Chapter 46: Learning to Roller Skate.

Lunarstar left her room and walked downstairs to the kitchen hoping her mother had fixed breakfast.
"Did you make any pan cakes?" Lunarstar asked as she entered the kitchen.
"It's in the Dinning room, honey," Rosebud answered while drying the dishes.
Lunarstar left the kitchen and walked in the Dinning room, on the table was a plate full of pan cakes and a glass of orange juice. Lunarstar sat down and began eating, she wondered what her friends had planned today. She hoped it was something she would be able to do with them for a change.
Buster walked in the Kitchen to the living room to sit on the couch and relax, "Good morning, Lunarstar."
Lunarstar had finished her pan cakes and stood up with the plate, "Good morning."
She walked to the Kitchen and set the plate in the sink.
Suddenly the Phone rang, Lunarstar rushed to the Living room and picked up the pink phone from the table.
"Lunarstar?" a voice asked.
"This is Melody. Me, Starlight and Patch were wondering if you want to go Roller skating."
Rosebud walked in the living to find out who was on the phone.
"Roller Skating? But I never skated before."
"We'll teach you."
"I don't have skates."
"Patch has an extra pare she said you can have."
"Really?" Lunarstar asked, she couldn't believe someone was giving her something.
"Yeah, so meet us in the park."
"Ok, bye."
Lunarstar hung up the phone and turned around to find, Buster and her mother listening.
"Your going Skating?" Rosebud asked.
"Just Roller Skating."
"At the Skating Rink?"
"No, in the park."
"You can't even Roller Skate, though."
"My friends are going to teach me." Lunarstar didn't like the way her mother was asking questions. She started to worry if her mother was going to let her go to the park.
"Well, you be very careful. What ever you do don't bump into anyone," Rosebud ordered.
"I won't."
"Ponies may not see your wings and horn but they can feel it," Rosebud stated.
"I know."
"Yeah, like the time you first bumped into me. I can still feel your horn on my shoulders," Buster remarked.
"Oh...I'm sorry about that. I was almost late for school that day and I was in a hurry."
"Well, Lunarstar. it's very important that you don't bump into ponies or have them touch you," Rosebud said again.
"I know, mom."
"Well, have fun," Rosebud said.
"I will, bye!" Lunarstar ran out of the house, changing into an earth pony. She couldn't believe her mother was letting her Roller Skate. She was actually going to have fun. It was even a perfect day to Roller Skate.
The Sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the birds were chirping. Ponies were out walking the sidewalks and around town.

