Chapter 20: Return home

Banner had finished telling Lunarstar the story and waited for her to say something.
"What happened to...Mother?" Lunarstar asked, she felt funny calling a pony she never knew, Mother.
"We're not sure," Banner continued, "Some say she's a prisoner in the castle or was killed."
"Or she's a slave or she escaped and is hiding out," Charades added.
Lunarstar lowered her head and stood up, all that she had heard was to much for her to think about and it was giving her a head ache.
"So I'm the only one?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, you are the only Royal family member who haven't been caught," Banner replied.
Lunarstar stared out the window, it was dark and all she could see were the torches along the castle walls, "The only one?"
"Lunarstar, how did your adopted parents get you?" Charades asked.
Lunarstar turned around, "They found me on their doorstep in a basket."
"They never saw your mother?" Charades asked.
"The Queen must have known someone was after her because she would never just leave you on a stranger's doorstep," Banner thought out loud.
Everyone was silent and wondered what really happened to the Queen, was she still alive?
"What about my father?"
Banner, Buster and Charades looked at each other with a questioning look on their faces.
"We don't know," Charades answered.
"What do you mean, you don't know?"
"We don't recall ever having a King in Ponyland," Buster answered.
"I must of had a father."
"Yes, of course but we simply don't know anything about your father," answered Banner.
Lunarstar felt sad and didn't say anything for a few minutes, "Who's trying to catch me?"
"Three black ponies, Starfire, Stardust and Skyview. They work for King Star Cluster," replied Banner.
"King Star Cluster?" Lunarstar asked.
"He's a mean ruler and will capture anyone who goes against him or talk bad of him," Buster answered.
"Where did he come from?"
"No one knows. He showed up one night with his large army and took over Ponyland," replied Charades.

Suddenly two ponies walked in carrying two trays, one had cookies and the other had a Pitcher of water with 4 glasses.
"The King and Queen thought you would want a bite to eat," said the white pony. The two ponies gasped when they saw Lunarstar.
The first pony was white with red and pink hair, the second pony was pink with green and white hair. Lunarstar couldn't help but notice the horn on the pink pony's head.
The pink pony notice Lunarstar staring at her too. Lunarstar blushed, she felt bad for staring.
Banner stood up, "This is Princess Lunarstar, Queen Royal Heart's Daughter."
"The one we've heard so much about?" The Pink Pony asked surprisingly.
"You really are a flying Unicorn," the White Pony muttered.
"I'm sorry if I was staring at you," Lunarstar walked towards the pink pony, "It's just that, you're the first Unicorn I've seen."
"The first?" the pink pony asked.
"Where she lives, there are no Unicorns or Pegasus," Charades added.
"Are there more Unicorns here?" Lunarstar asked.
"A few Unicorns and Pegasus," the Pink pony replied.
"There used to be a lot more but ever since King Star Cluster arrived, there seems to be less Unicorns and Pegasus," the White pony added.
The pink pony sighed, "Please excuse me," then she turned and round and left the room.
"Don't mind her. Her family was captured by King Star Cluster," the White pony commented.
Lunarstar felt sad for the pink pony.
"I have things to so I must be going," the white pony turned and left.
"Well, as soon as we're finished eating, we should get you back home," said Banner.

Charades filled a glass with water and took a cookie, Buster and Banner did the same.
"Well?" Buster asked, noticing Lunarstar just standing there.
"What did she mean by, you really are a Flying Unicorn?"
"When you were born, the Queen didn't officially announce you to the public yet, even though everyone knew the Queen had a baby," Banner explained.
"After the Queen disappeared with you, rumors began to spread that the baby Princess was a Flying Unicorn," Buster added.
"You see Lunarstar, there's never been a Flying Unicorn before," Charades added.
"So I'm the only Flying unicorn but why wasn't I officially announced?"
"You were too little and the Queen wanted to wait," Charades answered.
Lunarstar took a cookie and eat it, "Wait for what?"
"I can't remember," Charades looked at Banner and Buster but they didn't know either, "I'm sorry, Lunarstar we can't remember."
"That was 12 years ago," Buster added.

The four of them sat on the couches eating cookies and drinking water. Lunarstar couldn't get over the fact she's in another world, it seemed like she was in a dream.
When they finished, Banner stood up, "It's time for you to go back to the other world."
Lunarstar stood up and looked out the window, it wasn't as dark as it was.
Banner left the room with Lunarstar, Buster and Charades behind him. They left the castle and walked towards the castle walls with a small group of soldiers behind them.
They stood at the gate and waited til the gate was opened. Lunarstar looked up at Banner, she saw his ear and remembered what he said in his story. "Banner?"
Once the gate was opened they walked along the dirt trail.
"What is it?" Banner asked.
"Does your ear hurt?"
Banner looked at Lunarstar and smiled, "It used to but it doesn't anymore."
"Can you hear out of that ear?"
"Yes, I can."
They walked off the dirt road and into the forest.
"Banner?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm a little confused about the gate. You said there's a gate at the castle, is this the same gate?"
"No, it is not. The one at the castle is still there. We recently discovered this gate. A few months ago, a pony had some urgent news for King Sea mist and took the short-cut through the forest. It was dangerous because the hills are so deep and the forest is so dark in some parts but it was important that the King gets the News. As the Pony went through the forest she discovered the gate but it was covered in moss, vines, bushes and surrounds by think forest. It took us week to clear the area and even then the Gate didn't open."
"Something was blocking the gate in the other world, then one night the gate was opened."
Charades walked a little faster to be next to Lunarstar, "Someone had cleared the vines from the gate on the other side."
"That would be me. I wanted to so the little pony carvings on the gate so I took the Vines off," Lunarstar explained.
It wasn't long til Lunarstar saw the gate in a small clearing. Banner stopped in front of the gate, "Well, this is goodbye. It was a pleasure to finally see you again."
Lunarstar didn't know how to respond to Banner's comment, "Will I be able to come back?"
"Yes, when the moon if full but Buster and Charades will have to be with you. Besides you are The Princess of Ponyland so you can't stay in the other world forever," Banner replied.
"Oh," Lunarstar muttered sadly.
"Don't worry, that won't be for a long time," Charades remarked.
Lunarstar tried to smile and left, walking through the gate with Buster and Charades behind her.