Chapter 199: A King's Gift

It was early in the morning and Luna laid on the bed stretched out above her blue covers with her hoof on the picture. Royal Heart cracked the door opened and peeked in her room. She saw that Luna was still sound asleep.
"She's asleep," Royal Heart whispered.
She walked in with Stardust behind her. Stardust wore his crown and golden collar, Royal Heart wore her tiara and silver collar with her hair up in curls. They walked around Luna's bed and stood beside her. Royal Heart pick up the picture from under Luna's hoof.
"See? She's been sleeping with it for a few nights now," Royal Heart handed him the picture. Stardust took the picture and looked at it. "It's her friends. I should have known she would start to miss them."
"What are we going to do?" Royal Heart asked.
"I'll think of something. In the mean time, she is to have fun, get her mind off the other world," Stardust replied as he put the picture on her night stand.
Luna kept hearing whisperings next to her bed. She opened her eyes and saw her parents smiling at her.
"Good morning, Luna," Stardust smiled at her.
"Time to get up," Royal Heart added.
Luna yawned and stretched, then she sat up in bed.
"Get ready and come down for breakfast," Stardust told her.
Luna got off the bed and watched her parents leave the room. Luna walked over to her dresser and began brushing her long white hair with her white brush. When she was done, she set the brush on the dresser and left the room.

She walked through the halls hoping she had remembered where the stairs were. A yellow pony wearing a bag on her shoulder just came out of a room from cleaning and stopped Luna. "Princess Luna, good morning. Are you lost?"
"Umm, yes I am. Where's the stairs?"
The servant pointed down the hall, "Down there to your right."
"Thank you," Luna replied and quickly left. When she found the stairs she hurried down the steps and headed to the dinning room.

Luna found the dining room and walked in. Her parents and uncles were waiting for her.
"I see you finally found you way here," Stardust observed smiling at her.
"I had to ask someone, but other than that I pretty much got here on my own," Luna replied as she sat at the table. A minute later five ponies brought in their plates and sat it down in front of them.
As soon as the five ponies left, Luna began eating.
"Dad, can I explore the castle again?" Luna asked.
"No not today. I want you to play with Starfire and Skyview today."
"We could use a brake and play for a while," Skyview commented.
Luna put on a fake smile even though she didn't feel like playing. She would rather be alone and think about her friends.
She quickly eat her breakfast but her parents and uncles were still eating.
"Luna, why don't you go outside and wait at the door?" Stardust suggested, "Skyview and Starfire will be there soon."
"Ok," Luna stood up from the table and left the room, "Hopefully I remember where the door is."
Once Luna was far from the dining room, Stardust began to explain, "I know you two have things to do today so I had someone else do it for you. Luna misses her friends and family, I want you two to spend the day playing with her. What ever it takes, get her mind off the other world."
"Ok," Skyview and Starfire replied.
"I was wondering why she looked so sad lately," Starfire commented.
"She's been sleeping with a picture of her friends," Royal Heart explained.
"Poor Luna, she must be crying at night," Skyview guessed.
"That is something I should have known would happen," remarked Stardust.
"What are you going to do?" Starfire asked.
Stardust became silent as he pondered on the matter. "Well, she does have to finish school. That would probably be best if she did."
"School?" Royal Heart asked.
"It's where little ponies gather in a place to learn instead of doing it at home," Stardust explained.
"That doesn't sound like a bad idea to do here," Royal Heart replied.
"And she does have her adopted parents," Skyview added.
"I would love to meet her adopted parents and thank them for what they've done," Royal Heart replied happily.
Stardust sat quietly thinking, it seemed like an hour had gone by till Stardust said anything. "Skyview I have something I need you to do first."

After they finished breakfast Starfire left the castle and saw Luna sitting on the steps.
"Prince Starfire," the soldier at the door whispered. "She's been sitting there crying."
"I thought she might. Thank you," Starfire whispered. The two soldiers at the door nodded their heads and watched Starfire walk down the steps.
"Luna," Starfire called to her.
Luna quickly wiped her tears from her face and tried to smile.
"What would you like to play?" Starfire asked as he left the stairs and faced Luna.
"I don't know," Luna replied. She didn't want to play but her father did. She looked up at him and noticed Skyview wasn't there. "Where's Skyview?"
"He's got something to do, he'll be here later," Starfire replied.
Luna stood up and looked at him curiously, "I thought he wasn't going to do anything but play today."
"Well...Something came up," Starfire answered nervously. "You'll find out later. Now, what do you want to play?"
"Ummm, watch clouds?" Luna asked.
Starfire smiled, "Sure."
He walked to the center of the yard in the clearing with Luna trailing behind sadly, she still hadn't forgotten her friends and her adopted parents. She wondered how her adopted parents were doing? Had they forgotten her? Luna shook the thought.
"Of course they didn't forget me," Luna thought.
The soldiers on the walls and in the yard watched curiously and wondered what they were going to do.
Starfire stopped, he folded his wings laying them flat against his black coat. He folded his legs and rolled on his back. Luna did the same, she folded her wings and laid down beside him. They stared at the drifting clouds as the sun appeared and then disappeared.
"That defiantly looks like a fish," Starfire pointed.
"It sure does," Luna agreed. She noticed another large cloud behind it. Starfire thought it looked like trees but to Luna it looked like her friends playing. She could feel her eyes began to water and then tears trickled from her eyes down her cheeks. Starfire noticed out of the corner of his eye that Luna was crying but she was struggling to hold it back.

