Chapter 22: Bright Eye Cousin

Early in the morning, Lunarstar walked downstairs in her Unicorn form and sat at the dinning table. Buster and Charades were in the middle of eating their breakfast when Lunarstar sat down.
"Good morning," said Charades after noticing Lunarstar at the table.
"Morning," Lunarstar muttered.
Rosebud walked in with a plate full of pancakes covered in syrup, "She's always like that. Wait a while and you'll get more out of her."
Buster and Charades smiled.
"Lunarstar," Charades began to say, "I think it would be best if you didn't wink all over the place."
"Especially behind other pony's backs when their not looking," Buster added.
Lunarstar was stumped as to what winking was, "Winking?"
Rosebud was interested in what winking was and went to the dinning room to listen.
"What's winking?" Lunarstar asked.
"You don't know?" Buster asked.
"No, my parents never told me."
"That's because we don't know either. This is the first time we've heard about it," Rosebud commented.
"It's when a Unicorn disappears and reappears in different places, that's called Winking," Charades explained.
"All the Unicorns can do it," Buster added.
"What's wrong with winking to different places?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's very noticeable after you've done it behind their backs so many times," Charades answered.
"Ponies expect to turn around and see you walk away. It surprises them if your not anywhere in sight," Buster added.
"I think their right," Rosebud agreed.
"What?...Are you serious?," Lunarstar asked looking up at her mother, "What about coming home?"
"Walk or run but no winking."
"I'll be late if I do."
"As long as your home before dark, you won't be late," Rosebud looked at the clock on the wall, "You better hurry and eat those pancakes, it's almost time for school."
Lunarstar hurried and ate her pancakes, then she stood up and went to the livingroom. She took her bag that hung on the door and put it on, then changed into an earth pony.
"See you later!" Lunarstar yelled, then she left the house.

Later that day after school, Bright Eyes was in a hurry to leave school and rushed out of school when the bell rang.
"What's the hurry?" Melody asked trying to catch up to her. Her friends wanted to know too and rushed after her.
"My Cousin is in town," Bright Eyes answered.
"Your Cousin?" Starlight asked.
Bright Eyes stopped and faced her friends, "My cousin Pearl, is visiting for a while."
"For how long?" Sweetheart asked.
"Until she finishes her book."
"She's an author?" Patch asked.
"She just wrote a book called the Secret World of Ponyland. She's making it into a series."
Lunarstar gasped, "She's Pearl Light, the author?"
"You read her books?"
"Most of them."
"I read her books too," added Patch.
"I love her books," added Bon Bon.
"Do you think she'll autograph my book?" Clover asked.
"She's at the bookstore signing autographs now. I'm heading there now to see if she needs any help," Bright Eyes replied.
"I'll go and get my book!" said Melody.
"Me too," added sweetheart.
Lunarstar and her friends ran home, as quickly as they could. Raspberry had been listening to them and she too hurried home.

Lunarstar rushed in the house went to her room, dumped her school books on her bed and put a dark red book in her school bag.
"Lunarstar, is that you?" Rosebud called from downstairs.
Lunarstar rushed out of her room and hurried downstair, "I'm going out."
"Where are you going in such a hurry?"
"Pearl Light is in town and she's giving out autographs."
"Who?" Rosebud asked.
Lunarstar took out her book, "Pearl Light, the author of this book," Lunarstar placed the book back in her bag and left, "See you later."
"Have fun!" Rosebud yelled.

Lunarstar raced into town and found a long line stretching out the bookstore and onto the sidewalk.
Lunarstar turned around and saw Starlight getting in line behind her.
"Just look at this long line," Starlight observed.
"Tell me about it. We'll be here for awhile," Lunarstar commented.
It wasn't long til the rest of her friends showed up, all carrying their school bags with book in them.

Meanwhile, a light gray cloud floated just above the roof tops of the building and down into an alley.
Raspberry and Blueberry rushed down the sidewalk. Raspberry stopped,"This way!" They ran down the alley and stopped when they saw the long line.
"Just look at that line!" Raspberry gasped.
Just then the Cloud that floated above the alley, floated to the ground and took shape, forming into a pony. A few seconds later Skyview, a Black Unicorn stood deep in the alley just behind Raspberry and Blueberry.
"I heard she's making another book," said Blueberry.
"So did I. I heard she's basing the main character from the Ghost," Raspberry replied.
Skyview listened to the two ponies and wondered what they were talking about. Just then he noticed two familiar ponies across the street. Buster and Charades walked up to Lunarstar and her friends, talking to them.
"So they're here too," Skyview thought.
Skyview noticed three ponies that they were talking to, "Those were the same ponies in the cave a few days ago," Skyview thought to himself.
Blueberry was tired of standing their with Raspberry, "What are you waiting for?"
"I'm not getting in that long line. I'll wait here until it goes down."
"Well, I'm not waiting here with you," Blueberry turned around to go back down the alley but froze when he saw Skyview, "Who are you?"
Raspberry turned around to see who Blueberry was talking to, "Where did you come from? I didn't even hear you walk up behind us," Raspberry noticed the horn on his head, "You can't that horn real?
"Looks real but there's no such thing as a Unicorn," Blueberry remarked.
"It's fake," Skyview noticed the two ponies were still looking at him in disbelief, "My brothers glued the horn to my head."
"Glued it to your head?" Raspberry asked, "But it looks so real."
"They did a good job making it real," Skyview hoped they believe his lie.
"Why are you standing behind us?" Blueberry asked.
"They actually believe that stupid story about the fake horn." Skyview thought, "I was watching the line," Skyview replied to the two ponies.
"Are you here for an autograph?" Raspberry asked.
"Autograph by who?"
"Pearl Light," Raspberry replied.
"Who is Pearl Light?"
"You don't know who she is?" Raspberry asked.
"I wouldn’t ask if I knew."
Blueberry chuckled.
"She's an author of a best selling book," Raspberry answered.
"I heard you two talking about The Ghost. Who's that?" Skyview asked.
"The Ghost of Ponyland," Raspberry turned around and noticed the line just got longer, "Blueberry, you tell him. I'm getting in line before it gets any longer." Raspberry ran across the street and stood in line.
"Well, they call her The Ghost. She only appears at night. Very few ponies have actually seen her."
"What does she look like?"
"She a pure white Winged Unicorn."
"Have you seen her?" Skyview asked.
"Just once and that was at the old Track an Field. I heard she's been seen in the forest, in the park, at a a concert...Umm...I can't remember were else she's been seen."
"And she's the Ghost of Ponyland?"
Blueberry turned and noticed Raspberry waving at him, "If you excuse me. I have to see what you sister wants." Blueberry left and joined his sister in line.
"The Ghost has to be the Princess. It won't do me any good to chase her. It certainly didn't do Starfire any good," Skyview watched Buster and Charades, "Maybe I can find out from those two."