Chapter 39: Watching and searching

Morning had came and the birds were chirping among the tree tops. Sunlight shined brightly through the holes on the ceiling cave. Stardust slowly opened his blues eyes and yawed, he stood, stretching his front legs then his back legs. Then he left the shadows and walked into the sunlight, stretched again. The worm sun light felt good on his coat.
He walked out of the cave and onto the beach, there were a few ponies on the beach who had just arrived. Some of them looked at Stardust and his hairy feet.
Stardust ignored the looks and left the beach, walking on the sidewalk. When he got to town, he was amazed at how many ponies there were and all of them were earth ponies. He began to doubt he would ever find the Princess in town.
He walked pass the town quare, noticing a few more ponies looking at him. He was used to it since the ponies in his home world stared at him too. Stardust walked into the park and sat down under a tree watching a few ponies walking by. He sat and thought about how he was going to find the Princess. He knew she was around somewhere but where? They were all earth ponies, how can a winged unicorn hide in town among earth ponies? He knew he couldn't go home till he found her or Star Cluster will be extremely mad if he came home empty.
"Where can I possible look?" Stardust wondered out loud.
Suddenly a few little ponies ran by, one was peach with pink hair, the other was white with long purple hair.
"I can't believe I slept in," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"You too?" Patch asked.
"We're going to be late for school!" Lunarstar yelled.
They ran past him not even noticing Stardust sitting near by watching. He couldn't help but notice the white pony with long purple hair.
"She's certainly is a pretty pony," Stardust thought to himself.
After the two ponies had gone out of sight over the hill in the distance, Stardust suddenly had a thought, "School? I wonder if the Princess will be there?"
Stardust stood up and walked to school. When he got there, the school had started so he decided to stay outside behind a tree and wait.

Stardust had waited all morning, he even watched them at lunch time and recess. When school was finally over, all the little ponies hurried outside. Stardust stood on his four feet and carefully watched but non of them was the Princess, then he noticed a few ponies heading out in the field. He was carious as to where they were going and since he had nothing else to do, he decided to follow them. He walked past the school yard and onto the field. He noticed a group of ponies playing soccer ball on one side of the field, he didn't think the Princess was the kind to play a sporty game like that but he didn't want to take the chance she may not be there. Stardust walked across the field and quietly walked up to the side of the bleachers, watching the little ponies kick the soccer ball.
"She's not here...but Skyview did mention a soccer ball."
Stardust left the soccer field and walked across to the other field to the Track n field. As he walked closer he noticed the little ponies were doing exercise on the track. He quietly hid behind the bleachers and watched.
"Ok, line up!" the Coach called.
The little ponies stopped their exercise and lined up in the white line.
"I want you to walk once around the track. This is not a race so don't try to beat each other to the finish line." The coach blew her whistle and the little ponies walked.
Stardust ducked when the ponies approached him.
Lunarstar was the fourth behind while Raspberry did he best walking fast so she could cross the finish line first.
Once the ponies had cross the finish line, the coach gave them a brake before blowing the whistle.
"Ok, line up. now I want you to race once around the track!" the coach yelled.
The ponies lined up again and when the coach blew her whistle, they ran. Raspberry was the first to take off. Lunarstar was the third but it didn't take her long to catch up to Raspberry. The other girls were close behind Lunarstar.
The coach was pleased with their progress. Raspberry wasn't about to let Lunarstar pass her. Raspberry jump in front of Lunarstar trying to keep her back. When Lunarstar tried to go around her, Raspberry moved in front of her. Lunarstar was mad, she couldn't believe Raspberry would try and win at a practice race. Lunarstar wanted to use her Unicorn magic to do something about Raspberry be she couldn't, if she did her horn and wings would show.
Raspberry was so proud, she was ahead of everyone even Lunarstar.
The coach stood and watched what was going on and she wasn't happy at what Raspberry was doing.
Lunarstar decided to make a quick move, she jump around Raspberry and ran as fast as she could. Raspberry saw her but then she noticed a familiar face hiding next to the bleachers. She stared at the Black pony, she was sure it was Skyview but something about him looked different. Raspberry wasn't watching were she was going and suddenly she tripped, knocking a few runners down with her.
The other girls quickly got up and ran for the finish line. Raspberry stood up and looked at the bleachers but the black pony was gone. She continued running to the finish line. The coach walked over to her, "Just what do you think you were doing?"
"Coach I..."
"This is a practice race, there's nothing for you to win. Let me remind you, cheating on a race track is against the rules. Do that again and you won't race in the games. Do you understand me?" The coach asked angrily.
Raspberry sighed, "Yes, coach."
The coach looked at the girls, "Ok, Practice is over!"
The girls were happy it was over, they gathered their bags and left. Raspberry, Lunarstar and her friends were the last to leave.
"What happened?" one of Raspberry's friends asked.
"I thought I saw someone, that's all," Raspberry threw her bag over her neck and left.
Lunarstar wondered who Raspberry saw that would make her fall on the track. Lunarstar shrugged it off and left the track.

