Chapter 200: Friends surprise

It was in the afternoon, the sun sinned bright in the clear sky. Sweetheart and Bon Bon entered the park with a large picnic basket. They looked around them as they continued walking.
"I don't see them. I thought we were suppose to meet them in the park?" Bon Bon wondered lout loud.
They looked around again but all they saw were ponies playing in the clearing and sitting in the shade.
"They could be at the lake," Sweetheart guessed.
"Lets go find out," Bon Bon proposed.
They followed the path through the forest till they came upon the lake. At the lake side were Starlight, Melody, Clover, Patch and Bright Eyes laying a blanket on the grass in the shade.
"Bon Bon, Sweetheart!" Starlight called to get their attention. Sweetheart and Bon Bon walked from the path to the blanket and were greeted by their friends. Bon Bon set the basket in the center of the blanket and sat down, "I packed a lot of food. I figured we will be here all day."
Starlight opened the basket and began taking out the food.
Melody suddenly began to giggle. The girls turned and looked at her curiously.
"I still can't stop laughing when Raspberry tried to get everyone to think she can to magic tricks."
The girls then began to laugh.
"She got embarrassed when her brother put her on stage for everyone to see," Bright eyes laughed.
"I kind of feel sorry for her though," Sweetheart suddenly said.
"What?" Patch asked, "Your joking, right?"
"Well, she's only got two friends and Blueberry makes friends easily," Sweetheart replied.
"Who in the world wants to be her friend the way she act?" Melody asked.
"Trying to show off and lying to others," Starlight exclaimed.
"She follows you everywhere," Clover added.
"She's not all that nice either," Bon Bon added.
Melody began too laugh, "But Skyview sure scared her that night."
The girls started laughing.
"That was funny to see," Patch agreed.
"That's what she gets for following us that night," Starlight exclaimed.
"I wonder how Lunarstar is doing?" Clover asked.
The girls suddenly became quiet.
"School will start soon," Bon Bon reminded them.
"If she gets her parents and home back then she may not come back at all," Bright Eyes replied.
"But what about school?" Clover asked.
"It won't mater, then. She doesn't belong in this world anyways," Bright Eyes replied.
"But she is our best friend and she does have her adopted parents," Starlight pointed out.
The girls sat quietly as they remembered the times they were with her.
"I miss her," Sweetheart muttered sadly.
"So do I," Bon Bon added.
"We all do," Starlight said.
"I missed you too," said a familiar voice.
It took the girls a minute to realize non of then had said it. They turned around suddenly and saw Luna in her earth forum. She had a white coat with long purple hair. Around her neck was her golden locket.
"Lunarstar!" the girls cried.
The jumped to their feet and ran to Luna hugging her all at once.
"What are you doing here?" Starlight asked.
"What happened in the other world?" Patch asked.
"Where did you get that locket?" Bright Eyes asked.
"When did you get here?" Bon bon asked.
The girls continued to hug her as they asked questions.
Luna stood back from the group and turned, pointing at Buster and Charades who stood behind her, "They're my personal guards while I'm here and they'll be staying here with me. Dad, is letting me stay in this world till I finish school."
Charades walked up to the girls, "mind if we joined you? Luna has a long story to tell you."
"Charades, did you forget?" Luna asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry...Lunarstar," Charades suddenly remembered what her father told him.
"While I'm here you must call me Lunarstar. Never call me Luna," She told her friends.
"That's not to hard to do," Melody smiled.
The girls turned and sat down with Buster and Charades at each end of the blanket.
Bon Bon past around the plates, drinks and food while Luna began to tell her story from the time she was kidnaped by Stardust till the battle at Dream Castle.