Chapter 24: Pearl begans her 2 day Vacation

Early in the afternoon Lunarstar got out of bed after hearing the birds chirping just outside her window. Lunarstar brushed her hair and went downstairs. She had expected her Mother to call her to the dinning room but there was only silence. Lunarstar went to the kitchen to find Rosebud but she wasn't there. She then, changed to an earth pony and went outside. She walked around the yard and still no sign of Rosebud. She even looked on the sides of the house but Rosebud wasn't there.
Lunarstar saw Buster stacking wood outside the shed while Charades was working on expanding the shed.
Lunarstar peaking inside the shed. Her father noticed Lunarstar at the door and stopped what he was doing, "Lunarstar, is something wrong?"
"Where's mom?"
"I think she went to a flower shop. She said something about needing more pots. Why do you ask?"
"She was suppose to fix breakfast for me."
"You missed Breakfast this morning. Your mother tried to get you up."
"I was tired"
"That was obvious."
"I'm just going to get a bite to eat. I'll see you later."
"Going to see Pearl again?"
Lunarstar turned and left the shed while Booster went back to work. She was about to head back into the house when Buster called to her. Lunarstar walk up to Buster and Charades, wondering what they wanted.
"Yes?" Lunarstar asked.
"Be carful while your out," said Buster.
Charades stopped what he was doing and added, "We saw Skyview in the area a few nights ago."
"Who is Skyview?" Lunarstar asked.
"He's a black Unicorn," Buster explained.
Lunarstar remembered a Black Unicorn that looked just like Starfire, "The one that looks just like Starfire?"
"Yes and what ever you do don't let him see you," Charades answered.
"He's more dangerous than Starfire," Buster added.
"Dangerous?" Lunarstar asked.
"He has the ability to control clouds and he often uses the clouds to catch ponies especially Unicorns," Charades answered.
Lunarstar hoped she would never see Skyview. A pony like that could easily catch her.
"Well...Um...I'll be going," said Lunarstar nervously. She trotted into the house, still thinking about Skyview.
She made herself a peanut butter sandwich and ate it at the counter. Once she finished eating, she hurried out the front door.

She was walking through the Park when she saw Pearl carrying a big bag on her back. Lunarstar ran out of the Park to catch up with Pearl.
Pearl stopped and turned around, "Lunarstar."
"Hi, Pearl. Where are you going?"
"To the forest for a few days, so I can write my book in peace."
Just then Starlight and Clover showed up.
"What's the big bag for?" Clover asked.
"I pack food to last me a few days."
"A Few days?" Starlight asked.
"I'm going to spend a few days in the forest."
"Oh," Starlight and Clover replied.

Meanwhile Raspberry and Blueberry were walking along the sidewalk towards the Ice Cream Shop when they spotted Pearl.
"I wonder where she's going?" Raspberry wondered out loud.
"Who cares," Blueberry replied.
"Come one lets follow her," Raspberry suggested.
"You can if you want."
"Come on."
"Why? I don't even read her books."
"If you don't I'll tell mom about..."
"Ok,Ok! I'll go," Blueberry sighed as he followed her.

Pearl, Lunarstar, Starlight and Clover walked pass the park, through the community of houses to the edge of the forest.
"Well, this is it. I'll see you girls in a few days." As Pearl walked into the forest, she could hear the girls yelling, "Bye!"

Raspberry and Blueberry were hiding behind a bush that sat next to a white fence.
"There she goes," Raspberry whispered.
Just as soon as Lunarstar, Starlight and Clover walked pass her, Raspberry came out from her hiding spot, "Lets go!"
"You can't be serious?"
"Are you a chicken?"
"No, I'm just not as stupid as you are!"
"Shut-up," Raspberry looked towards the forest, she could barley see Pearl, "Hurry before we loose her!"
"This is stupid!" Blueberry grumbled as he followed Raspberry.
They quietly walked into the forest, following Pearl from a distance. Pearl walked through the thick forest, pass a small lake and walking over hills.
"We should be heading back," Blueberry whispered, fearing they may get lost.
"Just a little farther," Raspberry whispered back.
Pearl walked along the top of the hill and noticed the stream. She walked down the hill to the stream and started drinking the water.
Raspberry and Blueberry hid on top of the hill behind some bushes and trees, watching.
Blueberry noticed something a little farther ahead and pointed with his hoof. Raspberry looked and saw what looked like a cloud floating towards Pearl.
Raspberry and Blueberry gasped, they had never seen a cloud so low. It looked so strange to them. What happened next shocked them.
The Cloud started changing shape. Pearl turned around just when the Cloud surrounded her and completely covered her, forming into a ball.
Raspberry ran down the hill with Blueberry behind her.
"Pearl!" Raspberry yelled but there was no response.
Blueberry touch the ball like cloud, to his surprise it was solid and felt more like cotton.
"We have to get her out!" exclaimed Raspberry.
"Don't bother," said a voice from behind them.
Raspberry and Blueberry turned around and saw the Black unicorn that they had seen a few days ago. The first thing they noticed was his horn which was glowing.
"It's you again!" yelled Blueberry angrily.
"Your horn!...It's real?" Raspberry continued as she took a step back, "Then that mean you're a real Unicorn!"
"You lied to us!" yelled Blueberry.
"You two actually believe my stupid story," Skyview continued to walk towards them.
"Let Pearl go!" Raspberry ordered.
Skyview didn't answer, he just continued to walk towards them.
"What do you want her for?" Blueberry asked.
"Just a little trade," Skyview smirked.
"What kind of trade?" Raspberry asked.
"That is none of your business!"
Suddenly Raspberry and Blueberry fell into the stream which took them towards town.
Skyview turned around and walked back into the forest with the ball floating beside him.

