Chapter 21: To tired to do anything

Lunarstar walked through the Gate with Buster and Charades behind her. They walked through the ruins and onto the coblestone path.
"How did you guys know it was me?" Lunarstar asked.
"We noticed strange things seems to happen around you, so we followed you around for a week," Charades answered.
"So you guys saw me change?" Lunarstar asked, surprisingly.
"No," replied Charades.
"Just little the things that you did which got me thinking you were the Ghost," Buster answered.
"I still find it hard to beleive your the same earth pony we bumped into when we first arrived in town," Charades commented.
"Just think, the pony we were looking for was with us all along," Buster pointed out.
Charades smiled at what Buster said.
"Lunarstar, who els knows about you?" Buster asked.
"Just my Parents," Lunarstar fell silent, "Don't tell anyone I can change."
"Change?" Charades asked.
"You know, change my form?," Lunarstar looked up at Charades, "It's a secret that I wish to keep."
"Ok, I won't tell anyone," Charades replied.
Lunarstar looked at Buster.
"I won't tell anyone," Buster replied.
As they walked out of the forest and into the open, Charades looked down at Lunarstar, "I think if we walk you home. We have to tell them about you."
"Ok," suddenly Lunarstar heard the birds chirping, she stopped and looked up at the sky.
"What's wrong?" Buster asked.
Lunarstar noticed the sky was getting brighter and she could see the sun starting to rise, "My parents are going to be so mad."
"Why?" Charades asked.
"I'm suppose to be in bed hours ago. I've got to get home!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Wait a minute. Let us take you home and well explain everything to them," Charades proposed.
Lunarstar wanted to get home as soon as possible but she knew her parents would never beleive her story, "Let hurry then."
Lunarstar ran with Buster and Charades behind her. They ran across the field and slowly down the hill and into the forest.
Once she was close to home, she changed forms, her wings and horn dissapeared while her hair turned purple. Buster and Charades were amazed as they watched her change.
Lunarstar stopped at the edge of the forest, her house was the last house in the strret near the forest.
"It looks like my parents are up," Lunarstar looked up at Buster and Charades, they were still amazed.
"What?" Lunarstar asked, noticing them staring at her.
Charades smiled, "Nothing."
Lunarstar looked around to be sure no one was outside, then she troted towards the sidewalk and walked to her house. She opened the door and saw her mother standing in the livingroom with her father. Rosebud turned around and saw Lunarstar walk in. Rosebud hurried over to Lunarstar and rubbed her face up to Lunarstar's cheeks, "Where have you been?"
"I was out with Buster and Charades all night."
Her parents hadn't noticed Buster and Charades at the door until Lunarstar said something.
"Do they know?" Booster asked.
Lunarstar lowered her head, "Yes."
"Oh, Lunarstar," Rosebud continued, "We've told you to becareful."
Charades stepped in the doorway, "Please, don't blaim her. It's not hur fault. We have been looking for her for a long time."
Rosebud and Booster didn't know what to say, they looked at each other.
Buster walked in, standing next to Charades, "She's your adopted daughter, right?"
"Yes, she is," Booster answered.
"I think it's best if we all sit down," Charades suggested, "We have alot to talk about."
Rosebud and Booster agreed.
Lunarstar and her parents sat on one couch while Buster and Charades sat on the other couch.
As Charades told Lunarstar's parents what Banner had told her, Lunarstar began to feel tired. She hadn't realized how tired she was until she sat down. Lunarstar curled into a ball, resting her head on the arm of the couch as she fell asleep.
Buster watched her as she fell asleep and changed forms again.

After an hour had went by, Charades finished telling his story. Rosebud and Booster were surprised.
"So she's a princess of Ponyland?" Rosebud asked, still trying to believe it.
"Yes," Buster replied.
Rosebud looked down at Lunarstar who was sleeping peacefully, "But why didn't she tell us about the Black ponies?"
"She probably figured we wouldn't let her out at night if she had told us about the Black Ponies," Booster guessed.
"What do we do? she'll want to go out but...we can't let her."
"We could go out with her at night?" Charades proposed.
"We need to think about it for a while," Booster replied.
Rosebud lightly put her hoof on Lunarstar, moving her hair out from her face. After awhile Rosebud looked out the window and saw a small group of familiar ponies, "I think we have visitors."
Booster looked out the window, "They're Lunarstar's friends."
Rosebud shook Lunarstar, "Wake up."
"mmm?" Lunarstar muttered.
"Wake up. Your friends are coming."
Lunarstar jumped up off the couch, "My friends?"
Just then she heard a knock at the door. Lunarstar changed forms to an earth pony and answered the door while yawning.
"Lunarstar," Starlight began to say, "We're going to the beach."
"Would you like to come?" Melody asked.
Lunarstar's friends were each carrying a bag except for Bon Bon who was carrying a big picnic basket.
"The Beach?" Lunarstar yawned.
Rosebud and Booster came to the door.
"We haven't been to the beach in a long time," Rosebud commented.
"I'm so tired, though," Lunarstar complained.
"The beach sounds like a good idea," Booster looked at Buster and Charades behind him, "How about you two?"
"I never been to a beach before," Charades replied.
"Neither have I," Buster added.
"But..." Lunarstar started to say.
"The beach will keep you awake," Rosebud interrupted.
"Besides, if you sleep now you won't sleep tonight," Booster added.
"How about if we meet you girls at the beach?" Rosebud suggested.
"Sure," Bright Eyes answered, "See you at the beach, Lunarstar."
"Ok," Lunarstar yawned.

