Chapter 26: Ace's new ball

Lunarstar had just gotten home from school when her mother came out of the kitchen.
"How’s school?" Rosebud asked, noticing Lunarstar at the door.
"Did you go to the track meet?"
"Yes. The Coach said we're having our first race when the Track N Field is finish being rebuild."
"Rebuild? What's wrong with it now?"
"I mean the old Track n Field."
Lunarstar raced upstairs dropped off her school bag on her bed and hurried downstairs, "I'm leaving. See you later!"

Lunarstar raced to the Ice Cream shop and saw her friends sitting at the counter. Lunarstar sat down next to Clover.
"Raspberry is still convinced the Ghost lives at the old Track N Field," Melody commented.
The girls all laughed.
"I don't find it funny," A voice exclaimed.
Everyone looked behind them, still giggling. Raspberry stood with her 2 friends neck to her.
"I don't think they should tear the old Track N Field down," said Raspberry.
"Come on, the Ghost maybe real but I seriously doubt she lives there," Patch replied.
"Besides, there's no such thing as a Ghost," added Bright Eyes.
"How can you say that? You saw her for yourself," Raspberry exclaimed.
"Yes I did and she didn't look like a ghost to me."
"Does everyone have to talk about the Ghost?" Lunarstar complained. The girls looked at her surprisingly.
"I'm tired of hearing about the Ghost. A day doesn't go by where we don't talk about her," Lunarstar got off the stool, standing on her four feet, "The old Track N field is going to be torn down and rebuilt. I don't think the Ghost even cares about the old track N Field," Lunarstar left the Shop in silence. She was mad and felt she'd better leave before she said something she would regret.
The girls were still surprised, it wasn't very often that they see Lunarstar get mad.
"She's right," Starlight continued, "We do talk about the ghost a lot."
"I guess we do," Patch agreed.
"Why would it bother her so much? She never even saw the Ghost," Raspberry pointed out.
"Raspberry, why don't you just go away," Melody suggested.
"We came here for Ice cream," Raspberry exclaimed, "Come on girls."
Her two friends followed Raspberry to a booth at the other end of the room.
"Lunarstar is our friend and all we can talk about is the ghost," Bright Eyes observe.
"Lets go find her," Sweetheart suggested.
"And lets not talk about the Ghost anymore," added Starlight.

Lunarstar was walking through the Park with her head hanging low. She felt bad about get mad at her friends but she was so tired of everyone talking about her. She was received the Pearl hadn't said anything about the two days that she was gone.
just then a ball flew over a hill and landed at Lunarstar's feet. It was a black and white checkered ball, there was barley a scratch on it.
"Looks like a new ball," She thought.
Ace, Blueberry and Teddy raced over the hill and saw Lunarstar standing next to their ball.
"That's our ball!" Teddy yelled from on top of the hill.
As soon as they reached Lunarstar, she handed them the ball back.
"Sorry, Lunarstar," Blueberry apologized, "one of us kicked the ball too hard."
"Is that a new ball?" Lunarstar asked.
"Sure is. My mom gave it to me this morning," said Ace.
"Hay!...What's taken you guys so long?" Lancer yelled from on top of the hill.
"We got to go," said Ace.
The boys ran over the hill and began playing with their new ball.
Lunarstar continued walking through the park, she had decided to head home since she couldn't think of anything else to do. She walked out of the park and stopped, "I could take a quick peak at the Old Track n Field."
Lunarstar decided to go to the Old Track n field instead of home. She walked pass the park to the community of houses. The forest sat at the edge of town, The old Track N Field was just on the other side. As she got closer, she could hear the workers working.
She left the sidewalk and followed the cobbled road. In the distance was a couple of building hiding behind large trees. A few trucks and workers stood just outside the gate.

The girls looked up and down the street but no sign of Lunarstar.
"Lets try the park," Bon Bon suggested.
"Or maybe she went home," Clover suggested.
"lets try the park first," Starlight Proposed.
The girls ran to the park and decided to split up into groups. Bon Bon and Melody checked the Lake. Starlight and Clover checked the play grounds. The rest walked around the park.
After the girls had looked everywhere they meet at a tree in the park and wondered where she could have went. The boys weren't too far and saw the girls huddled in a group.
"What's up?" Ace asked.
"We're looking for Lunarstar," Melody replied.
"We just saw her a while ago," Blueberry remarked.
"Where did she go?" Patch asked.
"I think she was heading to the Park exit," Blueberry replied.
The girls left and ran for the exit but when they got there she wasn't anywhere insight.
"She's not here" Sweetheart observed.
"Maybe we should leave her alone for now," Bright Eyes suggested.
"Lets talk to her tomorrow," Starlight suggested.
The girls agreed and left heading back to the shop.

Lunarstar stood at the gate far from the road and watched the workers. She remembered chasing Raspberry and Blueberry out the gate. Lunarstar laughed to herself at the thought of Raspberry and Blueberry falling over each other as they left the gate.