Chapter 30:Searching the forest.

Early in the afternoon Lunarstar was home in the Kitchen helping her mom with the drink trays when the doorbell rang.
Lunarstar in her earth form, rushed over to the door and opened it. Patch and Melody stood at the door.
"Want to play?" Melody asked.
"Sure," Lunarstar turned towards the kitchen, "Mom, would it be ok if I went out to play with me friends?"
"Sure, just be back before it gets dark!"
Lunarstar shut the door behind her and walked towards town with Patch and Melody.

Ace and Teddy took the Coach to Blueberry's house.
The coach stood on the porch and knocked on the door. Blueberry's father answered the door.
"I'm the Coach for the soccer team and I was hoping you would let Blueberry play the game tomorrow night.
"No, he won't be playing in the game."
"He's one of the best on the team."
"Can we talk about this later? Blueberry ran away this morning and Raspberry is out searching for him."
"Ran away?" Ace and Teddy asked.
"He didn’t leave a note, he just left."
"We'll help look for him," Ace proposed.
"I'll help as well," added the coach.

Lunarstar and her friends were a few feet away from the Ice cream shop when Raspberry ran up to them.
"Have you seen Blueberry?"
"No." they answered.
"Why are you asking?" Lunarstar asked.
"He ran away this morning."
"Excuse me," Raspberry left the girls and ran into the park.
Lunarstar, Patch and melody rushed into the Ice cream shop to tell the others what had happened.
"Ran away?" they asked.
"Why would he run away?" Bon Bon asked.
"Lets help look for him," Starlight suggested.
The girls agreed and went their separate ways.
They searched all over town, the fields, parks, playgrounds, school, Track N Fields but they couldn't find him.

Raspberry went home after her long searching, she paused for a minute when she saw the Soccer Coach at her house.
Raspberry took a deep breath and began walking to her house.
Her parents were outside talking to the coach, the Police were just leaving the house when Raspberry showed up.
"Did you find him?" the mother asked.
"No, I didn't."
"I'm sorry to heard about your Brother, Raspberry. Me and the boys are out looking for him," the Coach paused, "I guess I won't be seeing you at the game or practice anymore."
"Practice?" the mother asked.
"Sometimes when her coach lets the ponies go early, Raspberry would be waiting for Blueberry," the Coach explained.
Raspberry's Parents looked at her sternly, Raspberry knew she saw in trouble.
"Go to your room," ordered the father.
"No buts...just go to your room!" the father ordered.
Raspberry sigh and went into the house.
Suddenly it dawns on the mother why Blueberry left, "I think I know why he ran away."
Everyone looked at her waiting for an answer.
"When is the last time we believed Blueberry or even bothered to listen to him?" the mother asked.
The father stood quietly, thinking, "I see now," the father sigh, he now realized what he had done.
Suddenly Ace, Teddy and Lancer ran up to the Coach.
"We couldn't find him." announced Ace while trying to catch his breath.
"Thanks for helping, boys," replied the coach.
Suddenly the girls ran up to Blueberry's parents.
"We looked for Blueberry but couldn't find him," said Starlight.
"Thank you all but I guess we'll have to hope the police finds him," remarked the father.
Lunarstar looked at the sunset and the moon in the sky, she suddenly realized there would be a full moon and she had to get home as quickly as possible.
"I have to go home."
"We should all go home," suggested Bright Eyes.
The girls said their good byes and walked home. Lunarstar ran, hoping she would get home before it got too dark.

Lunarstar had just gotten home when the sun had disappeared over the hills in the distance. She quickly went in the house, startling Buster and Charades who was on their way out.
"Lunarstar, your cutting it kind of close, aren't you?" Rosebud asked.
"Sorry mom, me and my friends were looking for Blueberry."
"Who?" Booster asked.
"Blueberry is a friends of mine, He's Raspberry's brother."
"Is that what you've been doing all day?" Charades asked.
"He ran away last night..." Lunarstar walked up to her parents, "Mom, Dad. Can I go out?"
"By yourself?" Rosebud asked.
Lunarstar, Buster and Charades were glowing brighter.
"Please? I just want to search the forest for Blueberry."
"No, not by yourself," the Father answered.
"Buster, Charades..." Lunarstar began.
"Buster can go with you, I've got to go to Mooney Mountain and give Banner an update on you," Charades replied.
"Buster, you'll go with me?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, just as long as your friend doesn't see me."

Later that night when the sky was dark, Lunarstar and Buster walked through the forest. They had no need for a flash light, the light from their coats glowed bright enough for them to see.
They wondered through the forest quietly hoping to find Blueberry and not Skyview.
"Where could he be?" Lunarstar asked, in frustration.
"Probably far from town would be my guess."
They walked through the meadows, across streams and hills but there was no sign of Blueberry. Lunarstar sat and rested while Buster stood and looked around for Blueberry. Suddenly he saw Skyview walking through the forest, from on a hill nearby.
"Lets go," whispered Buster.
"Shhhhh," but it was too late, Skyview turned and saw them.
"run!" yelled Buster.
Skyview ran down the hill after Buster and Lunarstar. They ran as fast as they could while avoiding the meadows. Trees, rock and bushes quicky flew past them as they ran.
"We need to loose him," said Buster.
"Um...," Buster looked around and noticed how low some of the branches on the trees were, "bend one of the branches back and as soon as she gets close to it, let the branch go."
Lunarstar saw a low branch ahead and with her horn glowing, she bent the branch back. They ran past the branch and slowed down. Lunarstar looked back and let the branch go. The branch hit Skyview in the face, sending him to the ground.
Lunarstar and Buster ran as fast as they could until they were sure, Skyview couldn't find them.
"I think we lost him," Buster observed.
"I sure hope so," Lunarstar stopped and looked around making sure they lost him.
They relaxed and continued walking through the thick forest looking for Blueberry.

