Chapter 37: The Discovery

Early in the morning before Sweetheart got out of bed, Digger left the house with his bag around his neck. He walked through the community of houses and headed into the forest. The was sun rising and the birds began chirping.
Digger loved to hike which was one of the reasons why he became an archeologist.
He stopped and drank the water from small stream and continued in the forest. He walked up the hill and into the deep forest. He noticed a meadow in the distance and walked towards it. He stepped out of the forest and paused, looking around the meadow.
Suddenly he heard a twig snap, Digger turned around towards the sound but saw no one. He figured it must have been an animal.
Digger walked through the meadow till he realized he wasn't walking on grass but instead he was walking on a cobble stone trail leading away from town. Digger was carious and followed the trail, he wasn't sure what to expect.
he was surprised when he saw the crumbled statues on the sides of the trail. Digger stopped and inspected each one. He left the Statues and continued down the trail till he saw a small archway. He rushed down the tail and stopped underneath the archway.
He couldn't believe what he was seeing.
"I can't believe it, Ancient ruins so close to home," he muttered.
Digger walked around the broken stones, walls and pillars, looking at the pony carvings. He picked up a medium size stone with a pony carvings on it and placed it in his bag. Then something caught his eyes, there was a large archway in the middle on a platform. Digger walked up to the archway and inspected the pony carvings and the heart shaped symbol on top. Digger took a piece of paper and pencil from his bag and began copying the pony carvings.
When he was done, he put away the paper and placed it back in his bag.
"It's still morning, Maybe I have time to do some research on this thing," Digger wondered.
As he hurried out of the ruins, Skyview stood in the forest nearby watching, "I better keep an eye on him."
Digger left the forest and hurried to the Library. Skyview followed him and hid in the alley nearby.

It was in the afternoon and the girls were leaving the club house, heading towards the Ice Cream shop.
"Bon Bon, your cake was wonderful," Lunarstar commented.
"Thank you, Lunarstar."
"I wished my Uncle could have a piece."
"Sweetheart, you know the rules. No boys allowed," Patch stated.
"I know," Sweetheart sighed.
"I really liked the tour your uncle gave us," Starlight commented.
"I wouldn't mind taking another tour," Bright eyes proposed.
"Besides it'll be cooler inside," Clover remarked.
"At lest it's not as hot as it was yesterday," Bon Bon remarked.
"Yeah," Patch agreed.
"So what are we waiting for?" Melody asked, "lets go!"

The girls hurried into town passing the Ice cream shop. They walked pass the town quare towards the edge of town.
When they saw how close they were to the museum, they started running. As they ran pass an alley, Lunarstar stopped and turned around. She walked back to the alley and looked around. The ally was a dead end and dark in some spots, "I could have sworn I saw someone," Lunarstar thought.
"What is it?" Bon Bon asked, scaring Lunarstar.
"I just thought...I...I guess it was nothing."
"Come on you two. Lets hurry before the museum closes!" Starlight yelled.
Lunarstar and Bon Bon left the alley and ran to the Museum.
Skyview appeared from the darkest corner of the alley, "It's a good thing I have a black coat," Skyview was relieved the girls didn't see him, "Museum...I wonder." Skyview turned into a cloud and left the alley.

The girls hurried into the Museum and stood, as they enjoyed the cool air.
"I see you couldn't stay away," said a familiar voice.
The girls looked into a hallway and saw Digger walking towards them.
"It's cooler inside," Patch commented.
"Well, I'm glade you girls came. I want to show you something. Something I found this morning."
The girls followed Digger down the hall to a door on the left. On the door said employees only.
"Are you sure we're allowed in?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Yes, besides your with me. Maybe you can even help me with a few things." Digger took them through the door and another hallway. they went through a door on the right and into a big room with a few tall windows on one side of the wall. There were a few long tables and a wall full of old pottery, rocks and old trinkets sitting on racks.
Digger took them to the middle of the table where he had a pile of books and a medium size rock.
The girls gathered around the table to see the rock.
"What kind of rock is that?" Clover asked.
"Awww, it has little ponies all over it," Sweetheart noticed.
"This one is a weird looking pony," Bon Bon remarked point at a pony with wings.
"That, I think is a Pegasus," Digger answered.
"And this one?" Melody asked.
"A unicorn."
"Ok, what is this?" Starlight asked, "This kind of looks like a pony."
"But it has no legs," Patch observed, " with a long curly tail."
Digger sat down at the table with a book already in front of him laying opened, "I don't think those are wings."
"It sure looks like it," Clover replied taking a closer look.
"I think those are some kind of flippers. They're some kind of ponies that live in water. At lest that's was I found out by reading all these books this morning."
"They live in water?" Bright Eyes asked.
As the girls gathered around Digger, Lunarstar took a closer look. She knew just where he got the rock.
"This could be bad news, I have to tell Buster and Charades," Lunarstar thought.
"So you girls know about the Pony Settlers, right?" Digger asked.
"Sure we do, they traveled a lot and found Ponyland. They liked it here so much that they decided to stay," Bright eyes answered.
"Yes, that was centuries ago but according to an ancient story that the Pony Settlers used to tell during bed time, their ancestors came from a land where Unicorns played and Pegasus flew," said Digger.
"You have to be kidding, Unicorns, Pegasus and ponies that live in water aren't real," Melody exclaimed.
"I'm still researching about it. Personally, I always felt they were real."
"Why do you think so?" Bright Eyes asked.
"There are a lot of stories about them, most of the stories has some truth to them."
Lunarstar stood quietly, she found the whole thing very interesting and wondered if it was all true, "so where did you get this rock?"
"In the forest. I'm going back there tonight to see what else I can find out. Don't you girls tell anyone about this."
"We won't" the girls replied.
"Uncle, what are you going to do with the rock?" Sweetheart asked.
"It'll be displayed in the museum in a week."
Lunarstar noticed something out of the corner of her eye, she looked at the window but saw nothing, only a tall bush.
"What?" Clover asked, noticing Lunarstar staring out the window.
"," suddenly she noticed the sun was starting to set, "maybe we should leave before the museum closes."
The girls looked out the window, "I can't believe how the time flies," Patch exclaimed.
"Let me walk you out of the building," Digger proposed.
Digger left the room and took them to the large room. There were only a few ponies left.
"Bye, see you later," said Melody.
"Thanks for letting us see the rock," Starlight commented.
"Uncle aren't you coming home?" Sweetheart asked.
"I may not be home till late tonight but don't worry you'll see me in the morning," Digger answered.
"Ok, Goodnight," replied Sweetheart.
The girls left the museum, Lunarstar couldn't wait to get home, "I'll see you guys tomorrow!"
"Bye!" they replied.

