Chapter 38: Knowing to much will get you in trouble

Buster, Charades and Lunarstar hurried to the gate.
"Lunarstar, can you get Banner?" Charades asked.
"Tell Banner what happened while we follow Skyview."
Charades walked through the Gate first then Lunarstar and Buster. As soon as they reached the other side, Lunarstar ran to Moonlight Castle while Buster and Charades hurried down the mountain following Skyview. Lunarstar ran up hill through the forest and soon she found the dirt road. She followed the road to the gates at the Castle wall.
"Who's there?" a voice asked from on top of the wall.
"Princess Lunarstar?" the voice asked.
"Yes, I need to talk to Banner. Where is he?"
The Soldier on the wall looked left and right for Banner and found him a little ways down.
"He's up here!"
Suddenly, Lunarstar winked on the wall in front of the Soldier catching him by surprise.
"Where?" Lunarstar asked.
"Behind you talking to the other soldiers."
Lunarstar winked in front of Banner causing him and the soldiers to jump back in surprise.
"Banner!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Lunarstar, what are you doing here?" Banner asked feeling confused.
"I'm sorry, Banner," Lunarstar looked behind her, the Soldiers stared at her they had never seen a winged unicorn before. Lunarstar looked at Banner, "This is important."
"Is something wrong?"
"My friend's Uncle was looking at the Gate and got himself captured by Skyview."
Banner was surprised by the new Lunarstar had just told him.
"Banner, Can you bring him back?" Lunarstar asked worriedly.
"Where's Buster and Charades?"
"They're following Skyview."
Banner looked at the soldiers behind Lunarstar, "I want the four of you to come with me," Banner looked down at Lunarstar, "Go home, It's not safe here."
Lunarstar winked to the outside wall, a few minutes later Banner and a group of Soldiers left the castle rushing down the hill. Lunarstar was worried, she wondered if they'll get Digger back in time before the gate closes.

Skyview and reached the bottom of the hill and was feeling tired. The journey down hill wore his legs out. Skyview ran a little bit more through the forest till he ran into Stardust and Starfire.
"What are you doing here?" Starfire asked.
Stardust noticed his horn glowing with the cloud ball floating next to him, "You caught her?"
"No," Skyview walked out to the large meadow and star down with the ball in front of him. Stardust and Starfire sat in front of the ball.
"So who's in there?" Stardust asked.
Skyview's horn dimmed and Digger fall through the dissolving cloud, landing on the grass.
"This is not the Princess," Starfire stated.
"I said he wasn't," Skyview exclaimed.
Digger looked around at the three black ponies. He noticed their feet were hairy, one had wings and the other had a horn.
Skyview looked at Digger, "Don't even think of escaping."
Digger looked at Skyview worriedly.
"Skyview, you were suppose to capture the Princess, not this pony," Stardust exclaimed.
"Look, I'm tired of chasing her. She's given me nothing but pain. I had apples dropped on my head and I'm talking about every apple on the tree. I had a pie thrown in my face, a branch hit my face and a soccer ball. I lost count how many times she has hit me. There is no way I'm going back there. I don't care how bad Star Cluster wants her."
Digger kept looking at Starfire and Skyview, he was amazed to see a Pegasus and a unicorn which were thought to be story tales. As he Watched and listened, he noticed a glow that was coming off of his coat. Digger stared curiously at his coat.
Suddenly Stardust stood up and looked around.
"What?" Starfire asked.
"It's quiet."
"It's dark. It's suppose to be quiet," Skyview pointed out.
"Something doesn't feel right," Stardust looked at Skyview seriously, "put him in that ball and lets get out of here."

