Chapter 23: The Book

Skyview noticed Buster and Charades still in line talking to the girls, "Pearl Light...What's so great about her book?" Skyview's horn glowed and then he disappeared.

Buster and Charades had finished talking to the girls and left. As they walked, Charades kept looking back.
"What?" Buster asked after watching Charades glance back several times.
"I just thought...," Charades shook his head, "It can't be him. He wouldn't dream of coming into town."
Buster stopped and turned around but he didn't see Skyview, only the long line of ponies, "I don't see him."
"I doubt it was him."
"It could have been. Remember Starfire at the Concert?"
Charades thought about what Buster said and remembered when they first saw Starfire at the Concert, "But what would Skyview want?"
"Maybe he was watching us?" Buster suggested.
"Could be."
"Or maybe he was watching Pear Light."
"What would he want with an author?"
"I don't know."
Buster and Charades walked a while in silence before Charades said a word, "Lets take a walk tonight. I have a feeling Skyview is up to something."

The long line of ponies was shrinking. Lunarstar could see Pearl ahead. She couldn't believe she was going to meet Pearl. When it was Lunarstar's turn, she took out her book and laid it on the table. Bright Eyes walked out from behind a book case with small cup of water.
"Thank you Bright Eyes," said Pearl as she took the cup
"Pearl, these are my friends I was telling you about." Bright Eyes continued to introduce them to Pearl.
Pearl was a light pink pony with white hair and a streak of light blue in her mane.
"It's so nice to meet all of you."
"It's a pleasure meeting you," Lunarstar replied.
"It's nice to meet you," added Starlight.
Pearl smiled, "When I'm done signing books, why don't we all go to the Ice Cream shop?"
"Really?" Patch asked.
"I'm starting to get hungry."
Pearl finished signing Lunarstar's books and handed it back to her. Lunarstar put the book in her bag, "I'm going home and drop my book off, I can meet you guys at the Ice Cream Shop."
"Sure," Starlight replied.
"Sounds like a good idea to me," Melody put her book in her bag, "I'll drop my book off at home too."
The girls agreed to meet Pearl at the Ice Cream shop and then, they left for home.

Lunarstar ran through the park, heading towards her house that sat a few blocks away. Lunarstar ran up the hill passing Buster and Charades.
"Hi!" Lunarstar yelled as she ran by.
Lunarstar rushed inside the house, up the stairs. She left her bag on her bed and hurried downstairs. She opened the front door and was about to leave the house when Buster and Charades walked up to the door.
"What's the hurry?" Charades asked.
"I'm going to spend the day with Pearl," Lunarstar answered excitedly.
Lunarstar left the house, "Bye!"
She ran through the park and up to the Ice Cream shop, only to find her friends walking to the shop with Pearl.
"Lunarstar!" cried Patch.
Lunarstar stopped to catch her breath.
"You ran all the way here?" Pearl asked.
"She loves to run," Bright Eyes replied.
"Oh," Pearl remarked, "now that we're all here lets go inside."
Peal walked inside and sat down at a round table and ordered an Ice Cream Sunday. The girls sat down next to Pearl and ordered Ice Cream.
As they talked their Ice Cream arrived and soon, they all began eating.
"I heard your writing a new book," said Starlight.
"Yes I am. It's going to be a series on 'Secret World of Ponyland' I'm writing the second book which I hope to finish before I leave."
"The Unicorn in the book sound a lot like the Ghost in Ponyland," Melody commented.
"Bright Eyes was telling me about the ghost and I thought it would make a nice story."
"I've seen her once, I think," said Patch.
"So have I."
"I told Pearl about the Ghost stories but..." Bright Eyes continued, "She doesn't believe me."
"You don't" Bon Bon asked.
"No I don't. I find it hard to believe a Pony like that would be hiding in Ponyland. Be sides Unicorns and Pegasus are fairy tales."
"That's what we thought until we saw the Ghost," Melody commented.
Lunarstar was getting tired of Ponies constantly talking about her, "Um...Pearl? Are you almost done with the book?"
"Almost. I'll probably spend a few days by myself and finish the book."
"By yourself?" Clover asked.
"It helps me write a story if I don't have a lot of distractions around me."
Time had gone by quickly before Lunarstar realize the sun was setting, "I'm sorry but I have to go. My parents wants me home before dark."
"Bye," the girls replied as Lunarstar left.

Later that night, Buster and Charades walked through town quietly.
"Are you sure he's up to something?" Buster asked in a whispering voice.
"I don't know, It's just that...I can't think of any reason why he was in town."
They had walked a little farther when suddenly, Buster stopped at the corner.
"What?" Charades asked.
Charades peaked around the corner and saw Skyview in front of the book store.

Skyview looked through the window looking for the book that Raspberry had showed him early this morning. It didn't take him long to find the book, It was in a Book Floor Display with a picture of the Book Cover above it.
Skyview winked out in a mist of clouds and appeared in the store. He took the book, winked out and appeared just outside the store.
Then he stood on his hind legs and quickly scanned the book as he flipped the pages. Suddenly, he noticed Buster and Charades.

Buster and Charades quickly hid back around the corner.
"Do you think he saw us?" Buster asked.
"Lets not stand around to find out."
Just as they turned around, they saw Skyview standing in front of them.
"I should have known it was you two," Skyview remarked.
"You just stole a book!" Buster exclaimed, "Just what do you think you're going to do with it?"
"Just how stupid are you? I'm going to read it, of course," Skyview disappeared turning himself into a cloud and floated away.
Charades gave Buster a funny look.
"What? I've never heard of him stealing a book just to read it." Buster explained.
"Well...lets hurry and follow him."
Buster and Charades ran after the cloud, they past the park and went through the forest. They suddenly stopped at the edge of the cliff. The cloud landed on the beach and formed a black pony.
Buster and Charades quietly hid behind the trees.
Skyview walked along the beach and into a cave, carrying the book in his mouth.

Buster and Charades left the forest, and were back on the sidewalk.
"So that's where he's been hiding," said Charades.