Skyview walked through the forest looking for Lunarstar and Buster, "That's the second time I got hit in the face." Skyview could still feel the branch hit his face. He wondered endlessly through the forest but had completely lost them.
It wasn't long till he spotted a small lake at the edge of the forest in a large meadow. He was about to head towards it when he noticed another pony sitting by the lake. The pony was smaller than him and was Blue with light blue hair, carrying a bag.
"He looks familiar, some how," Skyview thought. The longer he watched the Pony, he felt certain he knew the pony.
Skyview walked out of the forest. The pony turned around suddenly when he heard the rustling of the grass. Skyview recognized the pony.
"I remember you," said Skyview.
"You!" exclaimed Blueberry, "What do you want?"
"Only the water for my face."
"What happened?"
"That's non of your business," Skyview exclaimed.
Skyview lowered his head in the water and began feeling better. He raised his head and looked at Blueberry, "What are you doing this far from Town?"
"Are you running away?" Skyview waited for an answer but Blueberry wasn't going to replied, "Well, I paticurly don't care." Skyview turned and was about to leave when Blueberry stopped him, "How did you know I ran away?"
"I was up all day and heard several ponies calling for you," Skyview left and walked back into the forest.
"They're looking for me?" Blueberry asked himself.

Lunarstar and Buster spent all night looking for Blueberry and then they found him near the lake, sleeping.
"Finally but now what do we get him home?" Lunarstar asked.
Buster kept quiet for a few minutes, he thought he heard voices.
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm not sure," Buster left the lake and walked deep into the forest till he was certain he heard voices, "Do you hear that?"
"I certainly do. They're looking for Blueberry."
She heard a few other voices sounding a lot like her friends.
"Wait here," Lunarstar left Buster and ran towards the voices.

Clover, Starlight, Patch and Ace were out walking through the forest with Clover's father and the Coach. They all carried Flashlights and pointed them to various parts of the forest.
"I don't see him," Clover Complained.
"Blueberry!" yelled Starlight.
"I don't think he could have gone this far from town," Ace had his doubts but he hoped they'd would find him.
"You never know," replied Clover's father.
"Lets hope the others have better luck than us," the Coach remarked.
They began to head back towards town when Clover stopped, she thought she saw the ghost out the corner of her eye.
"What?" Clover's father asked.
"I thought I saw the ghost."
"There's no such thing as the ghost, you know that, Clover," replied the Father.
"It's true, there really is a ghost," exclaimed Ace.
"I seriously doubt it," replied the Coach.
As they left the forest and walked into a small meadow, Clover suddenly stopped, she was sure she saw the ghost.
"What is it?" Ace asked.
'I know I saw her this time," Clover ran to the hill where the ghost was standing. She looked around and saw the ghost standing ahead of her and then ran away, "Dad! I think she wasn’t use to follow her."
"She doesn't exist," yelled the father but it was too late, Clover ran after her. Starlight and Ace were right behind her with Clover's Father and the coach behind them. Clover was the only one who saw the ghost the rest were to far to see her except for the glow.
"I think that's her," Starlight observed.
"It must be," Ace replied.
Lunarstar ran as fast as her legs could go through the forest, she didn't want them getting to close to her but she didn't want to loose them either. She could almost smell the lake and knew she saw getting close to Blueberry.
She hurried through the trees and rushed through the bushes.
Blueberry woke up and head a noise, suddenly the Glowing ghost ran past him and disappeared in a trail of sparking stars.
Just then Clover and the rest showed up.
"Blueberry!" exclaimed Ace.
"I'm so glade we found you," said Clover's father.
"Come on, lets take you home," The Coach proposes.

The next night at the Soccer field, Lunarstar and her Parents walked to the game with many other ponies behind them. Lunarstar was about to climb the bleachers when she saw Blueberry waving at her from the other side.
'I'll be back," Lunarstar left her parents and walked over to Blueberry, "You here but you said you wouldn't be."
Blueberry smiled, "My parents had thought about the Soccer Game and decided it was stupid to keep me from getting hurt."
"So your not grounded?"
"I'm still ground, only because I ran away. Raspberry isn't here, she's grounded and a lot longer than me."
"She's grounded?"
"She lied to Mom and Dad. They also promised me, they'd listen to me more often too."
"Blueberry!" yelled the Coach from the side benches.
"I have to go." Blueberry left to join his team.
Lunarstar walked up to the bleachers and sat down with her parents. Buster and Charades sat behind them.