Chapter 31: Stormy Day.

It was in the afternoon when Lunarstar left her room. she walked downstairs to the kitchen, looking for Rosebud but she didn't she her. Lunarstar changed to an earth pony and walked outside to the shed. Her Mother was standing next to the shed talking to Buster.
"Mom," Lunarstar called, "I'm going to play with my friends."
"Ok," Rosebud replied, then she suddenly remembered something, "Lunarstar, It might rain today. I don't want you outside when it's raining."
"I know," Lunarstar left and ran around to the front of the house.

She ran long the sidewalk til she got to the park. Then she walked to the ice cream shop looking for her friends but they weren't there.
A dark pink pony with gold hair walked up the her, "If your looking for Starlight, I think she and her friends went to the clubhouse."
"Thanks!" Lunarstar left the Ice cream shop and walked towards a community of houses. The Sky was Bright and Blue with fluffy white clouds scattered about.
"I don't see how it's going to rain," Lunarstar muttered to herself.
She walked to the Blue house and went through the thick bushes. She walked over to the clubhouse and knocked on the door. Patch was the first to answered the door, "Lunarstar. Come on in."
Lunarstar walked in and sat down at the table. She noticed a basket of rolls on the table, "May I have a roll?"
Patch past the basket to Clover, then to Bon Bon who past it to Lunarstar.
"Thanks," Lunarstar commented, as she took one of the rolls.
"Lunarstar," Melody began to say, "Have you heard anything about Raspberry?"
"I haven't seen or head from her in a while," added Bon Bon.
"She's still grounded," Lunarstar took a bite out of her roll before continuing, "She will be for another week. Blueberry isn't grounded anymore which makes her mad."
"Servers her right for doing what she did," exclaimed Starlight.
"I still can't believe Blueberry ran away," remarked Clover.
"You can blame Raspberry for that," replied Melody.
"It was party because of his parents but Raspberry didn't help the maters any either," answered Lunarstar as she finished her roll.
Lunarstar looked out the window and noticed how dark the sky was getting, "It looked nice out a while ago."
"I heard it's going to rain," replied Bright Eyes.
"That''s what my mom said," replied Lunarstar.
"We'll be fine in here," Bright Eyes assured her.
They continued to talk and eat for quite a while till it began raining. Lunarstar stood up and walked over to the window.
"It's going to rain a good one," Patch commented.
"I hope it doesn't last to long," Lunarstar replied.
"Why?" Sweetheart asked.
"I'd have to walk home in the rain and I hate getting wet."
"Don't worry about it. We'll just wait it out," replied Melody.
The longer Lunarstar stood at the window the darker the sky looked. Lunarstar could hear the rain hit the roof even harder sounding very loud. The wind began to blow, rattling the windows. Lunarstar was getting worried and wondered if she should go home.
"It's just raining outside, Lunarstar," Starlight remarked.
Lunarstar excepted what Starlight said and sat down at the table. She took the last roll and began eating it. She still couldn't shake the feeling that she should go home.
As they talked and listened to the rain, Clover was getting worried too.
"It doesn't sound to good outside," Clover observed.
The wind began blowing harder, the thunder rang in the clubhouse and lightning streaked across the sky.
"We should go home," Lunarstar suggested.
Suddenly they heard a loud pop sound and then a crash. The girls rushed to the window to see what it was but it was to dark to see anything.
When the lighten flashed, the girls caught a glimpse of what fell.
"What was that?" Clover asked.
"A tree?" Melody guessed.
"Too small for a tree, I think it was a branch," Bright Eyes replied.
"Look!" Patch cried.
The girls ran to the other window except for Starlight who wanted to see what else fell in the yard.
Suddenly they heard another popping sound but much louder and then the roof started to cave in, The girls hurried out of the clubhouse as fast as they could before it collapsed. The girls stopped to see what was falling, a tall tree was crashing on the roof of their Clubhouse. Lunarstar looked up the branches of the tree was coming down on top of them, "Keep running!" yelled Lunarstar.
They ran but the top of the tree landed on them.
The girls climbed out of the leaves and branches, they had a few scratches but they all were fine.
"Is everyone here?" Bright Eyes yelled, over the wind and thunder.
The rain poured heavily making it hard to see each other. They were all socked to the skin, even Lunarstar who felt her wings hang at her sides heavily.
"It's hard to see!" replied Patch.
"Yell your names!" Bright Eyes proposed.
"Bon Bon!"
"What a minute! where's Starlight?" Patch asked.
They all yelled for Starlight but there was no answer.
"Search the tree!" yelled Patch
"What tree? it's hard to see it!" Clover yelled.
The girls began searching the tree but they didn't find her.
"Maybe she didn't get out of the club house in time," Sweetheart suggested.
The girls realized Sweetheart was right. They rushed to the club house or what was left of it.
"Starlight!" they yelled.
Slowly they all began removing boards till they found Starlight. She was stuck under the trunk if a tree which had pinned her down, a thick board kept the tree from crushing Starlight.
"Starlight!" yelled Melody.
Starlight woke up and realized she couldn't move. The girls grabbed her hoofs and tried to pull her but they couldn't.
"It's no use," said Patch.
"What about the Berrytowns?" Bon Bon asked.
"They're not home, remember? They went on vacation!" Bright Eyes answered.
"What a great time to go on Vacation," Melody complained.
"We have to go get help and soon, that board isn't going to hold that tree for long," Lunarstar pointed out.
The girls agreed and left Starlight to get help. They had managed to find the sidewalk but they weren't sure where they were going.
"We're lost!" yelled Bon Bon.
Melody turned around with the lights flashing in the sky, she noticed there was only four of them, "Apparently the others are lost too."
"Lets hope they can find someone," Patch replied.