Later that day Lunarstar showed up at the beach with her parents. Rosebud was carrying a big bag, Booster was carrying a large umbrella while Buster and Charades carried two baskets.
"Mom, I still think you brought to much food."
"I don't think so. I packed enough for 12 ponies."
Rosebud set the blankets down and Booster set the large Umbrella in the middle. Buster and Charades set the Baskets next to the umbrella.
Lunarstar looked around, her friends were playing on the beach. Clover, Patch and Bright Eyes were trying to make a sand castle while the other girls play in the water.
There were lots of other ponies around playing as well. Some laid on their beach towels other were playing ball or swimming.
Lunarstar was too tired to say hello to her friends, she sat down behind her parents on a blanket. As she sat and watch the other ponies, Lunarstar felt even more tired, she lowered her head while her eyes started to shut.
Suddenly someone threw cold water on her, Lunarstar gasped and jumped onto her feet feeling wide awake. She was soaking wet, her coat was dripping and her long hair was wet.
Lunarstar looked around to see who did such a rude thing. In front of her stood Buster, laughing with an empty bucket.
"What was that for?" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"You were falling asleep," Booster replied.
"I was?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly, She looked around wondering if anyone noticed her changing.
"Don't worry, no one saw you," Charades assured her.
"You weren't asleep yet," Buster added.
"But still, that was close," Rosebud added.
"Lunarstar, why don't you just go and play with you friends," Booster suggested.
"Go swim, it'll keep you awake," Rosebud suggested.
"And what ever you do, don't fall asleep," Booster ordered.
Lunarstar lowered her head and left her parents. As she walked away, she heard them all laughing.
"I don't think it's funny," Lunarstar muttered.
Lunarstar walked up to her 3 friends making a sand castle.
"Hi, Lunarstar. We saw your parents but didn't see you," said Bright Eyes.
"Were you just swimming?" Patch asked, noticing her coat dripping water.
"I was sleeping," Lunarstar turned and looked at her parents, "when they threw a bucket of water on me."
"Oh, that's right. your not suppose to sleep," Patch suddenly remembered.
"You can help us make a sand castle," Clover suggested.
"I don't think that would be a good idea," Bright Eyes continued, "sitting around could make her sleepy."
"You could go swim," Patch suggested.
Lunarstar looked out in the ocean and saw her friends waving.
"I'm ready to get swimming," Patch looked at the other two, "How about you?"
"Sure," replied Bright Eyes.
"What about the sand castle?" Clover asked.
"We haven't made much progress," Bright Eyes replied.
Clover looked at the lump that was suppose to be a castle and knew Bright Eyes was right.
Clover stood up and joined her friends as they ran to the water.
Lunarstar stopped just beyond the water's reach.
"What's the mater?" Patch asked swimming in the water.
Lunarstar wasn't sure if she really wanted to go in. Would the water reveal her horn and wings? She had never swam with other ponies before.
"Can't you swim?" Starlight asked, walking out of the water.
Charades walked up behind her, wondering what's wrong with her, "Go on in."
Lunarstar looked behind her, Charades stood with his legs covered in sand.
"Do you know how to swim?" Charades asked.
"Sure I do...It's just that..." Lunarstar looked out at her friends, they were waving at her, "The water is cold."
Charades and Starlight laughed.
"Is that all?" Charades asked with a smile.
"Run into the water, it may feel cold at first but you'll get used to it," Starlight suggested.
Lunarstar stood and watch Starlight run into the ocean and jump in making a splash. Lunarstar smiled, she ran into the ocean and took a big leap into the water. She landed in the water causing a big splash and getting her friends faces wet.
"I guess it isn't to bad," Lunarstar looked at her friends, they looked serious at first and then they started laughing.

As Charades stood and watched Lunarstar, a bright pink pony with yellow hair walked up to him, "Um...we were wondering if you'd like to play volleyball with us?"
Charades looked at the net behind the pony. He could see the ponies were all standing and looking at him. Charades looked at Buster who wasn't doing anything but laying on a towel.
"Do you mind if my Cousin joins too?"
"More ponies the better."
"Buster!" Charades yelled.
Buster sat up and looked at Charades.
"Come here!" Charades yelled.
"Oh, great," Buster groaned.
Buster stood up and walked to Charades, "What?"
"Do you want to play Volleyball?"
"Volleyball?," Buster yawned.
"Come on. Let play," Charades proposed.
"All I want is to relax today."
"You can't lay down all day. Lets go play." Charades eventually got Buster to play and the two of them joined the group at the net.
"It looks like we're alone," Booster commented.
"That's fine with me," Rosebud replied with a smile.

