Chapter 25: Rescue Pearl

After school Lunarstar ran straight home. She was eager to find out about Pearl.
Lunarstar walked in the house and heard her parents talking to Buster and Charades in the Kitchen.
"Poor Pearl. She must be scared," Rosebud commented.
"She's ok. Skyview came to us last night wanting to exchange her for Lunarstar," said Charades.
"When are you guys going?" Booster asked.
"Tonight," Buster replied.
"There's too many Ponies on the beach during the day. Besides it's a perfect time to rescue Pearl, Skyview is suppose to meet with us tonight," Charades added.
Rosebud suddenly noticed Lunarstar standing in the Kitchen entrance with her school bag around her neck, "Lunarstar, did you just get home?"
Lunarstar entered the Kitchen, "Yes. Miss Hakney gave us homework," Lunarstar looked at Charades, "Are you going to rescue Pearl?"
"Yes, we are."
"I want to help."
"No, Lunarstar," Booster ordered, "It's to risky, what if Skyview caught you?"
"Besides, you have homework to do," Rosebud added.
"But I can help," Lunarstar begged.
"Forget it, Lunarstar," Booster replied.
"But . . . "
"Lunarstar," Charades began to say, "Don't forget you are the Princess and the only member of the Royal family who hasn't been caught. It's important that Skyview doesn't catch you."
"Why don't you go and do your homework," Rosebud suggested.
Lunarstar sigh lowering her head, "Ok," then she disappeared.
Buster and Charades were caught of guard when Lunarstar disappeared, they thought she would walk to her room instead of winking there.

The Sun was setting, turning the sky orange, pink and purple. Lunarstar had finished her homework and started reading her book, when she heard the front door shut. Lunarstar in her winged Unicorn form, went to the window and noticed Buster and Charades leaving.
"I wish I was going," Lunarstar whispered.
As she watched them leave, she remembered when they were talking in the kitchen, "The beach?"
She thought about what Charades said 'There's too many Ponies on the beach during the day, I don't want to be seen trying to rescue Pearl'.
"Is that where they're going?" She thought, "The cave is at the beach . . . I wonder . . . if that's where they're going? It makes sense and I bet the mystery pony that saved Bon Bon was Skyview."
The more Lunarstar thought about the cave the more she was certain that's where Skyview was hiding.
Rosebud opened the door and was relieved to see Lunarstar, "Your still here."
Lunarstar turned around, "Of course I'm still here."
Rosebud smiled, "I know you. You’re plan on following them."
Just then Booster entered the room, "I'm glad to see you’re still here."
"She's still thinking about rescuing Pearl," Rosebud remarked.
"I just want to help," Lunarstar begged again.
"No," Booster answered.
"But . . . ," Lunarstar paused she suddenly had an idea, "What if, I just watch them, in case they get into trouble I'll be there the help."
"No, Lunarstar and besides, Skyview will see you," Rosebud replied.
"No one will know I'm there. I'll disguise myself as something."
"As what?" Booster asked.
"Um . . . " Lunarstar needed a tall animal that is able to sneak through the forest, "I'll go as one of the forest animals."
Her parents stood quietly and thought about it