As soon as Skyview put Digger back into the ball, Soldiers stormed out of the forest. They rushed up to the three Black ponies.
"Take the prisoner!" yelled Stardust.
Skyview took the cloud ball and ran while his two brothers fought the soldiers. Skyview had gotten a little far from the battle when suddenly, Buster and Charades ran out of the forest and slammed into Skyview, sending him to the ground. Skyview quickly jumped to his feet, fighting with Buster and Charades.
Skyview had forgotten about the Cloud ball which began to dissolve. Digger fell though the ball and landed on the ground. He looked around at the battle and realized he made a big mistake in discovering the Gate.
Skyview noticed Digger sitting on the ground. Digger stood up and ran to the forest.
Skyview had to do something about Buster and Charades, quickly before he lost the prisoner. Skyview rammed into Buster sending him slamming against Charades. Skyview turned and ran into the forest.
Ahead he saw Digger who was trying his best to out run Skyview. Digger glanced back at Skyview while trying to watch where he was going. He ran pass the trees and jumped over bushes.
Skyview was close behind him that he was now able to catch Digger. His Horn began to glow and a cloud like net appeared in front of Digger, catching him by surprise. Digger fell to the ground.
"So, you thought you could get away," said Skyview breathlessly.
Digger deeply wished he had never found the Gate.
Suddenly a stick came flying out of the bushes and landed just inches away from Skyview's feet.
Skyview stepped on the stick braking it in half.
"Who threw this stick?" Skyview asked, looking around.
Skyview looked to his left and saw Lunarstar standing behind some bushes and trees with her horn glowing.
Skyview smiled, "What can you possibly do to me this time. There are no apples or low branches or sand, not even a pie."
Digger also noticed the white winged unicorn and recognized her from the stories that Sweetheart had told him. Everything started to make sense to him now.
Skyview laughed, "this time I will catch you." Skyview looked down on the ground and noticed the sticks floating upwards. Skyview gasped and began taking a few steps backwards.
Lunarstar let the sticks fly.
Skyview did his best to dodge the pointed sticks and had managed to brake a few. The more he broke the more sticks flew at him. Skyview let Digger go and spun around running through the forest. Lunarstar ran after him.
"Come on," Lunarstar exclaimed to Digger.
Skyview ran as fast as he could through the forest. He jumped out of the forest catching Buster, Charades and a few soldiers be surprise. Skyview stopped and turned around. Buster, Charades and few soldiers wondered what got Skyview running.
The sticks came flying out of the forest, straight at Skyview. He gasped and quickly disappeared just before the stick landed in the ground. Buster and Charades who were closer to Skyview than the soldiers were, jumped back.
Lunarstar stopped just at the edge of the forest and noticed Buster and Charades surprised look. Lunarstar looked around for Skyview.
Skyview winked next to his brothers who had knocked half the group of Soldiers to the ground.
"What are you doing here?" Stardust exclaimed, "where is the prisoner?"
"The Princess is here. She's throwing sticks at me!"
Stardust and Starfire looked at him surprisingly, they wanted to burst out laughing. Suddenly a few sticks landed at their feet. Stardust reared up in surprise and then he noticed lots of sticks flying towards them.
Stardust turned and ran with Skyview and Starfire far behind him.
Buster, Charades, Lunarstar, Digger and a few soldiers walked up to Banner.
"I thought you were going home," Banner remarked.
"I was...," Lunarstar sighed, "I just..."
"We'll talk about it later," Banner interrupted, then he looked at Digger, "Lets get you home."
They left the meadow and hurried back to the mountain.

Stardust stopped and waited for his brothers.
Starfire was the first to reach Stardust and noticed the slight cut on his back leg.
"It looks like she got you with one of the sticks," Starfire pointed to his leg.
Stardust was to busy running to feel the cut, he looked down at his leg and saw blood coming out from his cut.
"Your lucky she only got your leg," Skyview commented.
Stardust was mad, they had ran away from the Princess just because she through a group of flying sticks.
"Skyview, you should go back through the gate," said Stardust.
"Forget it. You go, I'll tell Star Cluster what happened."
"Fine but you'll have to get me to the Gate before they do."
Skyview turned and looked at Starfire, "Wait here."
Starfire sat down, "I'm not going anywhere."
Skyview put his glowing horn on Stardust, then they disappeared and reappeared at the Gate.
Stardust left Skyview and walked through the Gate. Skyview winked back to Starfire, "Lets go."
Starfire flapped his wings and flew through the sky. Skyview turned himself into a cloud and followed Starfire.