Lunarstar ran through town and into the park. She was in a big hurry that she hadn't noticed Buster and Charades walking towards her.
"Lunarstar!" Buster yelled.
Lunarstar stopped in front of them.
"What's the hurry?" Buster asked.
"It's almost sun set and my parents will want me home."
"They said you can stay out with us tonight," Charades remarked.
"They did?" Lunarstar asked suspiciously.
"Have you forgot what tonight is?" Buster asked.
"Tonight?" Lunarstar was still thinking about the rock Digger found.
"Tonight is a full moon," Charades answered.
"Oh..." Lunarstar suddenly remembered about the moon.
"So you did forget," Charades observed.
"I'm sorry, I did forget. I was at the Museum today."
"Again?" Buster asked.
"Digger showed us a rock with little pony carvings on it and..."
"Little pony carving?" they asked.
"Where did he find the rock?" Charades asked.
"In the forest. I think he found the Gate."
"I think your right," Charades agreed.
"Great...what do we do?" Buster asked.
"I don't know," answered Charades.
"Well, he's going back to the Gate tonight."
"What!!?" they asked, surprisingly.
"This is bad news. If he finds out the Gate is opened..." Buster paused, he hated the thought of what would happened.
"Our secret would be found out and Digger will tell everyone. King Star Cluster will..." Charades paused, "What a disaster it'll be."
"Why don't we follow him? See what he does tonight." Buster suggested.
"Lunarstar..." Charades began to say.
"I'm not going home," Lunarstar exclaimed, "Please let me go with you. I won't get in the way. I want to see what happens to Digger."
"Ok, but not in that form," Charades answered, "Just in case Skyview happens to see you, I don't want him finding out about your earth form."
"Not here, wait till we get to the forest," said Buster.
"Of course not. I wouldn't dream of changing here."

Buster, Charades and Lunarstar left the park in a hurry and went to the forest. The lower the sun got the brighter they glowed. Lunarstar changed back into a winged unicorn once they reached the forest.
Buster and Charades still couldn't get over he fact she's able to change her appearance.
"What?" Lunarstar asked, noticing them staring at her.
"Nothing," Buster answered.
"Nothing? You've seen me change for two months and you still stair at me when I change."
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar," Charades apologized, "Transforming is unheard of. No one has ever heard of a pony changing their appearance the way you do. It's amazing to watch you do it."
They smiled, "yes."
Just as soon as the sun had set, they walked deep into the forest till they found the trail, then they followed the trail to the gate and hid far from the Gate, ducking low into the tall grass.
"Digger told us about the Pony Settlers."
"Pony Settlers?" Buster asked.
"He said, their ancestor came from a land where unicorns played and Pegasus flew."
"Hummm," Charades mumbled.
"Is it true?"
"It could be. Banner told me a story once that went back many any centuries ago, before there was a King and Queen. They say a group of ponies discovered the Gate and trave through it but they never came back. The Gate was soon forgotten till one day a Queen sent some ponies through to see what happened to the first group but they were never seen again," Charades explained, "I wouldn’t be surprised if the ancient ponies were the first group that traveled through the gate."
"They probably discovered the gate had closed and figured they were stuck here," Buster added.
"Wow, so where did the Gate come from?"
"No one knows," Charades answered.
The sky had gotten dark and they were glowing bright. Just then they noticed Digger walking towards the Gate.

Digger stopped, the archway looked strange. He walked closely to the archway and stopped. It looked like water in midair with a mirror image of another forest.
He stood several minutes before he heard a tiny rock rolling across the ground. Digger turned around and came face to face with Skyview, a Black glowing unicorn.
Digger was speechless. A pony that doesn't exist stood in front of him.
"You should have never found this place," Skyview muttered angrily.
Skyview's horn began to glow then suddenly a cloud wrapped itself around Digger, consuming him and changing into a ball.
Skyview walked through the gate with the cloud ball behind him.
Buster, Charades and Lunarstar stood, watching. They were shocked that Skyview had captured a pony and took him to the other world.
"This just keeps getting worse," Buster commented.