Chapter 35: Memories - part 3.

A week had past had past since Stardust and his brothers began searching for the baby Princess.

Stardust walked around the halls of Dream Castle, looking at the large paintings hanging on the walls. The floor was marble and chandleries hung from the ceiling were gold. The paintings of Kings and Queens shined brightly in the sun light through a window at the end of the hall.
Stardust noticed a few empty spots on the wall, he stopped and stared at it for a long time.
"What are you staring at?" a voice asked.
Stardust almost jumped out of his fur, "Nothing, Starfire."
"Nothing?" Starfire looked at the empty spot on the wall.
"I can't help but notice there's a few empty spots on the wall," Stardust commented.
"So?" Starfire asked, who didn’t see anything wrong with it.
"Starfire, where's Skyview?"
"Out reading a book somewhere. Why do you ask?"
"We still have an order to carry out."
Starfire followed Stardust down the hall.
"Out where?" Stardust asked.
"I don't know. He said something about wanting to read in peace."
Stardust smiled, "I don't blame him. It's hard to get any peace and quiet when your around."
Starfire sighed, "I get board easily."
"Well, lets go find Skyview."
Stardust and Starfire continued down the hall to the stairs.

Skyview was laying in the grass at the edge of the forest reading a book, he glanced up every now and then at Dream Castle in the distance.
He was so into his book that he didn't notice the little yellow pony with pink, green and purple hair.
"Hi," said the little pony.
Skyview was startled at first and was surprised to see a little pony standing next to him.
"Hi," the little pony repeated.
"Hi," Skyview sighed, he knew he would never get a chance to read now.
"What are you reading?"
"A book."
"What's it about?"
Skyview sat up, "you wouldn't be interested."
"Is it a story? can you read it to me?"
"No it's not a story...where did you come from?" Skyview asked, looking around.
"Over there, just beyond this big hill," the little pony pointed behind Skyview.
Just then with out Skyview and the little pony noticing it, an orange male pony with yellow, green and purple hair, quietly walked up close to them and hid behind some bushes.
"Why don't you go home?" Skyview proposed.
"I can't."
"And why not?"
"I'm playing hid and seek with my brother."
Skyview thought about what the pony had said, she mentioned about a home and wondered if there were other homes with baby ponies in them, "Have you seen any baby ponies around?"
"Sure, there's lots of them near me."
"Have you ever seen a baby white pony with white hair, wings and a horn?"
The little pony stood and thought about it, "no I don't think so."
Skyview stood up, "now why don't you go home?"
"I told you..."
"I know, your playing hid and seek. Why don't you go hide somewhere else?"
"I like hiding here."
Just then Starfire flew down to the ground and landed in front of Skyview, "It's about time I found you," Starfire noticed the little pony next to Skyview, "That's sweet, you have little pony with you."
Then Stardust ran up to skyview and slowed down to a walk, "Do you have to go so far from the castle?" Stardust noticed the little pony, "Who is she?"
Skyview looked down at her, "I have no idea."
The Orange Pony behind the bushes suddely got worried about his little sister.
"Get rid of her," Stardust ordered.
"I tried but she won't leave."
Starfire giggled, "I think she actually likes you."
Skyview gave him a stearn unhappy look, "That's not funny."
Stardust looked at the little pony seriously and slowly walked closer to her, "Leave!"
The little pony began to cry, then she turned around and ran home.
"You made her cry," Skyview observed.
"What is it about you that scares other ponies?" Starfire asked.
"I didn't come here to talk abut me or that little pony."
"So why did you come here for?"
"We still have an order from King Star Cluster."
"Look Stardust, We searched for the baby Princess for a week and she's just not in Ponyland. There's simply isn't a baby winged unicorn anywhere," Skyview exclaimed.
"Where can we look?" Starfire asked.
"Outside of Ponyland," Stardust answered, "Those soldiers that ecsaped isn't in Ponyland, maybe they took the baby Princess with them?"
"Where are they then?" Skyview asked.
"Stardust, what about that soldier you ran into in town?" Starfire asked.
"Soldier?...What town?" Skyview asked.
"At Woodlock. I'm sure he was a Soldier," Stardust answered.
"Woodlock?...the town?" Skyview asked.
"According to the book I was reading, the Mountain next to Woodlock is called Mooney Mountain and on that Mountain is a Castle called Moonlight Castle."
"So he was either going to the castle or coming from the castle," Stardust wondered, "Take that book back and lets go."
"What is that book your reading?" Starfire asked.
"It's a book on castles with maps which I was studying before I kept getting interupted," Skyview winked out and a minute later he appeared.
They left the edge of the forest and headed to Money Mountain.

Once the black ponies had left, the orange pony walked out from behind the bush.
"So it's true, the Princess is a Winged Unicorn. Wait till everyone hears about this."
The orange pony ran in the the forest back home.

