Chapter 27: Loosing the new ball

Ace, Teddy, Blueberry and Lancer were playing ball on a hill when the Ace kicked the ball pass his friends and down the hill. The ball bounced many times on the hill and hit a yellow pony on the leg.
Ace and his friend ran down the hill.
"You should play somewhere else," the yellow pony suggested.
"Sorry," Ace apologized.
The yellow pony smiled and continued walking through the park.
"Now what?" Lancer asked.
"We find another place to play," Ace answered.
"We wouldn't have this problem if those other ponies hadn't taken our field," Teddy remarked.
"They were there first," Blueberry pointed out.
"I don't care. That's our field!" Teddy exclaimed.
"Wait a minute...Isn't there a large field next to the old Track N Field?" Ace asked.
"We can't go there," Lancer replied.
"I don't see why not," Ace commented.
"That's sounds like a perfect place to practice," Blueberry agreed.
"Lancer, we're only going to play in the field next to the Track N Field," said Teddy.
"Well..." Lancer began to say.
"Don't be such a chicken, Lancer. Lets go before it gets to dark," Ace pronounced.
The boys ran out of the park and down the sidewalk with Ace carrying the ball in his School bag.

Lunarstar sat and watched the workers, wondering what the new Track N Field was going to look like. As she watched, she heard voices from behind. She turned around and saw Ace, Teddy, Lancer and Blueberry walking pass the Track N Field to the large field next-door.
As soon as they were in the field, Ace took his ball out of the bag and they all began playing. Lunarstar sat under a tree and watched.
The boys kicked the ball back and forth trying to make a goal between rocks and trees. Ace took the ball and ran towards Lancer the Goaly then Teddy took the ball from Ace and ran the other direction but Ace got in front accidently tripped Teddy, falling on top of each other.
"Blueberry, get the ball!" yelled Teddy trying to get up before Ace did.
Blueberry ran for the ball and kicked it toward Lancer with Ace right behind him. Blueberry was about to kick the ball again when he tripped and fell, with Ace and Teddy falling on top of him.
Suddenly the ball flew out from under the boys and landed on the other side of the fence. The ball continued to bounce until it had gone behind some rocks and piles of torn down buildings.
The Boys quickly got up and ran to the fence but they couldn't find the ball.
Blueberry suddenly noticed Lunarstar under a tree, "Did you see where the ball went?"
"It went in the piles of stone."
The boys ran to the gate and asked the workers if they could get their ball.
"Sorry boys but it's to dangerous to let you in at the moment," replied the green pony.
"Could you get it for us?" Blueberry asked.
The green pony agreed and left the boys at the gate. He looked for the ball in the piles of stone but couldn't find the ball. He walked back to the gate, "Sorry boys but I don't see your ball."
"But it has to be there," Ace remarked.
"If we find your ball, we'll throw it in the field. Now, if you excuse me, I have work to do," the green pony closed the gate and walked away.
"This is your fault," Ace pointed at Blueberry, "If you hadn't fell we would still have a ball."
"We were playing in a field, your bound to fall over something. That field isn't a great place to play anyway!" Blueberry exclaimed.
"Ace, Maybe your mom can get you another ball," Lancer suggested.
"I can't tell her, I got the ball and lost it in one day," Ace left with his head lowered, he was sad and knew it'll be a long time till he got another ball.
Lancer and Teddy ran after him.
"Lunarstar, we saw your friends earlier in the park," Blueberry continued, "They were looking for you."
"They were?"
"I thought you would want to know," Blueberry looked back at Ace, "I got to go. see you later!" Blueberry ran after Ace and quickly caught up to them.
"I guess I was harsh on my friends," Lunarstar felt bad for what she said and wished she hadn't said anything.

Later that night, Lunarstar was in the dinning room finishing her dinner, "Can I go out tonight?"
"You know the answer to that," Rosebud replied.
"Lunarstar, we can't let you out at night anymore," Booster answered.
"We could go with her," Charades proposed.
Lunarstar's Parents thought about it, they knew it would be hard to keep Lunarstar in the house and sooner or later she's going to sneak out.
"You two wouldn't mind going with her?" Booster asked.
"We don't mind," Buster answered.
"Well Lunarstar," Rosebud continued, "it looks like you can go out tonight."
Lunarstar smiled, "Really?"
"Yes," Rosebud answered.
"Don't go into the forest and don't let anyone see you," Booster ordered.
"Don't leave Buster and Charades sight," added Rosebud.
Lunarstar sigh, "At lest I get to go out at night."
"It won't be that bad," Charades remarked.
Lunarstar hurried and finished her dinner, by the time she was done, it had gotten dark outside.
"I'm ready to go!" Lunarstar announced.
Buster and Charades finished their dinner and left the house with Lunarstar beside them.

The sky was pitch black with stars twinkling. A few of the houses had their lights on and some didn't. The street was clear of ponies except of a few cats.
Lunarstar led the way down the street.
"Where are we going?" Buster asked.
"To the old Track n Field."
"Isn't it under construction?" Charades asked.
"Yes, the workers just started today."
"Why would you want to go there?" Buster asked.
"A boy I know at school lost his ball there and I thought I could find it for him."
"Oh," Charades replied.

