Chapter 32: The Case of the missing Apple Pies.

Lunarstar and Clover was at Bon Bon's house helping her with the Apple Pie. They had just put the Pie in the oven and began cleaning the kitchen.
"It's smells so good," Clover commented.
"I can't till tomorrow," said Lunarstar excitedly.
"And celebrate our new clubhouse," added Clover.
"To bad Starlight won't be there, though," Bon Bon sigh sadly.
"Maybe we can save her a piece of pie," Clover suggested.
"If there's any left," Lunarstar laughed.
By the time they had cleaned the kitchen, the pie was done. Bon Bon took the pie out of the oven and set it on the window sill to cool off.
Lunarstar looked out the window and noticed how dark it was getting, "I have to go, Bon Bon. See you tomorrow."
"I think I should go too," added Clover
"Bye!" Bon Bon cried.
Lunarstar rushed out the door with Clover behind her.
Bon Bon's mother walked in the kitchen, "It's getting late."
"I know, mom. I have a few things to clean up and I'll go right to bed."
Bon Bon cleaned the dishes and went to bed. She laid in bed for several hours thinking about the Apple Pie they'll be eating tomorrow. She turned over in her bed and looked out the window, it was still dark and a long way off from morning. As she looked out the window she noticed a small gray cloud moving, "I sure hope it's not going to rain."
Watching the cloud began to make her feel tired and it wasn't long till she was asleep.

The next morning Bon Bon rushed to the kitchen to check on the Apple Pie that she had left on the window sill. She walked into the kitchen and didn't see the apple pie.
"Mom!" Bon Bon yelled.
Her mother walked into the kitchen, "What is it, honey?"
"The Apple Pie we made yesterday, it's gone!"
Just then her father walked into the kitchen after hearing Bon Bon yell, "Did someone say Apple Pie."
"Dad, It was right here on the window sill."
"I'm sorry honey but I didn't take it," the mother replied.
"Neither did I," the father added, "but the Pie sounds good."
"Someone took it."
Just then, Bon Bon's older sister walked in.
"Misty, where is it?" Bon Bon asked.
"Where's what?"
"My Apple Pie!"
"I didn't see any apple pie."
"Now, Bon Bon," the father began to say, "I doubt your sister would take it."
"But someone did. We spent all day yesterday picking apples and making the pie."
Just then Bon Bon's younger brother walked in the kitchen, "What's up!"
"Someone took Bon Bon's Pie," Misty replied.
"It wasn't me."
"Bon Bon, no one here took it," the mother remarked.
"Maybe one of your friends took it," The father suggested.
"I guess so," Bon Bon left the kitchen and hurried to the new Clubhouse.
She rushed through the bushes and into the yard. The clubhouse was blue and pink and looked a lot like their old clubhouse.
Bon Bon walked inside and saw the girls but they didn't have the Apple Pie.
"What is it?" Bright Eyes asked
"The Apple Pie we made's gone!"
"Gone?" Lunarstar asked.
Bon Bon sat down at their new table, "I left it on the window sill to cool over night, when I woke up it was gone."
"Maybe your parents took it by mistake," Sweetheart suggested.
"They didn't. I just asked them."
"A mystery!" Patch said excitedly.
"A mystery to solve!" exclaimed Melody.
"Well...maybe we can help solve the mystery of the missing Apple Pie," Bright Eyes Proposed.
"Yea!" they yelled.
"But where do we start?" Sweetheart asked.
"Bon Bon," Bright Eyes began to ask, "Do you remember seeing anything last night?"
"Are you sure?" Sweetheart asked.
"You didn't see or hear anything?" Melody asked.
"," Bon Bon remembered going to bed and all the usual things that happens in her house, "It was cloudy outside."
"Anything else?" Patch asked.
" mom got up last night and went to my baby brother's room."
"Besides that," Melody sigh.
"Nothing. I slept all night."
"Let go to Bon Bon's house and see if the thief left anything behind," Lunarstar suggested.
"That's a great idea," Melody agreed.
The girls left the clubhouse and hurried to Bon Bon's house. They walked through the Apple orchard behind the house and gathered around the window. They looked around the grass and window sill but non of the girls could find anything.
"We're not going to find anything here," Patch remarked.
"The thief didn't leave anything," Bright Eyes observed.
"Maybe it was Raspberry?" Clover suggested.
"I doubt it, Raspberry maybe a lot of thing but she's no thief," Melody answered.
"She's kind of like Teddy in a way," Patch teased.
The girls laughed, they knew Patch was right.
"Do you think the thief will steal another pie?" Sweetheart asked suddenly.
"I don't know," Bright Eyes answered, "but lets make another one and see if we can catch the thief."
The girls agreed and went to Bon Bon's mother who was on a ladder up in the apple tree.
"Mom," Bon Bon called, "Can we have a few apples?"
"Sure, honey." She came down the ladder and gave Bon Bon and her friend and apple.
Then they hurried into the house and began making the apple pie.

After the apple pie was finished Bon Bon set it on the window sill to cool over night.
"Tonight we meet at the side of the house and keep watch," Bright Eyes proposed.
"I can't," Lunarstar sighed sadly.
"Why?" Sweetheart asked.
"I'm not allowed out at night."
"We can tell you all about it tomorrow," said Patch.
Lunarstar smiled but she really wasn't happy. She wanted to be out with her friends. She looked up at the sky and noticed how dark it was getting, "I better go home."
The girls said their good-byes and watch as Lunarstar left the yard.