The Black Ponies traveled many miles to Mooney Mountain and arrived early in the morning. They had avoid the town and went straight to the Mountain. They stopped halfway up the mountain, just barly able to see the castle.
Stardust sat down in a small clearing, "Skyview, sneak inside the castle and see what you can find out. We'll wait here."
Starfire sat down next to Stardust, "Don't take too long, I'm starving."
Skyview's horn began to glow and then he turned into a gray cloud. He floated through the forest to the castle and sneaked over the castle walls. He layed low to the ground, looking for an open window. As he scanned the area he noticed a window open on the third floor. He floated inside and changed back, then he walked down the halls looking and listening for anyone.
He was about to turn down another hallway when he saw a pony coming in his dirrection. He winked out and appeared at the end of the other hall, then he quickly ran around the corner.
The pony noticed a gray smoke that was disaolving, "That's strange." The pony didn't know what to make of it so she continued on her way.
Skyview was releived, "That was close."
He turned and continued walking the halls, suddenly he heard voices. Skyview followed the voices to a tall room, he quietly sneaked in and listened. The room was two stories high and was full of books. A spirl starscase was on his right. Below Skyview sitting on couches was Banner, Charades and a few others he didn't know.
"Now that we have the King and Queen's support, we can begin planing for the battle to take Dream Castle back," Banner remarked.
"What about Queen Royal Heart?" Charades asked.
"And the baby Princess?" another asked.
"We don't know what happend to the Queen, I can only hope she had excaped. As for the Princess, I don't know either," Banner answered.
"We should go look for them," another pony suggested.
"Not yet. It's not safe to go find them. We'll wait awhile untill things have settled down before we go on a search," Banner reaplied.
"I heard the Black ponies are searching for the Princess," Charades commented.
"Really?" Banner hadn't expeted the Black Ponies go searching for the Princess, "Where are they searching?"
"In Ponyland," Charades answered.
"I think the Princess is safe for now."
"What I want to know is where did King Star Cluster come from? What does he even look like?" another pony asked.
"I don't know, I don't think anyone one knows where he came from. I heard he's a pretty pony to look at," Banner answered.
"Pretty pony?" they asked.
"It's just a rumor, though."
Skyview had heard all that he needed to know. He quietly turned around and left the room. Skyvew hadn't realized one of the servant coming down the hall. As soon as Skyview stepped in the hall the Blue Pegasus froze and was about the yell when Skyview ran up to her, knocking her on the floor.
Banner and the other had heard noises up stairs and ran to the third floor to see what the noise was about.
"You ok?" Charades asked.
"Fine..." answered the blue pegasus.
"What happend?" Banner asked.
"A Black Pony came out of the room and knocked me down."
"Black pony? they asked serpisingly.
"An Earth Pony, Unicorn or Pegasus?" Banner asked.
"He was a Unicorn."
"Skyview," Banner muttered, "lets split up and search for him, get some soldiers while your at it."
They went down different hallways looking arond every corner.

Skyview knew he was in trouble, he ran down the hall looking for the window that he came in, "This place is like a maze." He continued running and was about to turn a corner when he ran into another servant, pans and sheets flew everywhere making alot of noise. Skyview left the pony and continued running, he knew someone heard it, he wanted to leave before someone saw him. He turn the corner and ran along the windows, Skyview looked but none of them were opened.
Just when he had reached the end of the first hall, Buster had just came around the corner and saw Skyview but it was too late to do anything.
Skyview ran into Buster throwing themselves aginst a wall and landing on Buster. Skyview quickly stood up and was about to turn around when he saw Banner and a few Soldiers coming his way. He turned and ran down the hall but stopped Suddenly when he saw the King and Queen with surprised looks. Charades and a few other Soldiers arrived in the third hall. They had Skyview surounded.
Skyview looked at the three halls, "Great."
He turned and noticed a window open. Skyview ran to the window and took a flying leep through the window turning himself into a cloud.
Banner, Buster, Charades, The King, Queen and the Soldiers ran to the window, watching the Cloud float away, disapearing into the forest.
"Who was that?" the Queen asked.
"That was Skyview, one of the Black Ponies I was telling you about," Banner answered.
"A Male Unicorn?" The King asked.
"I wouldn't have beleived it if I didn't see it for myself," the Queen remarked.
"He's heading for the forest, I bet his other two brothers are there, waiting for him," Charades guessed.
"We should go after him," Banner proposed.

Skyview changed back once he reach the spot where his brother were laying. Skyview layed down next to them in the cool grass.
"Well?" Stardust asked waiting for a reply.
"Just a minute," Skyview was still trying to catch his breath.
"You were gone for quite a while," Starfire commented.
"It's a maze in that castle and soldiers were everywhere."
"They saw you?" Stardust asked.
Just then they heard noises in the forest coming towards them. Stardust stood up and looked, Just as his other two brother stood up, Banner, Buster, Charades and quite a few other soldiers were running towards them.
"Lets go," yelled Stardust.
The three of them ran as fast as they could down hill with Stardust leading the way.

They had traveled a long way back to Dream Castle. Stardust left his two brothers and went to the throne room. The soldiers at the door wouldn't let him in.
"Sorry, he's not in there," said one of the soldiers.
"Where is he?"
"In the Garden."
Stardust turned and left walking to the Garden. He walked through the glass doors and saw Star Cluster standing in front of the Gate, staring at it. He had his crown on and wore a golden Dragon key around his neck. The garden was full of flowers, trees and other pretty plants. In the middle of the garden was the Gate. Stardust stood for a few minutes wondering why the Gate would fascinate Star Cluster so much, it was if he knew something.
Stardust walked towards him. Star Cluster turned around after hearing Stardust feet.
"Have you found her?" Star Cluster asked.
"No but the Soldiers that escaped the castle didn't have her either."
Star Cluster was mad, he wanted the Princess more than anything, "Keep searching...I must have her."
Stardust turned and left the Garden.

In Ponyland Lunarstar, Charades and Buster were heading home.
"That's all for now," said Charades.
"Come one..." Lunarstar was disappointed, she was getting into the story.
"It's getting late and you have to go to bed," replied Buster.
"Lets get you home. I can tell you more some other time."
"you promise?"
"Yes, I Promise I'll tell you more."
"I would love to hear how you got to this world."
"That's another story for another day."
Charades and Buster walked Lunarstar home.