Raspberry and Blueberry had managed to climb out of the water and head to town.
"We have to tell someone what we saw!" Raspberry remarked.
"No one is going to believe us!" Blueberry replied.
"I don't see why not? Everyone believe the Ghost."
"Not everyone believe the Ghost is real, they think you just made it up. Ane they're certainly not going to believe another Unicorn story," Blueberry stopped running once they were in town, "You can go tell someone about the Black unicorn if you want, I'm not going to look stupid like the last time. I'm going to play with my friends."
"Oh, on come!"
"No!" Blueberry ran into the park leaving Raspberry behind, yelling at him.
Raspberry decided to let Blueberry go and left to find Lunarstar's friends. She was certain they would believe her. Raspberry ran to the Ice Cream shop but she didn't see them. Then she noticed Lunarstar and Clover walking from the park carrying a bag.

Raspberry rushed up to them, Lunarstar!"
"Hi, Raspberry," Lunarstar replied.
"Me and Blueberry were just in the forest and we saw a Black Unicorn kidnap Pearl. He said her wanted to trade her."
Lunarstar instantly knew who the Black Unicorn was but what surprised her was he kidnaped Pearl.
"A Black Unicorn? You have to be kidding me," said Clover.
"First is was the Ghost and now a Black Unicorn," Lunarstar remarked.
"I believe the Ghost is real because my friends saw her but no one has ever seen a Black Unicorn," Clover replied.
Raspberry frowned, "Fine, I'll find someone else who will believe me."
Lunarstar and Clover stood and watched Raspberry walk away, "Lunarstar let hurry ad get the food to the tea club."
"Yeah, they'll love the tea my mom made." As they walked Lunarstar couldn't help think about what Raspberry had told them.
"What trade?" Lunarstar asked herself.

Skyview had walked back to the cave and set the ball down in a pit. Pearl was able to leave the ball once the cloud began to dissolve. Pearl looked around and realize she's in a pit. It wasn't dark, there were lights from the holes on the ceiling and the cave felt warm to her coat.
"Hello, anyone here?" Pearl called out but there was no answer.
Skyview was still reading Pearl's book and heard her call several times.
"Anyone here?" Pearl yelled.
"Would you shut up!" Skyview yelled back.
Pearl was relieved that she wasn't alone, "Let me out! What do you want? Why have you kidnaped me? What was it that I was in? Do you know who I am?" Pearl continued to ask questions and demand to be let out.
"This could have been a mistake kidnaping her. She's as noisy as Starfire," Skyview thought.
"Can you hear me?" Pearl yelled again.
"Loud and clear," Skyview exclaimed.
"Do you have any idea who I am?"
"Yes I do. Your Pearl Light, Author of 'Secrets of Ponyland' and it's a rather stupid book too."
Pearl didn't like his remark, "It's a wonderful book. Why don't you like it?"
"Everything, especially the Unicorn."
"What about the Unicorn?" Pearl asked curiously as she sat down.
"For one thing, Unicorns can't have more than one special ability except for winking."
"Disappearing from one place and reappearing in another."
"I never heard of winking and I've spent lots of time researching Unicorns. Non of the books ever mentioned anything about one special ability, either."
"Don't always believe what you read about Unicorns."
Pearl laughed, "You can't be serious? You sound like Unicorns are real."
Skyview was getting annoyed with Pearl. He stood up and walked to the edge of the pit. Pearl looked up and to her surprise it was a real Unicorn.
"I know a lot more about Unicorns than you'll find in books," Suddenly Skyview horn began to glow and then he disappeared in a thick cloud, reappearing in front of her. He walked towards her. Pearl stood up and walked backwards until she was against a wall.
"My special ability is to control clouds. Now, you just sit here and be quiet. I don't want to hear another word from you."
Pearl was amazed to see a real Unicorn standing in front of her.
"But what do you want from me?"
Skyview didn't answer at first.
"Please tell me. I won't ask anymore questions."
"I just want to exchange you for the Princess."
"No more questions and not another word!" Skyview winked out and winked back in at the top of the pit. He walked back to the book and laid down as he began reading.