Chapter 42: Sick at home

Early in the morning before the sun began to rise, Rosebud went to Lunarstar's room and shook er lightly with her hoof.
"Time to get up," said Rosebud solftly.
Lunarstar stured in bed.
"Get up, you don't want to be late for school."
"ok," whispered Lunarstar.
Rosebud left the room and went to the kitchen making breskfest.
Lunarstar threw the cover off of her and slowly climbed out of bed. She walked to her desser and brushed her white mane and tail. Then she set the brush down and looked at herself in the mirror. Her throat felt funny, she wasn't sure if it was dry or something else. She rubbed her throat with her hoof, feeling worse by the minute.
"Lunarstar!" yelled Rosebud.
Lunarstar left her room and went downstairs to the kitchen. Her mother had just finished making pancakes for her when Lunarstar entered the Kitchen.
"I made your favorite breakfest," said Rosebud.
Lunarstar gave a slight smile, and followed her to the Dinning room. Rosebud set the plate down and left.
Lunarstar sat down and began eating. The Pancakes helped her throat a little which no longer felt dry but it started to feel sore.
She didn't eat fast, she took small bites and didn't say a word all morning.
Rosebud noticed how quiet it's been, she went to the dinning room to check on Lunarstar, only to find her still eating.
"You should have that all gone by now," Rosebud exclaimed, looking at her plate full of Pancakes, "Are you ok?"
"I thought my throat was dry but.."Lunarstar became quiet, her thoat bothered her to talk.
"You have a sore throat?"
"I guess."
Rosebud felt Lunarstar's forhead, "Your a little warm. Your probaly coming down with something."
Just then Booster walked in the kitchen and head Rosebud. He followed the voice to the Dinning Room and saw her standing next to Lunarstar.
"Is everything ok?" he noticed Lunarstar wasn't smiling or talking.
"Lunarstar is coming down with something," Rosebud replied.
"She had better not go then," Booster remarked.
"Way don't you lay down for a bit," Rosebud suggested.
Lunarstar got up and went to the living room, resting on the couch. She stretched out with her wings folded at her sides and resting her head on the arm of the couch.
She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off the sleep.

Most of morning and half the afternoon had gone by and Lunarstar was still asleep on the couch.
Buster and Charades had heard about her not feel. As soon as they had free time, they went to the house and into the living room to check on Lunarstar.
"She looks so cute, laying on the couch like that," Buster commented.
"She was cute as a bady too," Rosebud replied as she walked downstairs.
"And still is," Charades touched her forehead with his hoof, "She feels warm."
"It's a good thing she didn't go to school," Rosebud commented.
"She would probaly get everyone else sick too," Buster guessed.
"Well...yes that to but she can't keep her earth form when she's sick and her powers weaken," Rosebud explained, "I just hope she's not getting a cold."
"Oh...yes, that's common with unicorns," Charades remarked.
"What's wrong with her getting a cold?" Buster asked.
"She tends to make things float," Rosebud answered.
Buster and Charades looked at each other.
"You'll see if this is cold that she's getting," Rosebud smiled.
Suddenly the they heard a knock at the door. Rosebud peeked out the window, "It's her friends. Charades could you take her to bed?"
Charades picked up Lunarstar in his arms. Lunarstar curled into a ball trying to get comfortable. He noticed she felt warm all over her body and not just her head.
Charades carried her upstairs and into her room.
Rosebud opened the door, "Hi, girls."
"Is Lunarstar ok?" Starlight asked.
"We didn't see her in school today," Melody added.
"She's not feeling well today."
"Would you tell her we came by?" Bright Eyes asked.
The girls said their good byes and left.
Rosebud went upstair to check on Charades and Lunarstar. He had just put her down on the bed when Rosebud entered the room.
"She must be realy tired, she didn't wake up once," Charades commented.
"She's a sound sleeper," Rosebud pushed the strains of hair out Lunarstar's face with her hoof, "Lets let her rest for a while." Rosebud pulled the covers over Lunarstar and left the room with Charades ahead of her.

After the sun had gone down, Rosebud went to Lunarstar's room and woke her up, "Lunarstar, do you want dinner?"
Lunarstar lightly shook her head no.
"You haven't eaten all day. I'm just going to leave your dinner in your room just in case you change your mind."
Lunarstar felt snugged in her bed under her warm covers, she didn't want to get up or eat.
Her mother had left to get her dinner, a few minutes later she walked in and set the plate and milk on her dresser.
"Good-night, Lunarstar."

After dinner Buster and Charades left the house and headed home. It was dark, the stars twinkled brightly.
"Poor Princess," Buster commented.
"She'll get better soon," Charades replied.
"I know but..."
"It's hard to see her sick."
"Yes." Buster agreed.
They continued to walk down the street and through the park. They were both tired and couldn't wait to get to bed.