Once they had pass the houses and was near the old track n field, Lunarstar changed from an Earth pony to a Winged Unicorn. She ran along the cobbled road to the gate, Buster and Charades wasn't to far behind her.
"What is it?" Charades asked.
"The gate is locked," Lunarstar replied.
"We'll have to find another way in," Buster remarked.
"Lunarstar, could you pick the lock?" Charades asked.
"I doubt it."
"We could try squeezing through the gate," Buster suggested.
"Ok, then you try it," Charades Proposed.
Buster opened the gate as far as it could go and poked his head in, then his front legs. Lunarstar couldn't help but laugh as she watched him.
Buster tried to pull himself through the gate and was almost through, Charades gave him a little push, Buster was finally on the other side of the gate. Charades poked his head in the gate, then his front legs and began to pull himself through the gate.
"That ball had better be here," Charades groaned.
Lunarstar winked to the other side of the gate and waited till Charades had pulled himself through. Charades took a deep breath and shook his coat.
Lunarstar left and began searching, she looked all over the bleachers with Buster and Charades help. Then she looked under the Machinery, behind rocks and buildings. The last place she looked was the pile of stones and she still couldn't find the ball. She lowered her head looking under the stone when she suddenly noticed something Black and white hidden in the bushes. She parted the bushed and took out the ball.
"Found it!" yelled Lunarstar.
She kicked the ball towards Buster and Charades. She chased after the ball till it stopped, "Do you mind if I stay for a while? We have plenty of time."
"Sure," Charades replied.
"Do you want to play ball?"
"I'm to full to play," Charades replied.
"I'm still hurting from the gate and I just don't feel like playing," Buster replied.
"Why don't you go play, we'll sit here and watch you," Charades suggested.
"Ok," Lunarstar left and kicked the ball, she winked out and back in to catch the ball. Then she ran kicking the ball and winking out to catch the ball.
Buster and Charades sat on the ground and watched, they found it amusing watching Lunarstar playing by herself.
Lunarstar gave the ball a big kick and ran after it. Suddenly a gray cloud appeared and standing in the mist of it was Skyview.
The ball landed at Skyview's feet.
Buster and Charades stood up when the Cloud disappeared revealing a familiar black Unicorn.
"You must be the Princess that Starfire was telling me about...or should I call you Lunarstar instead?" Skyview asked.
Lunarstar was scared but she couldn't leave without the ball. Skyview wasn't sure what to expect when he saw her horn glowing.
Suddenly the ball at his feet shot straight up, hitting him under the chin and knocking him backwards onto the ground. Lunarstar grabbed the ball and winked out, winking in behind Buster and Charades, "I'll meet you in the park," then she winked out.
Buster and Charades hurried out of sight before Skyview could get to his feet.

Lunarstar had waited for quite a while for Buster and Charades. She laid low on the grass among the bushes when she saw two figures walking. It was to dark to see who they were.
"Lunarstar?" One of them called in a whispering voice.
As soon as they walked under the light post, Lunarstar stood and walked over to them with the ball.
"That was close," Buster commented.
"Lets hope we don't see him again," Charades remarked.
"But it sure was funny when the ball hit him, " Lunarstar giggled.
Buster and Charades smiled.
"I guess now that I'm here I should return the ball," Lunarstar commented.
"Do you know where he lives?" Buster asked.
"I think I do. I heard his friends talking about his home the other day at school," Lunarstar led the way to a community of houses. Down the street was a light green house, "I think he lives there."
They walked to the house, while Buster and Charades waited at the white fence, Lunarstar took the ball and flew to each window. She had looked in all the windows but didn't see Ace.
"Have you tried that one?" Buster whispered as he pointed up.
Lunarstar looked up and realized she had missed the last window to the attic. She flew up to the window and peaked inside. The room was light blue with trophies on the dresser and a dirty old soccer ball on the floor. Ace was sound asleep in bed under his light brown blankets.
Lunarstar winked out and appeared in his room. She had just set his ball next to his old ball when she heard Ace moving.
Lunarstar turned around and froze, for a minute she thought he was going to wake up but he only turned over in bed.
Lunarstar winked out and appeared next to Charades, "I'm ready to go home."

The next day Lunarstar went to the ice cream shop and to find her friends.
"Lunarstar!" Patch exclaimed.
"Hi, everyone."
Lunarstar's friend were siting at the counter talking.
"Lunarstar, we wanted to apologize for yesterday," Patch replied.
"No, I was..." Lunarstar began to say.
"No, you were right," Bright Eyes continued, "we do talk a lot about the Ghost."
"And it does get tiresome to hear about it," Bon Bon added as she eat her Sunday.
Lunarstar smiled.
Just then Ace and Blueberry walked in.
"Hi girls!" Ace exclaimed.
Lunarstar noticed he was holding his new ball.
"Ace," Teddy called as he walked in the shop with Lancer behind him.
Lancer noticed Ace had his new ball, "How did you get the ball?"
"You got the ball?" Teddy asked, staring at the ball.
"I found it in my room this morning."
"Your parents went and got it?" Teddy asked.
"No, That don't know anything about it."
"So who put it there?" Lancer asked.
"I don't know."
"Who cares. we have the ball and the field to play in, so lets go," Teddy remarked.
The boys agreed and ran out of the shop.
"I wonder how Ace got the ball?" Clover asked.
"It doesn't matter," Patch replied.
"We have the whole day to play, so lets go and play," Starlight suggested.
Bon Bon finished her Sunday and left the shop with the girls.