Chapter 44: Finding a place to sleep.

The Sun was up and the wind blew in the cave at the beach. The birds were chirping in the forest above the cave. Stardust was asleep in the cave hidden among the shadows. He laid next to a large rock, curled into a ball with his tail covering his face. The Cave was warm and quiet with only the sounds of the ocean waves splashing on the beach.
Stardust woke up at the sound of little pony voices echoing in the cave. He laid still, hoping the little ponies would soon leave. Stardust stared in the darkness wondering who could it be. He remembered Starfire said no one came in the cave but Skyview did mention he had visitors once while he slept in the cave. It seem like more and more ponies are discovering the cave, soon it won't be safe to sleep inside.

"Cool a cave!" a voice yelled.
"Lets explore it!" another yelled.
Pony ponies ran into the dark shadow, it wasn't long til Stardust saw two ponies run into the light.
One was green with red hair the other was pink with green hair. They suddenly stopped and looked at the spring. The green pony stuck his hoof in the water, "It's warm."
"It's probably what's making this cave warm," the Pink pony guessed.
Stardust stood up and stretched his front legs then his back legs and quietly walked towards the light.
"Well, we should be heading back," the pink pony proposed.
"Come on, it's not every day you see a cave," the green pony exclaimed
The pink pony turned to leave when he noticed a strange black pony staring at him from the shadows. The sight of him made the pink pony jump, bumping into the Green pony and sending him head first into the spring. The green pony stood up, he was soaking wet but he was glad the spring wasn't deep. The warm water came up to his knees.
What was that for?" the green pony asked angrily.
Stardust came out of the shadows, startling the green pony. The pink pony was too surprised and a little a scarred to say anything.
Stardust stood and stared at them for a minute, then he left not saying a word to them.
"Great, looks like I'll have to find another place to sleep," Stardust mumbled.

He walked out of the cave and onto the beach heading towards town. It hasn't been a week yet, so he knew the Princess was still sick and it wouldn't do any good to search for her. He decided to spend the rest of the day looking around for a place to sleep. He walked to the park, wondering if it would be safe to sleep there. He sat by a shady tree thinking and watching the little ponies playing.
He wondered if the park would be a safe place to sleep? After looking around and noticing all the ponies he realized it wouldn't be a safe place. He continued to think but just couldn't come up with any places to sleep.
As he sat in the tall cool grass, he noticed a ball coming his way with a blue pony running after it. Stardust was ready to catch the ball if the Blue pony hadn't cough it first.
"'s you again..."Blueberry exclaimed.
"Look, I don't know who you are. I never even seen you before," Stardust exclaimed angrily.
"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that. You look exactly like him. Sorry to bother you," Blueberry kicked the ball back to his 3 friends.
Stardust was glad to know that pony won't be bothering him again. He stood up and left the park fearing he might run into another ponies that may know Skyview.

He walked to town, looking at the stores. He was amazed at how many earth ponies there were, he wasn't used to being around so many of them.
He wondered around town and eventually ended up at the docks with several large warehouses and a few big boats tied to the docks. There were ponies running to and from the boats while some ran in and out of warehouses. He stood in a skinny alley between the warehouses, watching. He was so fascinated by the big boats and workers that he didn't hear the pony coming up behind him.
"Excuse me," said a voice. Stardust turned around and saw a dark red pony with a big bag full of heavy stuff in his mouth.
Stardust walked out to the alley so the pony could get by. He carried the bag to one of the big boats.