Lunarstar and her friends continued to play when Bon Bon decided she had enough of swimming.
"Where are you going?" Lunarstar asked.
"All this swimming is making me hungry."
"You can't go back in the water for about an hour after you eat," said Bright Eyes.
Bon Bon walked out of the water and stopped when she saw something shinny in the water. Bon Bon picked it up and washed the sand away.
"What did you find?" Patch asked, walking out of the water.
Lunarstar was carious to know and followed Patch.
"It's a seashell," Bon Bon answered.
"It's pretty," Patch commented.
"Maybe we can find more seashells and make something for the Tea Club," Lunarstar suggested.
"That's a great idea," Bon Bon agreed.
"Yeah," Patch agreed.
"What is?" Starlight asked, walking out of the water.
"We're going to make something out of seashell for the club," Patch replied.
"Oh, maybe I can make something for my mom," Starlight suggested.
It wasn't long till the rest of the girls heard the great idea and decided to make something for their parents too.

Patch and Lunarstar walked along the beach looking for seashells while Bon Bon held the yellow bucket. They had walked far from Lunarstar's parents when Bon Bon noticed there were less ponies the farther they walked.
"I think we should go back," Bon Bon suggested.
Suddenly, Patch stopped. Ahead was a large cave.
"Look a Cave!" Patch cried excitedly.
"No, we could get lost in there," Bon Bon complained.
"Come on you two, it'll be fun to explore," Patch proposed.
Lunarstar and Bon Bon didn't want to go but someone had to watch out for Patch, so they decided to follow her. They walked closer to the cave and soon realize they were walking on solid rock.
"Patch," they whispered as they entered the cave.
The cave was tall and dark but light enough to see where they were going.
"Patch?" Bon Bon whispered, leaving the yellow bucket at the cave entrance.
"Right here," Patch answered from behind a large rock.
Bon Bon and Lunarstar jumped.
"Don't do that," whispered Bon Bon.
"Why are you whispering?" Patch asked.
"It's spooky in here."
"It's just a cave." Patch continued walking with Lunarstar and Bon Bon behind her. They walked in a straight path until they realize it was getting warmer.
"I don't think caves are suppose to be this warm," Lunarstar commented.
Ahead, Lunarstar could see light coming down from holes at the top of the cave.
"I wonder where were we are?" Patch asked looking at the sky through the holes.
"Who knows," replied Bon Bon.
When they finally walked into the light, they saw what was causing the warm air.
"A spring!" cried Patch.
"In here?" Bon Bon asked, looking around.
The girls stood at the edge of the warm spring water and watched it. The water sparkled and mist rose from the water.
"It's feels warm," Lunarstar commented as she dipped her hoof in the water.
"We should get back, the others will wonder what happened to us," Bon Bon suggested.
Patch eventually agreed with Bon Bon and followed her. But as soon as Bon Bon took a step forward, she heard the ground crack and started to fall. Patch grabbed Bon Bon's tail with her mouth and tried to pull her up but couldn't, she too was being pulled over the cliff. Lunarstar grabbed Patch's tail and tried to pull her but couldn't.
"Bon Bon, what did you eat today?" Patch mumbled.
"Just a piece of cake and pie and waffles," Bon Bon answered.
Lunarstar tried to pull again but she too was slipping, then suddenly Lunarstar felt someone grab her tail and pull. Slowly they backed away from the cliff, then the stranger let go of Lunarstar's tail and hid in the shadows.
"That was too close," Bon Bon looked at Patch, "Thanks"
"It wasn't me," Patch looked at Lunarstar and figured she had saved them.
"It wasn't me either," Lunarstar looked in the shadows and saw a dark shadowy figured standing in front of her.
"Who are you?" Patch asked.
"Leave, this cave it's not safe for little ponies," said the voice.
"Just who are you and why are you in this cave?" Patch asked again.
"That is non of you business. Now, get out!" the voice yelled.
Bon Bon wasted no time and ran into the darkness, Patch looked at the figure and then left. Lunarstar stood and stared.
"What are you staring at? I said, Leave!" the Voice yelled again.
Lunarstar ran into the darkness and out of the cave trying to catch-up with Patch and Bon Bon.
"Who was that?" Bon Bon asked after slowing down and resting on the sandy beach.
"I don't know," Patch replied.
Lunarstar looked back at the cave, something about the voice sounded familiar, the shadowy figure looked familiar too.

Meanwhile The shadowy figure walked out of the shadows and looked towards the cave entrance. The pony was Black with Black and Blue hair, he had hairy feet and a horn on his head.
"I thought Starfire said, no one come in this cave."
The Black Unicorn walked back into the shadows and laid down next to a wall and a rock.
"Now, maybe I can get some sleep," The black Unicorn yawned.