Chapter 45: Worry to much.

Early in the afternoon, Lunarstar laid in bed dreaming when she suddenly woke up at the the sounds of birds chirping loudly at her window. Lunarstar climbed out of bed, she stretched her front legs and then her back legs while just barley flapping her white wings. She walked over to the window and threw the curtains back, scarring the birds away. She stood for several minutes staring at the forest. She wished she could run through the forest like she used to.
"This isn't fair," Lunarstar felt her eyes start to water, "I wish I was normal like everyone else." Lunarstar whipped her eyes dry and walked over to her dresser. She picked up her brush and began brushing her long white main and tail. After she was done, she set the brush down and hurried downstairs.
Her mother was in the livingroom dusting when Lunarstar came down from her room.
"I see your finally away," Rosebud commented, "How are you feeling?"
"Much better. I think the cold went away."
"That's good."
Lunarstar went to the kitchen and got a glass of lemonade. Buster just walked in and noticed Lunarstar drinking a glass, "how are you feeling?"
"Better." Lunarstar finished the glass and left it in the sink. Charades and Booster walked in after Buster.
"Good morning...," Booster noticed the time on the wall, "Oh, I guess it's not morning. So are you felling better?"
"Yes," Lunarstar walked to the Livingroom. Buster, Charades and Booster sat down on the couches, resting their feet.
"Aren't you guys suppose to work in the shed?" Lunarstar asked standing next to them.
"We're just taking a brake," Booster answered.
"Oh, well. I'm going out to play."
"Where?" Rosebud asked.
"Just around with my friends."
"Ok," Booster replied, "Be careful."
"I know. you always tell me that!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"We just worry about you, Lunarstar," Rosebud remarked.
"I know, you've told me that too. You guys always worry about me. I can't stay out late or go anywhere by myself because you worry about me," Lunarstar's eye began to water as she thought of how things used to be when they first moved to Ponyland.
"Yes we worry. You know why you can't stay out late and why you have to be watched," Booster exclaimed.
Tears began to fall from her checks, "I wished I was normal! Then I could play games with my friends, spend the night and go freely like they do!"
"You just can't, Lunarstar," Rosebud replied.
Tears poured out of her eyes, "I'm so tired of hiding myself. I want to do the thing they can do!" Lunarstar was so upset the she didn't realize she was yelling so loudly.
"Lunarstar!" Booster yelled, suddenly.
Lunarstar looked at him, she felt so hurt and imbarissed that Buster and Charades saw her like this. She turned and ran out the door, changing into an earth pony.
Rosebud ran to the door calling for her but Lunarstar ignored her and continued to run. Booster stood up from the couch, "I was afraid this would happen one of these day."
"You did?" Buster asked.
"We moved a lot and had several close calls from ponies discovering Lunarstar's secret. When we moved here, I was determine to stay and keep Lunarstar from blowing her secret." Booster walked to the door, "I better go find her."
"Let us help you," Charades purposed.
"Lets go then." Booster left the house with Buster and Charades behind him. They walked down the sidewalk in the direction that Lunarstar was going.
"Where do you think she went?" Buster asked.
"Some place private," Booster guessed.
"The Track N field?" Charades asked.
"The forest?" Buster asked.
"She could be at school or in the park," Booster guessed.
When they got to the Park entrance, Charades stopped, "Buster, You go check the Track N Field and at school while we search the park."
Buster left and hurried to the old Track N Field.
"This is a big Park, We need to split up," Booster Purposed, "I'll take the this half of the park while you take that half. We'll meet at the lake in the park."
"Ok." Charades entered the park and walked to his left while Booster walked to his right.

Booster walked along the sidewalk, looking around. He had walked far from the entrance and saw lots of little ponies playing or sitting under trees but non of them was Lunarstar. Ahead he could hear faint laughter but he figured she wouldn't be there having fun, she's to upset to be having fun but still, he didn't want to take the chance she wouldn't be there.
He left the sidewalk and walked on the grass through the tress and bushes. The laughter was getting louder and he had hoped to find Lunarstar but when he came to a clearing and saw a bunch of little ponies playing, he felt disappointed.
"I wonder if the others have any luck."

Buster hurried through the community of houses, pass the forest to the Old Track N Field. The road was different, it was no longer a cobble road but a pathed black road leading to the gate. Buster walked to the gates and stood next to a tree. The place looked bigger than it was before. It was beginning to look like a large out door stadium but there was still a lot of work that had to be done before it was completely finished.
Buster knew she couldn't be inside the Track N Field, there were too many workers that could easily spot her. He walked to the field but no sign of her.
"I thought for sure she would be here."
Buster left and hurried to the school, he looked in the playground and in the fields but no sign of Lunarstar. The School was closed so he couldn't check inside.
Buster looked in all direction, he was getting worried. He couldn't help but wonder if Lunarstar had returned to her Winged Unicorn form and was just hiding. Then it accrued to him, Stardust was out there too, that made Buster even more worried.
"I hope Stardust doesn't find her,"