Suddenly Stardust heard a loud noise from inside one of the warehouses. Stardust walked to the door and peeked in. Not far from the door was a white pony with blue and red hair trying to remove a box from the fallen pile of large boxes.
As the pony was trying to remove the boxes, he noticed Stardust at the door, staring at him.
"Hay, come and help me. There's a pony trapped under the boxes!"
Stardust walked in and began removing the boxes til only one was left. On the floor under one of the larger box was a tan pony with orange, yellow, red and green hair.
Stardust and the other pony tried to push the box off the tan pony, but it was simply too heavy.
They stood and rested for a minute then tried again, Stardust tried his best, using his extra strength to push the box off the pony.
Once the box was off, the other pony checked the tan pony who was still unconscious.
"Would you watch him for a minute?" the pony asked.
The Pony ran out of the Warehouse while Stardust stood watching. Several minutes later the pony came back with a few other ponies carrying a small while box.
"We'll take care of him," said one of the ponies.
The white pony knotted and walked up to Stardust, "thanks for helping...say...would you like a job?"
"A job?" Stardust asked, he wasn't looking for a job and wasn't sure if he'll have free time to search for the princess.
"Yeah, we could use a pony like you, especially one that's strong. I know I couldn't have removed those boxes if it wasn't for do you want a job?"
Stardust didn't have anything else to do while he was stuck in this world, besides maybe he'll get a place to sleep.
"Great. My name is Liberty and you are...?"
"I'm Stardust."
"Well follow me and hopefully I can find the boss."
Stardust followed Liberty out of the Warehouse to the docks. They walked close to the boats which looked even bigger up close. A head of them were lot of ponies carrying stuff on their back and walking off the boat. In the mist of the ponies was a yellow pony with white and green hair, standing there.
"Sir, I have a pony who would like a job," said Liberty.
"A job?" the pony looked up and down at Stardust but he simply couldn't help notice his hairy feet. He never seen a pony with feet like his, "So you want a job?"
"Ok, you'll come here in the morning and work till in the afternoon. You'll help load and unload stuff from these boat. You'll also take inventories at times. Liberty will show you what to do," the boss paused for a minute, "Where are you from?"
Stardust knew he couldn't tell the pony he's from another wold, so he thought of something to satisfy the pony, "Just a few towns away. I've been traveling and just got into town."
"Do you have a place to stay then?"
"Does it mater where you sleep?"
"I don't care where as long as no one bothers me."
The boss smiled, "There's a shack on the hill in the forest, just a little pass the dock. It used to be a place for communication but not anymore. If you like I can have it cleaned for you."
"That's be great." Stardust couldn't believe he found a private place to sleep and even have time to search for the Princess.
"Liberty, go show him around for today. I'll have the shack cleaned up by tonight."
Liberty left with Stardust behind him while the Bossy stopped few of the workers.
"I want you three to clean up the shack on the hill."
"Ok," the three of them said.

Liberty took stardust around the docks and in every Warehouse as he told him what he would have to do. Then he took Stardust to the edge of the dock looking out in the ocean.
"I love watching boats come to the dock," Liberty commented, "don't you?"
"This is my first time at the dock and seeing the boats."
"Oh, then what do you think of it so far?"
Stardust wasn't sure what to think, his mind had been on his new job and searching for the princess. Stardust looked down at the docks, watching the boats and workers.
"Pretty cool, right?"
"Yeah, pretty cool," Stardust agreed.
The sun was starting to set, disappearing into the ocean. The sky turned orange and pink and the crescent moon was starting to glow brighter.
"I better show you the shack before it gets any later," said Liberty and left the dock.

They walked quite a ways down, passing 5 large warehouses till they reached the forest. Then they walked up the hill near the cliff and stopped. Ahead of them was a small wooden Shack with one window, sitting in the shadows among the trees.
"It's not much but at lest it's still standing," Liberty remarked.
It wasn't was Stardust had imagine but at least it was a place he could sleep and not be bothered by anyone.
"Well, I'll let you be. I still have a few things to do before I go home," Liberty left the hill and walked back to the docks.
Stardust walked to the shack and opened the door, creaking as it open. It was dark except for the light coming through the window. There were blankets and a pillow on the floor which his boss had given him.
Stardust laid out the blanket and the pillow, setting the other blanket folded at the bottom. He laid down til the sun had gone down. He was restless and couldn't sleep for all the thoughts rushing through his head. He left the shack, walking to the edge of the cliff and sat down. The wind blew, shaking the leaves on the trees and his hair blew wildly. He looked out in the ocean as far as he could see, thinking back when Star Cluster first told him about the Princess. Why does he want the Princess so badly? She's just a Princess, after all. Star Cluster doesn't need to capture her to rule, so why does he want her? Why does he get so mad? Stardust couldn't help but feel Star Cluster knows something, something Stardust feel is important.
He was anxious to capture the Princess, hoping it would solve his questions.
As he sat on the cliff, the sky got darker and the stars twinkled even brighter. The ocean sparkled reflecting an image of the stars and moon