Lunarstar couldn't see past the rain. She decided to go back to Starlight and try to help her.
"There's no way I can walk back," Lunarstar thought, "I wonder if..." she looked around, knowing no one could see her. She winked out and reappeared in her Winged Unicorn Form, in front of Starlight who had her eyes closed from the rain. She wanted to help Starlight but wasn't sure how.

Starlight opened her eyes and saw the ghost standing over her. Starlight gasped and for a few minutes she had forgotten how to talk.
"Help..please?" Starlight pleaded.
Lunarstar knew she couldn't pick the tree up but there was no other way to help her. Lunarstar's horn began to glow bright. Starlight could see the ghost more clearly and noticed she was struggling with something.

Lunarstar concentrated but just couldn't lift the tree. She tried till her head hurts but still it was no use. The light from her horn dimmed and Lunarstar sigh.
"What's the mater?" Starlight asked.
"I can't lift the tree."
"Try again, please."
Lunarstar's horn began to glow. She closed her eyes and tried hard but still, she couldn't lift it.
"Hurry, the board is going to brake!" Starlight yelled.
Lunarstar could hear the board cracking and knew she didn't have much time. She concentrated even when her head began to hurt. She heard the tree shake but that's all she could do.
Suddenly the board fell to piece and the tree began to fall. Starlight screamed.
Lunarstar felt a sudden gust of power flow through her, all she thought about was saving her friend. Lunarstar opened eyes and saw the tree lifting off of Starlight.
Starlight crawled out from under the tree and sat next to the ghost.
Lunarstar let the tree go crashing onto the piles of wooden boards. Lunarstar looked down at Starlight wondering if she was ok.
"Thank you!" Starlight commented.
"Tell no one about me," said Lunarstar.
"Please," Lunarstar left and disappeared in the mist of the rain.

Starlight sat and gasped at the thought of the Ghost talking to her.
"Starlight!" called Lunarstar in her earth pony form.
Starlight turned around and saw Lunarstar standing next to a pile of boards.
"Lunarstar!" Starlight yelled.
Starlight stood up and fell. Lunarstar walked up to her, "Are you ok?"
"I think I hurt my legs."
Just then they saw a light from a flashlight, heading there way. They couldn't tell who it was till the pony was close to them.
"Charades!" yelled Lunarstar.
Charades walked up to Lunarstar, "I'm so glad I found you," Charades noticed the wreaked Clubhouse, "Are you girls alright?"
"I hurt my legs. I don't know if I broke them or bruised them or sprained them," Starlight answered.
"Try to stand," Charades proposed.
Starlight stood but her back legs gave out and she fell.
"I don't think they're broken," Charades bent down on the grass next to Starlight, "Climb on my back and I'll get you home."
Starlight climbed on his back and held on tight.
"Lunarstar stay close to me," Charades ordered.
"What about the others?" Starlight asked.
"They're alright and are being taken to their homes. I was sent to find you girls," Charades answered.
Lunarstar walked closely next to Charades as they left the yard.

The next day, the wind had died down and the rain stopped. The clouds turned fluffy white and the sun was shining.
Lunarstar in her earth pony form was looking out the window towards the shed which had lost a few boards.
"You said yesterday it might rain," Lunarstar remarked.
"The storm came suddenly, no one expected it," replied Rosebud.
Buster and Charades walked in the kitchen, wearing belts with tools attached to it.
"I noticed your Clubhouse was badly damaged last night. Your father is letting us go for a few days to fix your Clubhouse," Charades commented.
Lunarstar smiled, "Really!"
"Sure," Buster replied.
"Well, lets go," Charades proposed.
Lunarstar left the house and walked to the Clubhouse. On her way there she noticed a lot of trees had fallen and branches were everywhere. She suddenly started to worry about the gate.
"Charades, do you think the Gate is alright?"
"I'm sure it is. Besides the Gate is made of more than just stone."
"It is?" Lunarstar asked.
"That's all I Really know about it. If you want to know more, you'll have to ask Banner," Charades answered.
Lunarstar walked them through the yard which was a mess. The girls had just showed up and were gasping at the mess of their Clubhouse.
"Lunarstar!" they exclaimed
"We were worried about you," Bon Bon commented.
"I'm ok," Lunarstar replied.
"Did you hear about Starlight?" Melody asked.
"Hear what?" Lunarstar asked.
"She sprained her ankles on her back legs and has bruises on her back," Patch replied.
"She won't be able to walk for a while," added Sweetheart
"She won't even tell us how she got out from under the tree," added Bon Bon.
Lunarstar just remembered she had Buster and Charades with her, "Oh, you remember, Buster and Charades. They're going to fix the Clubhouse for us."
"That's great!" replied Bright Eyes.
"Why don't you girls go and play or something while we've rebuilding your Clubhouse," Charades suggested.
The girls thanked them and left with Lunarstar right behind them.
"Now, lets get started," said Buster.