Lunarstar rushed home as quickly as she could. When she got home it was almost time for dinner.
"Your cutting it close again," Charades commented from the livingroom.
"Sorry. I was at Bon Bon's house, she had her pie stolen today and no one knows who stole it."
"Who would steal a pie?" Buster asked curiously.
Rosebud came into the livingroom after hearing Lunarstar's voice, "It's dinner time!"

Later that night, Lunarstar in her winged unicorn form, laid in bed thinking about her friend at Bon Bon's house. She really wanted to go spy and watch with her friends. It was late that night after Buster and Charades had left, Lunarstar was still awake. She could hear her parents sleeping in their room.
Lunarstar got out of bed and walked to her window at the foot of her bed. She peaked through the curtains and looked around, the sky was dark and the star twinkled. She took one last look at the door before she winked out. She appeared across the street from Bon Bon's house and hid among the bushes, watching the Apple Pie in the window. Her friends realized it was getting late and they decided to head home but Lunarstar stayed behind.
It had been hours since she left the house and the pie was still there.
"I can't wait all night," she yawned.
Just when she decided to leave, she saw the strangest thing. A gray cloud floated above the apple trees and to the window. When the cloud left the Apple Pie was gone.
Lunarstar gasped, she couldn't believe what she was just saw.
"A cloud? That's not possible," Lunarstar continued to watch the cloud disappeared behind the houses, "Wait a minute..." Lunarstar had suddenly remember what Charades told her about Skyview, "he can control clouds...could he be the one stealing the Pies?"

The next morning Bon Bon went to the Clubhouse and told her friends about the Apple Pie.
"Again?" Melody asked.
"We watched all night ad didn't see anything," Patch exclaimed.
Lunarstar knew who stole the Pie but she couldn't tell her friends, they would never believe her.
"Now what do we do?" Sweetheart asked.
"Make another Pie and keep watch tonight," Bright Eyes replied
"Another one?" Bon Bon asked.
"What if the Thief doesn't come tonight?" Clover asked.
"The thief took the last two apple pie, I don't see why the thief wouldn't want another one," Bright Eyes answered.
"I can't stay out too long, my parents will worry," said Sweetheart worriedly.
"Mine too," added Patch.
"We'll do what we did last night and hope we can catch the thief," Bright Eyes Proposed.

Later that night the girls waited behind a few apple trees, watching.
"I hope they come soon," Clover complained.
"Shhhhh," whispered Melody.
Lunarstar was at home in her room. She laid on her bed in her Winged Unicorn form, listening to her parents sleeping in their room. Buster and Charades had left and went home.
"I've got to go watch," Thought Lunarstar.
She got off the bed and winked to her parents room to make sure they were asleep then she winked to a house across the street. She hid behind a bush and watched the window.
Hours had went by and Lunarstar was laying in the grass, she noticed a few of the girls had decided to leave. Lunarstar yawned and hoped something would happen soon.
After awhile all the girls had left even Bon Bon who decided to watch from her window.
Once the sky had turned completely black and the stars twinkled, a gray cloud floated through the Apple Orchard.
Bon Bon was almost asleep when she noticed the cloud heading to the window.
Bon Bon wasn't sure if it was the cloud stealing the Pies but she wasn't about to let another pie get stolen. She hurried downstairs and rushed out the door. She had just turned the corner when the Cloud swooped down and took the pie.
"What the?...that's my pie," Bon Bon whispered loudly but not loud enough for her parents to hear.
The Cloud had noticed her and hurried through the apple orchard with Bon Bon running after it.
"Hay thief. I don't know who you are what you are but that's my pie," said Bon Bon angrily.
The cloud stopped and began taking shape, forming into a black unicorn.
"So this is your pie," Skyview remarked while putting the pie down.
Bon Bon stared for quite a while, she couldn't believe she was seeing a Unicorn.
"Your...your real but...your only a fairy tale," Bon Bon gasped.
"Of course I'm real," Skyview answered, suddenly his horn began to glow and a cloud appeared, "I've had it with you and your friends. I had to wait till after midnight to get this pie."
Just then the Apple tree that Skyview was standing under began to shake and then all the apples fell, landing on top of Skyview.
Bon Bon stood in disbelief at what just happened.
"You should leave," said a voice next to her.
Bon Bon looked and to her surprise it was the Ghost only she wasn't glowing.
"Don't tell anyone about him or me. Now leave before he gets free," Lunarstar ordered but it was too late. Skyview poked his head out from all the apples and noticed Lunarstar standing next to Bon Bon, "I should have known."
Suddenly Lunarstar's horn began to glow and the Apple Pie started to float.
Skyview watch and then he realized what she was going to do, "No, you better not."
Suddenly the pie went flying into Skyview's face.
"Don't stand there, run!" yelled Lunarstar.
Bon Bon turned and ran as fast as she could back home.
Skyview whipped a pie crust off his face and stood up knocking the apples off him. He looked around but didn't see Lunarstar.
"That's it! I have had it with her. She's going to get it," said Skyview angerily.
He began whipping the rest of the pie off his face and walked through the apple orchard.

The next day the girls were in their Clubhouse talking when Bon Bon walked in with two apple pies.
"So the thief didn't take it?" Patch asked
"Yes, the thief did but I don't think he'll be back to steal another one."
Lunarstar began to giggle to herself.
"He?" Melody asked.
"Don't ask," Bon Bon put the pies on the table, "I made two Apple Pies this morning."
Just then Starlight walked in, "Hi, everyone!"
"Your walking!" Melody exclaimed.
"Yes, I still hurt a little so I have to take it easy for awhile," Starlight sat down, "So anything happened while I was gone?"
"A lot, lets eat first before someone steals these pies," Patch joked.
The girls all laughed except for Starlight who had no idea what was so funny.