Meanwhile Buster and Charades walked through the forest quietly. Buster was carrying a rope around his neck, "Do you think we'll need a rope?"
"I don't know but Booster thinks we should take it anyway. Now, don't forget the plan."
"I know. We wait till he leaves, you keep watch at the cave entrance while I find Pearl.
"Hopefully we can get it all done before Skyview comes back."
Buster and Charades became silent since they were getting close to the cave. Once they came to the cliff near the cave, they hid behind the trees and waited.
The sky had turned black, the stars twinkled brightly with a few clouds drifting by. The ocean was calm and sparkled like the stars. Buster and Charades were getting tired of waiting and were starting to wonder if Skyview was ever going to leave the cave. Suddenly they heard hoof sounds in the cave and a few minutes later Skyview walked out and onto the sandy beach toward the forest.
Buster and Charades stood up and ran to the beach and along the ocean toward the cave. Charades stood at the entrance while Buster ventured into the dark cave.
It wasn't long til he noticed how warm it was getting and then he spotted lights coming down from the hole in the ceiling. Buster walked into the light and began searching for Pearl.
"Pearl?" Buster whispered.
"Who's in here?" Pearl's voice echoed.
Buster followed the voice to a pit, "Are you Pearl?"
Pearl was laying down in the moonlight, "Yes but who are you?"
"Someone who going to get you out," Buster threw her the other end of the rope, "Climb up and hurry."
Pearl put on her bag and quickly climbed the rope. Once Pearl was safely out of the pit, Buster wrapped the rope around his neck and hurried out the cave.
Charades heard hooves in the cave and turned around. Buster walked out of the dark cave with Pearl behind her.
"Lets hurry!" Charades whispered.
They left the cave and ran down the beach as fast as they could. Then suddenly Skyview appeared in a misty cloud in front of them, "Just where do you think your going?"
Pearl back away slowly, then she turned and ran but got caught by a cloud shaped like a net. Buster and Charades ran up to Skyview hoping to knock him down and loose his concentration on the cloud. Skyview disappeared, Buster and Charades stopped and turned around but didn't see Skyview.
Suddenly Skyview appeared on their side and ran into them, knocking them to the ground on top of each other.
"I'm tired of playing with you two," Skyview made a cloud and shaped it into a net, covering Buster and Charades, "It's a good thing I decided to comeback sooner."
Skyview walked a few feet away and turned around, "Star Cluster will be pleased to see you two, even though I didn't bring him the Princess but at least you'll be out of the way. It'll make it easier for me to catch the Princess."
Just then Skyview heard a strange rumbling sound, he quickly turned around. A sand shaped like a tidal wave crashed on top of Skyview, completely covering him with more sand piling on top. Buster and Charades looked around, there was only one pony that could have done that.
Charades saw a doe deer on the cliff behind some bushes with a glowing transparent horn, he could only guess that was Lunarstar. He was relieved that she was there to help them.
When the Cloud began to dissolve Buster and Charades stood up.
"Pearl, this way!" yelled Buster.
The three of them ran into the woods, getting far from the beach as possible.
Pearl stopped then Buster and Charades stopped.
"I can't run anymore, I'm tired," said Peal, trying to catch her breath.
"I think we'll be save here," Charades commented.
"What happened?" Pearl asked.
"I don't know," Charades lied.
Buster looked at Pearl, she seemed sad, "What's the matter?"
"I don't think I will write a lot of books on the series, maybe a few and I'll just end it."
Just then Buster and Charades spotted Lunarstar changing from a deer to a winged Unicorn. Pearl heard the grass rustling, she spun around, thinking it was Skyview but to her surprise it was the Ghost. The one her cousin was telling her about.
"I was hoping you'd write more books than just a few. I love reading your first book," said Lunarstar walking toward her.
"You like my book?" Pearl asked, "But you’re a Unicorn."
"Yes, I am and I'm looking forwards to reading your second book."
"Why have you decided not to write a lot of books?" Charades asked.
"The other Unicorn had read my book and had a lot of complaints about it, mostly about the Unicorn."
"He's the last pony you should be listening to," Charades remarked, "
"He takes a lot of things seriously," added Buster.
"For someone who had a lot of complaints about your book, he still managed to continue reading it," Lunarstar observed.
Pearl smiled, she knew the Ghost was right.
Lunarstar turned, facing the houses in the distance, "Pearl," Lunarstar looked at her seriously, "Would you do me a big favor?"
"Sure. What is it?"
"Tell no one about me."
"Or the other Unicorn and what had happened to you in these last few days," Charades added.
"Not even my little cousin?"
"No one," Lunarstar answered.
"I have my reasons, Pearl. It' very important that no one knows," Lunarstar answered.
"This isn't something other ponies should know," added Charades.
"I have to be going. It was great meeting you Pearl," Lunarstar's horn began to glow but before she got a chance to wink out Pearl stopped her, "Wait. Are you the Ghost everyone is talking about?"
"And were you the one that saved us...with the sand thing?"
"Yes, it was."
Pearl smiled, "Thank you."
Then Lunarstar smiled back, then she disappeared.
"We'll walk you home," Charades proposed.
"Thank you."

A week later, the girls were at the train station saying good-bye to Pearl.
"I wish you could stay a little longer," said Patch sadly.
"It was fun while it lasted but I have to go," said Pearl.
"I can't beleive Rapberry said you were kidnapped," said Patch.
"I wasn't. I only went in the forest for a few days to finish my book."
Pearl had her hair tied back and she wore a small bag around her neck.
"I hope you come and visit us again," Lunarstar commented.
"I will. Believe be I certainly will," Pearl looked up and saw Buster and Charades standing next to the ticket booth, a little ways behind the girls.
"Excuse me girls. I’ll be right back," Pearl walked pass the girls and through the crowd of ponies, to Charades, "I didn't think I would get to see you two again. I wanted to thank you for getting me out of the cave," Pearl reach in her bag and pulled out a yellow package with a bow on top, "Could you give this to the Princess?"
Buster and Charades were surprised, "Princess?"
"I've done a lot of thinking this week and it's so obvious that the ghost is the Princess, that the Unicorn was talking about. Don't worry I won't tell anyone."
Buster took the package, "What is it?"
"It's the second book that she's been waiting for," suddenly she heard the last warning bell, "I have to go."
Pearl hurried to the train, "Bye everyone!"
The girls waved to Pearl as the train slowly started to leave.
"I'm getting hungry. How about you guys?" Melody asked.
"Ice cream sounds so good," Bon Bon commented.
"I'm in," Clover exclaimed.
"Me too," Sweetheart added.
"Well, lets go and get some Ice Cream," Starlight Proposed.
As the girls left Lunarstar walked up to Buster and Charades, "What was it that she gave you?"
"A Package for you," Buster answered as he handed it to Lunarstar.
Lunarstar quickly unwrapped the package. She gasped when she saw what was in the package, "The second book?"
She opened the book and read the note on the inside cover, "It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for all your help. I'll never forget it."