through the park staring at the ground. She couldn't stop wondering what her parents were like. Did she have a father? Everyone said there was no King of Ponyland but she must of had a father. It troubled her to even think about it. the more she thought about it the more questions kept popping up in her head. she even wondered about her real mother. Was she dead or taken as a slave or a prisoner? Lunarstar had no idea. She desperately wanted and answer but no one could give her any answers.
Lunarstar sat at the lake of the dock and stared at the water, thinking. It was almost sunset when she felt the dock move up and down with hoof sounds behind her. Lunarstar turned around and saw Buster walking up to her.
"I was walking by when I saw you sitting here by yourself. Is there anything wrong?" Buster asked.
"Not really."
Buster sat down beside her, "Tell me what's bothering you."
Lunarstar didn't look up at him she just continued to stare at the water, "What's my real mother like?"
"She was kind and loved to laugh. Everyone lover her."
"What happened to her?
"We can't give you an answer."
"I don't know but..." Lunarstar closed her eyes.
"I know Princess, I promise we'll find out what happened to your mother."
"What about my Father?"
Buster didn't answer at first.
"I had a father, didn't I?" Lunarstar asked worriedly.
"I...well...There's no King of Ponyland and your mother had to merry a Prince, that was the law."
Lunarstar felt a few tears fall from her checks.
"I'm sorry, Princess."
"It's ok," Lunarstar stood up and turned around, "I'll find out one of these days." Lunarstar left the Dock with Buster and headed home.