Charades wondered throughout the park walking along the sidewalk and still, he couldn't find her. He left the sidewalk and walked through the bushes and tress. His coat rubbed on the bushes and attracted a few leaves. When he left the bushes and came to a sidewalk, he heard a faint giggle.
Charades turned around and to his surprise, Stardust was laying on the grass among the bushes, smiling.
"What are you laughing at?" Charades exclaimed.
Stardust stood up and walk towards Charades, coming face to face with him. Stardust smile quickly left him, "You of course." Stardust walked around him looking at all the leaves stuck to his coat, "You look ridiculous."
Charades looked at his coat full of leaves and then he shook his coat till all the leaves had fallen off.
"Tell me, how is the Princess feeling?" Stardust asked sounding serious.
Charades was surprised Stardust would know the Princess was sick. How did he find out? Charades knew he had to be even more careful.
Charades didn't reply he just gave him an angrily look.
"You can't watch her all the time. Sooner or later, I'll catcher." Stardust turn and left with Charades standing on the sidewalk watching. Charades knew Stardust was right but he and Buster were determine to Protect the Princess no matter what.
Charades continued walking down the side walk. Trees grew on both sides of the sidewalk with sunlight shining through the tree tops and dancing on the ground. Charades walked till he saw the lake, it looked like glass sparkling on the lake. Charades was fascinated by it's beauty. He walked to the boating dock and stood at the edge, looking around. The dock was small and made of wood. He stood for a while watching other ponies in boat out on the lake. The wind was blowing and the dock moved up and down on the lake.
Suddenly, something on the far side of the lake caught his eye. It was hard to tell who it was but the pony was white, almost blinding in the sunlight. Charades hoped it was Lunarstar.
He left the dock and ran around the lake, through the trees. He came to a walk once he heard sobbing noises. Charades came short of the bush and saw Lunarstar laying down in the sunlight staring at the reflection in the lake. She was still in her earth pony form.
Lunarstar turned her head and look.
"Are you ok?" Charades asked worriedly.
Tears were still falling from her checks, She turned back around a looked at the lake.
Charades laid next to Lunarstar, "We spent most of the day looking for you."
"We?" Lunarstar asked in a shaky voice.
"Me, your father and Buster. We were worried about you."
Lunarstar snorted, "That's not surprising."
"We're just trying to protect you."
"Protect me? I feel like I don't have room to move around."
"I can imagine but you need to understand. You are the Princess and must be protected from Star Cluster. There have been many time where they could have cought you."
Lunarstar's tears stop falling as she sniffed and whipped them away, "I'm sorry."
"Stardust and his brothers won't stop til they have caught you. They have caught many ponies, we were lucky to rescue a few of them," Charades paused, thinking about sonething, "You remind me of Buster's sister."
"Sister?" Lunarstar looked up in surprised, "He has a sister?"
"Yes, I have a brother but that's another story. Anyway, Buster's sister used to worked at the castle in the kitchen. After we lost Dream Castle, most of the ponies that worked there was captured but a few managed to escape. Buster's sister was lucky to escape. Once we found her, we tried to protect her but it wasn't easy. She always managed to slip by us and never listened to us. Then one day we went looking for her after she had given us the slip, by the time we found her it was to late. Stardust and his brothers had caught her and taken her to the castle. That was the last time we ever saw her."
Lunarstar's tears had dried up while listening to Charades, "Can't you rescue her?"
"Don't you remember? Ponies that enter the castle are never seen again."
"What do you mean? What happens to them when they go in the Castle?" Lunarstar asked.
"No one know."
"Can't you ask the Black ponies?"
"No has dared to get close enough to ask. Now, don't ask Buster about his sister."
"He doesn't want to talk about it."
"Ok, I won't say a word," Lunarstar sat thinking about what Charades had said. She realized how important it was for them to protect her. She felt bad by they way she acted earlier.
"I'm sorry, Charades," Lunarstar whispered sadly, "I haven't been easy to watch, have I?"
Charades smiled and then something caught the corner of his eye. He looked and on the dock where he had stood earlier, was Booster. Charades stood up on his hind legs waving at him. Booster saw him and ran around the lake.
"Lunarstar, there you are," exclaimed Booster as he was catching his breath.
Booster laid on the grass next to Lunarstar and nuzzled her on the checks.
"I'm sorry, dad."
"I guess we worry too much but it's only because we love you and you are our only daughter."
Lunarstar could feel her eyes begin to water. She was happy and relieved.
"We love you just the way you are."
Lunarstar leaned on her father with her face buried in his mane, "I know."
Just then Buster arrived walking through the bushes, "I see you guys found her."
"Yes we did," Charades answered.
Buster laid on the grass next to Booster but closer to the water.
"I was worried that Stardust might find her," remarked Buster.
"He was in the park, I ran into him just before I found Lunarstar."
"He was here?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, and he knew you were sick."
They all wondered how could Stardust know?
The four of them laid on the grass till sunset while making sure Lunarstar didn't fall asleep. Non of them said a word, they laid there quietly watching the lake or Lunarstar. The wind blew and the birds were chirping and Little ponies playing rear the lake.
Just then they heard a rumbling noise. They looked at each other, non of them made any noises. Then they looked at Lunarstar who just blushed.
"I'm guessing you didn't eat this morning," Booster remarked.
"I didn't get a chance to eat."
"You must be staving by now," Buster commented.
Lunarstar hadn't realized how hungry she was all day, she had been too upset to notice it.
"How about we go home and order a pizza?" Booster Proposed, "Would you like that?"
They all stood up and walked out of the park. Lunarstar walked beside her father while Charades walked on one side and Buster on the other side.
"I'm sorry, Dad."
"I know, you already said that."
"'s just that.."
Booster nuzzled her again, "I know, it's going to be hard not being able to do the things you used to."

After a while, they turned down their street and it wasn't long til they could see the house.
Lunarstar was feeling better and hurried in front of them,smiling. "I'll meet you at the house," Lunarstar turned and ran for home.
"Where does she get all her energy? Buster asked.
"You think crying all day would wear a pony out," Charades commented.
"She's always been like that. It's a mystery to me where she gets all the energy to play all day and run on the track team."
The boys laughed as they walked in the house.