Chapter 36: Meet Sweetheart's Uncle

Lunarstar and her friends walked out of the Ice Cream Shop and into the park.
"It sure is hot," Melody complained looking up at the sun.
"No wind at all," Patch noticed.
Starlight stopped and pointed towards a tree, "Lets sit under the tree in the shade."
The girls walked into the shade and sat down. The grass in the shade was cool to their legs. Lunarstar laid down next to them, she was hot and her long hair made her feel even worse.
As the girls sat under the tree, Ace and Blueberry were heading out of the park when they noticed the girls under the tree. They walked over to the girls and sat down in the shade.
"Shouldn't you boys be playing soccer or something? Starlight asked.
"It's to hot to play," Ace answered.
"We're heading for the Ice Cream shop," added Blueberry.
"What about you girls?" Ace asked.
"we're no doing nothing today," answered Melody.
"It's to hot," Bon Bon added.
"Well, see you around," said Ace, then they left heading out of the park.
"The shop is going to do a killer business today," Patch commented.
Starlight smiled, "everyone is trying to cool down."
A few minutes later Buster and Charades were walking by and noticed Lunarstar laying in the grass. They walked into the shade and sat down, "Hi, girls."
"Hi," the girls replied.
"it's so hot out today," Clover complained.
Charades walked over to Lunarstar and sat down next to her, "Sleeping?"
Lunarstar lifted her head, "just hot."
Charades got close to her ear, "It's best if you didn't lay down. We wouldn't want you to fall asleep."
Lunarstar sighed, she sat up, "What are you guys doing here? I thought you would still be at the house?"
"It's to hot to work so your father let us go today."
Just then a white pony with light green hair called for Sweetheart.
Sweetheart hadn't noticed the pony til she heard her name. Sweetheart looked at the pony who called her name, she recognized the pony immediately. She stood up and ran to the pony.
"I wonder who that is?" Clover asked.
"I never seen the pony before," replied Bon Bon.
A few minutes later Sweetheart brought the pony to the shade, "Everyone, this is my Uncle."
"Uncle, these are my friends." Sweetheart continued to introduce him to her friends, even Buster and Charades.
"Hi," everyone replied.
"It's a pleasure to meet you," Bright Eyes commented.
"So you're the friends she's been telling me about. It's so nice to finally meet you all. My name is Digger and I'm an archeologist. I'm here for a few week studying some old artifacts."
"Arche..uh..?" Clover tried to pronounce it.
"Archeologist," Charades corrected her, "they study history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of physical remains."
"What?" Clover asked, she still didn't get it.
"They dig up old things and study them, learning about their history," Buster answered.
"Oh," replied.
"Are you all hot?" Digger asked.
"We sure are," answered Starlight.
"Why don't you all come to the museum and I'll give you a tour."
"A tour?" Melody asked.
"It'll be cooler inside the museum," Digger commented.
The girls were happy and stood on their feet ready to go.
Digger left the cool shade and lead them to a tall big building.

They walked up the steps and through the glass doors.
Their feet made noises as they walked and their whisperings echoed in the large room. The room felt cool to their coats and they all began to feel better. Digger took them through the large room and down a hallway as he talked about pony history. Her showed them old wagons and ancient pots and Egyptian artifacts. The stone carving was the last thing they saw before they left the museum.
"Digger," Charades began to say, "You travel around the world?"
"Yes I do and I've brought many artifacts here. In fact you have seen a few on display."
Digger took them back to the large room. Lunarstar noticed the sun had set and she started to worry about what her parents will say.
"Thank's for the tour," Starlight commented.
"Thanks!" Melody commented.
"It was great!" Patch exclaimed.
"It's was great to get out of the heat," Clover commented.
"It was nice of you to invite us here for a tour," Lunarstar looked out the windows, "It's late and I really must be going."
"Your all welcome. Come and see me anytime."
"How long did you say your staying here?" Buster asked.
"For a weeks."
Lunarstar left with her friends, except for Sweetheart who stayed behind with her Uncle. Buster and Charades followed Lunarstar outside.
"Lunarstar, do you want us to walk you home?" Charades asked.
"Sure, I could use some company."
"Bye, Lunarstar!" The girls yelled form the other side of the stairs.
"Bye, see you all tomorrow!" Lunarstar yelled.

Lunarstar left the stairs and walked down the sidewalk towards the park. She could feel the slight breeze which felt good to her coat. Her long hair wavered in the wind.
"Wasn't that great?" Lunarstar asked.
"It was nice," Charades answered.
"We certainly don't have a museum like that back home," added Buster.
"You don't?" Lunarstar asked.
"All of our history are in books," answered Charades.
"Maybe when you get your Kingdom back, you can build a museum," Buster suggested.
"Yeah, maybe I will. Museums are a great place to visit, it would be great if the other Ponyland had one too."

The sky was orange and purple and the stars began to appear in the sky.
"I'm so late," Lunarstar complained, "My parents are going to kill me."
"Relate, we'll emplane everything to them," replied Charades.
Lunarstar was relieved, "Thanks."
She walked in the house and saw her mother rushing out of the Kitchen, "Where have you been?"
"To the Museum."
"Museum?" Rosebud asked.
Charades stepped forward, "We were with her all day at the museum, cooling off."
"Well, I purpose it was ok. Buster, Charades, since you're here why don't you join us for dinner?"
"That would be wonderful," Buster answered.

Sweetheart and Digger walked home from the museum in the dark.
"You have wonderful friends, Sweetheart."
"Yeah, I sure do."
Digger looked at the mountains in the distance, "Want to go hiking with me?"
"I'd love to but... I have babysitting to do."
"Oh...your three baby sisters. Well, that's ok perhaps before I leave we can go hiking together."
"Sure," Digger stopped, "I think I'll take a little hike myself in the morning."
Sweetheart and Digger continued to the house and was greeted by Sweetheart's parents.