Chapter 43: Feeling worse.

Early in the afternoon, Rosebud crept in Lunarstar's room and lightly shook her.
"Lunarstar, wake up."
Lunarstar was sound asleep, warm and comfortable under her covers. Her room was dark with the curtains closed and the birds chirping outside her window.
"Lunarstar!" Rosebud called again after getting no response..
Lunarstar stirred in her bed and slowly opened her eyes.
"Time to get up. You slept all morning." Rosebud left the room while Lunarstar got out of bed. She went to her dresser and brushed her long white mane and tail, then she went downstairs.
As she walked downstairs her head began to bother her, she laid down on the couch with her head on the arm. Buster walked in the living room from the Kitchen when he saw Lunarstar leaving the stairs.
"Hi," said Buster.
Lunarstar looked up at him.
"how are you feeling?" buster asked
"I have a headache," Lunarstar whispered.
Lunarstar didn't feel like talking or sleeping, she just laid on the couch, resting.
Charades came in the living room and saw Buster standing at the couch looking down at Lunarstar.
"Do you still have a sore throat?" Charades asked.
"No," Lunarstar answered.
"She has a headache," Buster replied.
"Oh, I guess we better leave you alone for a while then," Charades proposed.
Buster and Charades left the house and went to the shed. Booster walked out of the shed once he said them walking out of the kitchen door, "So, how is she?"
"She has a headache," Charades answered.
"Oh, sounds like she's getting a cold."
"How long will it last?" Buster asked.
"About a week."

Later that day when the sun was setting, Buster, Charades and Booster decided to quite for the day and come inside the house to rest. Rosebud was cooking dinner when the boys walked in the Kitchen.
"Mmmm...smells good," Booster commented.
They could smell her cooking the minute they walked in.
"It should, it's Lunarstar's favorite," Rosebud replied.
"What is?" Charades asked.
"I thought Pancakes was her favorite?" Buster asked.
"It is and so is Spaghetti."
Suddenly they head a noise. Buster and Charades went to the living room with Booster behind them.
The books fell on the table and the coasters fell, scattering all over the table.
"What happened?" Charades asked.
"She blew her nose, that's what happened," Booster answered standing next to him.
Buster and Charades looked at him, feeling confused.
Lunarstar took another tissue from a box and blew her nose, the books, coasters and basket of Flowers on the table in front of her began to float. The doyle on the table also began to float. Then they all dropped when she finished blowing her nose.
Buster and Charades were amazed and fascinated at the same time.
"I thought she got weak when she's sick?" Buster asked.
"She does."
"She shouldn't even have the power to lift things but..." Charades paused and wondered how can a weak pony have enough strength to lift objects.
"Lunarstar, why don't you go to bed before you brake something," Booster suggested.
"I'm not tired," Lunarstar complained.
"Read a book or something, then."
Lunarstar took the tissue box in her mouth and walked up stairs.
Buster looked at Charades, who seem to be thinking about something.
"What?" Buster asked.
"Booster, can Lunarstar lift heavy objects like a...tree?" Charades asked.
"I don't think so. Why do you ask?"
"She lifted a tree to save her friend that one day during a bad storm."
"Maybe it was a small tree?" Booster asked.
"No, it was a big tree, bigger than their Club house and yet, Lunarstar managed to lift it."
"She had trouble holding that baby pony in the air at the concert," Buster remarked.
"Strange," Booster commented.
They all stood and thought about it and wondered what's going on. Was her powers getting stronger or was there something else? They weren't sure.

Later that night, Rosebud had just finished setting up the table in the dinning room and called the boys. There were 5 plates full of Spaghetti.
Booster, Buster and Charades left the living room and went to the dinning room.
"Lunarstar is going to love it," Booster commented.
"One of us should get her," Rosebud remarked.
"I will, this time." Booster left the dinning room and went upstair to Lunarstar room. Booster quietly walked in and saw Lunarstar asleep with a couple of books scattered around her on the bed.
"Lunarstar, wake up." Booster lightly shook her.
"Mmmm?" Lunarstar mumbled.
"It's time for dinner. Your mother made you Spaghetti."
Lunarstar didn't answer. she still had her eyes closed and half asleep
"Lunarstar, aren't you hungry?"
"Not really," Lunarstar whispered.
"You haven't eaten all day. Now, come down stairs and eat something."
Lunarstar climbed out of bed and followed her father downstairs. Lunarstar had stopped blowing her nose but she continued to sneeze every now and then.
When she entered the living room, she stopped and sneezed, the couch and other objects around her moved back slightly.
"Lunarstar," her father said suddenly.
"I'm sorry but I can't help it!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"I know, just try not to sneeze at the table."
Lunarstar knotted and sat down at the table.

Once dinner was over, Buster and Charades left the house, heading home. They walked through the park talking about Lunarstar. Stardust had spent the last few days looking for the Princess with no luck. He was about to head to the cave when he heard a familiar voice. He followed the voice and soon he saw Buster and Charades coming his way. Stardust quickly hid in the bushes, hoping they didn't see him.
"Poor Princess. I hope she gets over the cold soon," Buster commented.
"He said she'll have it for a week."
"She looks so miserable though."
"She sure does."
Once Buster and Charades were out of sight, Stardust came out of the bushes.
"So she has a cold, sounds like a bad one too. It's no wonder I can't find her. I guess I'll just have to wait till she gets better." Stardust left the park and headed back to the cave on the beach.