Chapter 33: Memories - part 1.

Lunarstar ran home from the Ice cream shop since it was getting late. She hurried in the house and shut the door.
"Hi, Lunarstar," called Buster from the living room. Charades and Booster were sitting on the couch talking.
"Hi," Lunarstar could smell the food that her mother was cooking, "Is dinner almost ready?"
"Almost," replied Booster.
Rosebud came out of the kitchen when she heard Lunarstar, "Why don't you go up stairs and clean up for dinner."
Lunarstar looked down at her feet, they were dirty and covered in grass stains, "Ok."
Lunarstar's horn began to glow and she changed forms, her long purple hair changed white and her wings appeared on her back, her horn appeared on her head.
She hurried upstairs to the bathroom and cleaned her hooves from the dirt and grass stains. Then she walked downstairs and sat with her father.
"Lunarstar, how's was your day today?" her father asked.
"It was great, especially now that Starlight can play with us."
"Did something happen to her?" her father asked curiously.
"She got crushed by a tree from the storm."
"I found her and Lunarstar but she wasn't under a tree at the time," said Charades suspiously
"I took the tree off of her with my horn."
"You did what? She saw you?" her father exclaimed worriedly.
"Dad, I had no choice, the Tree could have killed her if I didn't do something soon, besides I told her not to say a word."
"You talked to her too?"
Lunarstar sighed, "I'm tired of everyone talking about me, the ghost of Ponyland."
"We have told you many times over, don't let yourself be seen. Do you know what ponies will do if they find out what you are?" the father asked.
Lunarstar sigh sadly, "I know, but they're my friends."
"No buts...This is it Lunarstar, don't let a single soul see you. I don't care if they're your best friends," her father ordered.
Just then Rosebud entered the room, "It's ready!"
They went to the table and began to eat.
All dinner long Lunarstar began wondering about the other world. What the rebels were doing and why the Black ponies were chasing her.

After they finished dinner, Lunarstar helped her mother clean the table. She picked up the plates and set them in the sink then she went back and picked up the glasses and set them in the sink.
She walked out of the kitchen to the living room, "Dad?"
"Yes, Lunarstar?"
"Can I go out?"
"It's not even a full moon yet."
"I know but I just want to stretch my legs."
"Ok but not by yourself."
Lunarstar looked at Buster and Charades who were sitting on the couch, "Would you guys go with me?"
"Sure," they answered.
"Great!" Lunarstar exclaimed.

The sky was getting darker and the stars began to appear. The moon was only half and it was shining brightly.
Lunarstar walked out of the house in her earth form with Buster and Charades behind her.
They walked down the street quietly. Lunarstar was thinking about the first time she saw the Gate and the first time she went through it. It was quite a while ago and it seemed like it was all a dream. She began wondering what the other side of the Gate was like, what the other Ponyland was like and what the Rebels do in the other world.
Lunarstar's thoughts was interrupted by Charades calling her, "Lunarstar?"
Lunarstar turned and looked at them.
"Is something wrong?" Charades asked her.
"You haven't said a word since we ate dinner," Buster pointed out.
"I'm sorry. I was just thinking."
"May I ask what are you thinking about?" Charades asked.
"The other world?" Buster asked.
"Yes," Lunarstar stopped and looked up at them, "What's it like there?"
"What's it like?" Buster asked.
"Yeah, what do you rebels do? How did you know those Black ponies? Where did the King come from? What happened after you and the soldiers left the castle? what...?"
"Hold it. One question at a time," Charades interrupted.
"It's a long story," Buster replied.
"Please tell me."
"You really want to know?" Charades asked.
Lunarstar knotted her head.
"Ok then, lets start walking and I'll tell you the story," Charades replied.
The sky was very dark and the stars shined even brighter. Buster and Charades continued walking with Lunarstar in between them.

Banner walked with the few soldiers that were left from the fight at the castle. They quietly walked through the forest for the next few days. Banner's ear was hurting him, he spent most of the trip by the river and dipping his ear in the cool water. It helped some but it was better than nothing. Charades would wrap Banner's ear when he was done but his ear continued to bleed.
They slept by day and traveled by night for the next three days, avoiding towns and other ponies nearby. Banner's ear had stopped bleeding but it still hurt him, he even found it hard to sleep with his ear throbbing. Buster and Charades laid nearby and watched him in pain but there was nothing they could do.
It was near daylight and it was getting close for them to sleep.
"Banner, we need to stop and rest," said a blue pony.
Banner turned around and looked at the soldiers. They all looked tired some limbed and others had scars from the battle.
"Ok. We'll sleep here."
They laid down at the edge of the meadow and slept. It took Banner a while to get to sleep, his ear was bothering him again.
"Banner," Buster whispered, "Your ear hurting again?"
"Yes I just wished it would stop hurting," Banner sigh sadly and went back to sleep.
Buster and Charades looked at each other before going to sleep.
It was almost sunset when Banner's ear began to hurt again. He woke up and looked around, the other ponies were still sleeping. Banner stood up and left the group looking for water for his ear. He traveled not to far from the group when he heard a faint cry. Banner followed the voice and saw a female pony. She was a light green Pegasus with red, yellow and white hair. Banner quickly hid behind a tree when he saw who was chasing her. Two Black ponies with black and blue hair, they looked alike except for one had a horn and the other had wings.
The Black Pegasus stopped the green Pegasus and The Black Unicorn's horn began to glow. Suddenly a gray Cloud appeared above the green Pegasus.
"No, I promise. It won't happen again!" the Green Pegasus pleaded.
The black ponies smiled and the Clouds swallowed her, changing into a ball.
"No one talks bad about King Star Cluster," said The Black Pegasus proudly.
"You should go look for those soldiers that escaped the castle," the Black Unicorn suggested.
Banner quietly walked away without being noticed. He had forgot all about his ear hurting and hurried back to the group. Banner woke up Buster and Charades with his hoof, "Shhhh, wake the others and keep quiet."
"Why?" Buster asked.
"Shhhhh! Tell you later."
With in a few minutes the soldiers were up and followed Banner into the thick forest. The sun was almost gone down and Banner had walked far from where he saw the Black ponies.
Banner stopped and turned around, facing the soldiers, "I have a very good reason why I woke you up early."
The soldiers stood quietly and listened.
"I got up early and went looking for water. I ran into two black ponies who had captured a Pegasus."
"You got us up for that?" one of the soldiers asked.
"They're looking for us, that's why I got you up early. The black ponies I saw weren't normal either."
"What do you mean?" another soldier asked.
"I saw those same black ponies at the castle and again today. One was a Unicorn and the other was a Pegasus."
"So, there's lots of Unicorns and Pegasus around," a yellow pony pointed out.
"These black ponies were males."
The group kept silent, they were all surprised. None of them never heard of Male Unicorns and Male Pegasus, they simply didn't existed.
"Are you sure?" Charades asked.
"Yes and you don't want to be caught by them either, especially the Unicorn, " Banner looked up and saw the sky was very dark, "Lets hurry before that Pegasus finds us."
Banner and the group hurried through the forest as quietly as they could.
As they walked Banner kept wondering about the the Black Pegasus said.
Who is King Star Cluster?" Banner asked himself.