It had been a tiring day for Lunarstar, she didn't feel like seeing her friends at the Ice cream shop, all she wanted to do is sit and relax. Lunarstar hurried home and dropped off her school bag in her room, then hurried down to the kitchen.
"Hi, mom!"
Rosebud was about to take some glasses of water outside when she heard Lunarstar.
"Hi honey. How was practice?"
"Can I got outsides tonight?"
"Please?" Lunarstar begged.
"It's ok with me but you should ask your father, Buster and Charades."
Lunarstar followed her mother outside to the shed.
Buster and Charades came out from the shed and took a glass of water. Booster was the last to come out.
"Can I go out?" Lunarstar asked the three of them.
"Tonight?" Booster asked.
"Yeah," Lunarstar answered.
"It's ok with us," Charades replied.
"I guess it's settled then but Lunarstar, you stay close to them," Booster ordered.
"I know, I know," Lunarstar sighed.
"Lunarstar, we're just worried about you," Rosebud commented as she nuzzled her.
"I know. Everyone one is. I'm lucky I can walk to school by myself and why can't I stay out a little later with my friends?"
"You know the answer to that," Rosebud answered.
"Lunarstar, it'll look strange if you only come home on a full moon. This way no one will ask or suspect you," Booster replied.
"Besides, you have been known to forget about the time," Rosebud added.
"I know," Lunarstar sighed and left, heading into the house.

Later the night Lunarstar, Buster and Charades went to the park. As soon as Lunarstar felt no one was around, her horn began to glow and her wings appeared, then her hair changed to white.
"What a relief," Lunarstar commented.
"What is?" Buster asked.
"To be myself," Lunarstar replied.
Buster and Charades didn't reply, they just looked at each other.
"Want to play?" Lunarstar asked.
"Play what?" Buster asked.
"You two can, I'm going to keep watch," Charades sat on the grass and looked around.
"I'm it!" Lunarstar called.
She ran and chased Buster around for a while til she was able to touch him, then he turned and chased her. They were laughing and were having fun.

Stardust was just walking through the park when he heard faint laughter. He followed the voices to a dark area of the park. He sat down behind a tree and peeking over a bush. He was surprised to a winged unicorn, she was just like what his brother had described, she was completely white with wings and Horn.
"A winged unicorn. Amazing...So she's the Princess," He looked at Charades who found it hard to keep watch with all the distraction Buster and Lunarstar was doing.
"With those two so close to her, I won't even have a chance to catch her. I think it's best if I waited till the right time. She's bound to be alone sooner or later," Stardust thought.
Stardust sat and watched for a little bit more then he got up and left.
Charades heard a noise and rushed to the spot where Stardust was sitting. Charades looked down and noticed the grass was flattened like someone was sitting on it.
Buster and Lunarstar noticed Charades standing at the bushes, they stopped playing and hurried over to the bushes.
"What is it?" Buster asked breathlessly.
"Someone was here," Charades observed.
"Here?" Buster asked.
"Maybe it was Skyview?" Lunarstar suggested.
"I doubt it. He would have shown himself by now...No, someone was sitting here watching us."
"Who?" Buster asked.
"I don't know."
They stood and looked around but saw no one, the park was empty, not a single pony entered the park.
"Go and play, you two. I'll let you know if I see or hear something," Charades proposed.
Buster and Lunarstar continued to play through most of the night while Charades stood guard and wondered who could have been watching them.