Chapter 29: Raspberry makes trouble for Blueberry.

Blueberry walked in the livingroom, only to find his parents were waiting for him.
"There you are," The father exclaimed, "Where did you go?"
"For a walk."
"You are grounded for two weeks," the father remarked.
"But the Soccer game...!" Blueberry cried
"We already told you. Your not going to play that game anymore," The mother answered.
"You never asked us for our permission," The Father added.
"You wouldn't let me if I did ask," Blueberry replied.
"Go to your room," the Father ordered.
Blueberry was mad, her turned and went upstairs to his room.
Raspberry smiled, "Blueberry got in trouble. What a shame."
"Shut-up!" Blueberry exclaimed.
Raspberry just laughed.
"Just you wait..."
"Blueberry!" The father yelled.
"Ok!" Blueberry yelled back and then he walked into his room slamming the door behind him.

Lunarstar in her earth pony form, left her house and was walking through the park when Ace and Teddy ran up to her.
"Have you seen Blueberry?" Ace asked.
"He's suppose to meet us in the park," added Teddy.
"He's grounded."
"Grounded?" Ace asked.
"What did he do?" Teddy asked.
"He joined the soccer team."
"What?" they asked surprisingly.
"Is that all?" Teddy asked.
"Yes and he won't be allowed to play soccer again."
The boys looked at each other.
"That's stupid," remarked Teddy.
"Lets go and see if we his parents will let us talk to him," Ace suggested.
Ace and Teddy left Lunarstar and ran out of the park.

Lunarstar continued walking to the Ice cream shop. When she walked in, she saw her friends sitting at a booth.
She walked up to them, "Hi."
"Hi, Lunarstar," replied Bright Eyes.
"The game is only a day away. I wonder who's going to win?" Sweetheart asked.
"Ours, I hope," Patch answered.
"Blueberry won't be there," Lunarstar said suddenly.
The girls looked at Lunarstar.
"Why?" Starlight asked.
"He's grounded because of playing Soccer."
"Are you serious?" Patch asked.
"Raspberry is problem teasing him about it," Melody guessed.
"What's wrong with playing soccer?" Clover asked.
"His parents thinks he'll get hurt and so, they forbid him from playing the game," Lunarstar answered.

Blueberry was on his bed thinking about the game when he heard the doorbell ring. a few minutes later Raspberry entered his room, "Your friends are here."
"They are?" Blueberry asked, sitting up on the bed.
"Yes but your not allowed to see them. Your grounded, remember?"
"Don't remind me."
Raspberry smiled, "You wouldn't be in trouble if you listened to me in the first place."
"Shut-up!" exclaimed Blueberry.
"I told you it was a bad idea, joining the soccer team..."
Blueberry threw his pillow at her. The pillow hit her in the face which made Raspberry was mad and threw the pillow back at him.
Blueberry held the pillow tightly, "This is your fault!"
"It is not!"
"It is too. I wouldn't have joined the team if you hadn't talked me into it!"
"I did no such thing!"
"Yes you did. Just wait til mom and dad finds out you knew I had joined the Soccer team!"
"They won't believe you."
"Sure they would!"
"No they won't!"
The two were yelling so loud that their parents went to Blueberry's room to find out what going on.
"Stop it, right now!" the Mother yelled.
"What's going on?" the father asked.
"Raspberry knew from the beginning I had joined the Soccer Team."
"How could I have known? I was at Practice the whole time, our coach doesn't let us out till way after the Soccer team has left."
"That's a lie. She always knew!"
"No I haven't!"
"Stop it your two!" the father exclaimed, "Blueberry stop blaming Raspberry."
"Not another word!"
Blueberry glanced at Raspberry and saw a smirk on her face, "You always take her side. You never believed me!"
Blueberry ran out of his room and into the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

It was late in the evening and the girls were walking in the park when Ace and Teddy showed up.
"We went to Blueberry's house," said Ace.
"But his parents wouldn't let us talk to him," added Teddy.
"Of course not, he is grounded," remarked Bright Eyes.
"Maybe we can get the coach to talk to his parents," Lunarstar suggested.
"That's a great idea!" exclaimed Ace.
"Where would the coach be?" Starlight asked.
"Home I guess," answered Patch.
"Lets go then," proposed Melody.
"Before it gets dark," added Lunarstar.
They ran out of the park, through a community of houses til they came to a yellow house. Ace knocked on the door.
The coach answered the door and was surprised to see 10 ponies at his door.
"Ace, What are you and your friends doing here?"
"We wanted to talk to you about Blueberry."
"What about him?" the coach asked.
"His parents made him quit the team," answered Teddy.
"Quite?" the coach asked, surprisingly.
"You didn't know?" Starlight asked.
"Can you talk to his parents?" Ace asked.
"We need him for the game," Patch added.
"Your right. I'll go first thing tomorrow. do you know where he lives?"
"I do," answered Ace.
"Come and see me tomorrow"
"Ok," Ace replied.
The coach thanked them for telling him about Blueberry before shutting the door.
"I had better go home," said Lunarstar.
"Me too," added Melody.
The girls decided it was getting late and time to head home.
Late that night when everyone was asleep, Blueberry woke up. He grabbed his school bag and stuffed it with a blanket then he left his room. He tip toed downstairs to the kitchen and stuffed food in his bag.
"They never listened to me. Not even once." he mumbled.
Blueberry left the kitchen and quietly sneaked out of the house. He took one last look at the house and ran for the forest.