Lunarstar rushed into the park and looked around for her friends but there was no sign of them.
"Lunarstar!" yelled a voice.
Lunarstar looked to her left and saw her friends wearing Roller Skates on their feet. Patch was carrying an extra pare in her mouth and set them in front of Lunarstar.
The skates were blue with purple moon and stars. Lunarstar sat down on the sidewalk, putting the Roller Skates on. When she was done she slowly got on her feet. Her front leg rolled out from under her and the other front leg followed putting Lunarstar in an odd pose.
Her two friend just stood and laughed.
Lunarstar stood up again but then her back legs wouldn't stay still and suddenly she fell on her butt.
The girls laughed even harder.
"Are you going to help me?" Lunarstar asked glaring at them.
"I'm sorry...Lunarstar," Melody continued to laugh.
The two girls tried hard to control themselves, just long enough to help Lunarstar stand on her feet.
"Let me get on my feet first," Lunarstar tried again but her feet wouldn't stay still.
"Don't move, hold your feet still," Patch exclaimed.
Patch and Melody went behind Lunarstar and took of their front skates.
"We'll push you," Melody Proposed.
Lunarstar had never aloud anyone to touch her but she didn't see any harm in having her friends push her from behind.
"Ok but not to hard."
"You can't learn to skate if your moving so slow," remarked Melody.
They gave her a push and Lunarstar rolled down the sidewalk with her friends behind her.
"Now what?" Lunarstar asked.
"Keep moving your feet!" Melody answered.
Lunarstar tried moving her feet forwards and back but she kept slowing down and then her front legs rolled out in front of her. She stopped on the grass with her butt and tail in the air.
Melody and Patch couldn't stop laughing. Starlight rolled up to Lunarstar, giggling.
"Are you ok?" Starlight asked.
"I just can't skate," Lunarstar replied sadly.
"It'll take a while to learn."
Lunarstar stood which was easier to do on the grass. When she walked to the sidewalk her feet began to roll out from under her. Patch quickly pushed her towards the thick forest. Lunarstar flew down the sidewalk almost running over other ponies.
"Sorry!" Lunarstar yelled back.
Lunarstar couldn't stop, then she noticed she was gaining speed as she was going down a slight hill.
"I can't stop!" Lunarstar yelled.
The girls skated as fast as they could after her.
As Lunarstar skated down the sidewalk, she noticed the lake to her left just pass the trees.
"Watch out!" Patch yelled.
Lunarstar turned and looked ahead, a pony was coming across the four way crosswalk. Lunarstar couldn't stop and the pony braced himself for the impact.
Lunarstar bumped into the pony on the side, losing her footing and sliding under him. Lunarstar looked up to see who she bumped into and to her surprise it was Stardust who couldn't believe what just happened.
Lunarstar stared up at him, for a split second she forgot she was in her earth pony form.
"Lunarstar," Starlight called, "Are you alright?"
Stardust was surprised when he heard the name but tried not to show any expressions, "Watch where your going."
"Sorry, mister. We were trying to teach her to skate," Melody replied.
"I'm...sorry..." Lunarstar finally was able to say, "This is my first time skating."
Stardust stepped a side so Lunarstar could stand up. Her friends were going to help when Lunarstar stopped them, fearing they might touch her wings, "No, that's ok. I can do it."
"Well, ok," Patch replied.
Lunarstar stood on her feet but then her back feet rolled under her and she fell on her butt.
The girls tried hard not to laugh, even Stardust found it funny who couldn't stop giggling to himself. Lunarstar stood on her feet again but this time she was able to keep from falling.
"See? your learning," Melody exclaimed.
Patch pushed Lunarstar and the three girls skated after her.
Stardust stood and watched till the girls had disappeared behind the trees and bushes.
"Lunarstar. Same name as the Princess. I guess it must be a popular name." Stardust shrugged it off and walked away.
The girls continued to teach Lunarstar to Skate throughout most of the day. After a while Lunarstar noticed the Sun setting, "I have to go home."
"Now?" Patch asked.
"You always have to be home before dark," Melody exclaimed.
"My parents wants me to." Lunarstar felt sad, she couldn't tell them it had something to do with the Full moon.
"It's ok. I have to be going home anyways," Starlight kindly said.
Lunarstar took the skates off her feet, "So, I can keep these?"
"Sure, Those are my extra pare which I rarely war anyway," Patch answered.
"Thank you!" Lunarstar exclaimed happily.
"Bye, see you tomorrow!" The girls said as the left.

Lunarstar said her good byes and carried the skates in her mouth. As she walked around the lake, she hadn't realized til now how sore she felt. Her butt was hurting and her legs hurt from falling on them, her mussels felt tight and sore. Lunarstar stopped and looked around there were a few ponies walking on the other side of the lake, "It'll be better if I wink home," she hurried behind a bush and disappeared leaving twinkling star behind.
She reappeared in her house at the front door scaring her mother to death. Lunarstar changed into a winged Unicorn, looking up at her mother.
"Lunarstar!" Rosebud exclaimed.
Lunarstar dropped the skates on the floor, "I'm sorry, mom."
The others came to the door when they heard Rosebud yell.
"Why didn't you walk home?" Rosebud asked.
"I'm too sore to walk."
Booster laughed, he knew why Lunarstar was so sore.
"My friends tried to teach me to skate but..."
"You fell down one too many times," Booster laughed.
Lunarstar blushed and the others began to laugh.
"My butt hurts and so does my legs."
"Lunarstar," Rosebud giggled, "Why don't you eat dinner and take a long bath afterwards?"
The bath sounded good to Lunarstar, she couldn't wait to soak her sore legs in the water.
"Well, lets eat dinner," Booster proposed after laughing so hard.

After dinner Lunarstar winked to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water. She felt the worm steam coming off the water, "that feels so good."
She put one foot in the water and then the other 3. Her legs was feeling better, then she laid down with her head and wings sticking out of the water. she could feel her aching body feeling better, her mussels began to relax and the legs tingles from the soreness. After she felt better laying in the water she got out and dried her soaking coat with a towel sitting on the floor, with another towel she died her mane which took awhile since it was so long. Then she dried her tail which was also long.
She put the towels in the basket by the door and went to her room.
"Goodnight!" Lunarstar yelled.
"Goodnight!" her parents responded. Buster and Charades wasn't there, they had left after dinner.
Lunarstar still felt wet but dry enough to go to bed. She climbed in bed and quickly fell asleep.