Banner and the group finally reached the Gate. They were all tired from the fight and from walking up the mountain.
"Please, do no tell anyone about this Gate," Banner begged.
"I won't," Digger smiled, "I should never have found this...Gate," Digger looked at Lunarstar, "Thank you," then he thanked all the soldiers and then he walked back through the Gate.
Banner looked at the soldiers, "I want two soldiers at the Gate on Guard when it's opened," Banner looked at Lunarstar seriously, "You shouldn't have been at the battle."
"I'm sorry," Lunarstar sighed, she knew he was right, "Skyview would have caught Digger again. He's my friend's Uncle, I had to be sure he escaped."
"Lunarstar, you helped us and I'm glad about that but please understand, you can't be near the Black ponies. You are all we have, we can't loose you to Star Cluster."
Lunarstar felt a few tears fall, "I'm sorry," Lunarstar left and ran through the gate.
"You made the Princess cry," Buster exclaimed.
"It's better if she cried than getting caught. You two have better watch her closely," remarked Banner.
"It's not easy," Charades answered.
"We better go," said Buster.
"Just do your best," Banner replied.
Buster and Charades walked through the gate and saw Lunarstar siting and staring at the sky.
"Are you ok?" Buster asked.
Lunarstar turned and looked at them, "I'm sorry," she had tears falling from her cheeks.
"It's ok, Lunarstar. Banner was just really worried about you. He's not mad at you," replied Charades softly.
"Really?" Lunarstar asked, feeling relieved.
"Lets take you home," Charades proposed.
"Can I stay here a little bit?" Lunarstar asked, "I just was to sit here and look at the stars."
"Sure," Buster and Charades sat next to her, with her in the middle.
The longer she sat, the better she felt. She realized Buster and Charades were right, Banner was only worried about her.

Starfire landed in the large yard at Dream Castle with Skyview in his cloud form behind him. The sky was getting lighter and it won't be long till sunrise.
Skyview changed back to his original form, "I'll go and talk to Star Cluster," Skyview left Starfire and walked in the Castle to the throne room. Skyview walked in the throne room following the red carpet. King Star Cluster stood, holding his staff and wearing his crown. A frightened Unicorn laid on the floor in front of him.
"What are you doing here?" Star Cluster asked.
"I can't catch the Princess so Stardust went to try and catch her."
"You better hope he does," replied Star Cluster angrily.

The next day, late in the evening, the girls went to say good-bye to Digger at the Museum. They stood at the museum steps talking.
"Your leaving?" Patch asked.
"Yes, I am. I've been called to a digging sight."
"How long are you going to be gone?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I'll be back in about 5 months, maybe longer."
"What about the rock you found?" Starlight asked.
"I decided to drop the research on it. There's no proof that the ancient ponies came from another land or world."
Lunarstar smiled, she was relieved to her that.

Just then Buster showed up and stood next to Lunarstar. Digger looked at Buster, he recognized him from last night, he even had the same hairy feet as the black ponies.
"It's was nice to meet you but I have to go, Bye!" said Lunarstar.
"It's nice to see you again," Buster commented with a smile, then he left, walking with Lunarstar.
Digger watched Lunarstar, for a second he thought maybe she was the winged unicorn from last night, but then he shook the thought away, "It simply can't be."

Buster walked along side with Lunarstar, "You parents wanted to be sure you get home on time."
"So they sent you?"
"Yes," Buster replied, he noticed the sad look on her face, "what? I'm not bad company, am I?"
Lunarstar smiled, "No, of course not. I like walking with you and Charades."
"Well, lets hurry home, your mother is making Spaghetti tonight."
Lunarstar cheered up and smiled greatly, "She is?"
Buster and Lunarstar walked as fast as they could through the park to her house.