Half the morning went by as Starfire and Luna watched the clouds
"Luna, what do you think that looks like?" Starfire asked pointing.
Luna looked and tears slowly fell from her eyes, the cloud looked like her parents. No matter what Starfire tried she only saw her friend and parents. Tears suddenly pour from her eyes. Luna turned over facing Starfire as she covered her face with her front legs.
"I'm sorry," Luna sobbed.
Starfire rolled over still laying on the grass, "Cheer up, Luna."
"I can't," Luna replied still crying.
Starfire sat up from the grass and stroked her face with his hoof. "Yes you can, Luna. Your friends would want you to be happy."
Luna peeked up at him over her hoof, her eyes were still watery and her cheeks was still wet.
Starfire smiled. "Come on Luna, spend the day and have fun."
Luna wiped her tears away and tried to smile but she just couldn't.
"I missed that smile," said a familiar voice.
Luna looked next to her and saw Skyview standing there. He must have winked next to her. She could still see the misty cloud disappearing.
"Skyview, where did you go?" Luna asked.
Skyview smiled. "You'll find out soon enough. Now, where did that smile go? I missed it." He put a hoof on her stomach and began tickling her.
S-s-stop," Luna laughed. She rolled on her back and laughed loudly.
"There it is!" Skyview exclaimed happily.
"Glad you could finally make it," Starfire whispered.
"Sorry I couldn't get here sooner," Skyview whispered back as he and Starfire continued to make Luna laugh.
"She was really crying just a minute ago," Starfire whispered.
"I noticed. Hopefully this will cheer her up," Skyview whispered.
Luna laughed loud while her horn glowed on and off like a light switch.
"She's trying to wink out!" Skyview exclaimed.
They continued to tickle her but she managed to concentrate long enough to wink out.
"Here we go again," Starfire smiled.
Luna sat on the grass trying to catch her breath when suddenly, Skyview winked behind her and grabbed her, "Got you." Then he and Starfire began to tickle her.

They spent the day chasing Luna around the yard and tickling her till Starfire noticed the sun was about to set.
"We should be heading inside," Starfire commented.
"Yes, we should," Skyview agreed, "It'll be dinner soon and I know how you don't want to miss it."
"The cooks are great at what they do," Starfire replied.
"That's pretty obvious, you.."
"Umm, I'm hungry," Luna interrupted.
Skyview and Starfire smiled at her, "So are we."
"Lets go eat," Skyview turned and walked to the castle with Starfire and Luna behind him.

It was after dinner and night had fallen on the land. The moon shined brightly through the clouds and the stars twinkled.
Luna laid in bed under her blue cover with the picture as she cried. Tears continued streaming from her eyes.
"Will I ever see them again?" Luna silently sobbed.
Stardust and Royal Heart quietly walked in her room. They could hear her crying as they walked closer to her bed.
They stopped beside her bed and saw that she had covered her head with her blanket.
"Luna," Royal Heart whispered to her.
Luna continued to cry, she couldn't stop not matter how hard she tried. She didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone, she just wanted to be alone. Stardust threw her covers off and saw that she saw curled in a tight ball crying, her cheeks were soaked and her eyes were filled with tears. Stardust picked her up in his arms and nuzzled her.
Royal Heart took the picture and placed it on the night stand then she stroked Luna's mane out of her face.
"Luna, you miss your friends, don't you?" Royal Heart asked.
"Y-yes," Luna sobbed loudly. "I adopted parents. I miss my friends...I miss..." Luna couldn't talk anymore she just continued to cry harder.
Stardust sat on her bed and waiting until she had calmed down.
"Luna we have a surprise for you," Royal Heart said to her.
Luna wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at her parents.
"We are going to let you go back to living with your adopted parents but we want you to come and see us at the gate when it opens. We also want you here at the castle every now and then even if you have to bring your school work with you. Buster and Charades are going to be your personal guards and will watch you while your in the other world," Stardust explained.
"Really?" Luna asked as she began to smile. "I can go back? See my friends and stay?"
"Yes but don't forget, you are Princess of Ponyland and will need to learn things about running this Kingdom. When you're in the other world you are to be known as Lunarstar and in this world you are to be known at Luna. When your in the other world, do not let ponies see you as a winged unicorn. It'll be like it was before I met you," Stardust explained.
"When can I go back?" Luna asked.
"Tomorrow night," Royal Heart replied. "Skyview had already taken Buster and Charades at Moonlight castle, that is why he wasn't outside with you this morning. They'll be waiting for you at the Gate. Skyview will take you there tomorrow."
Luna smiled happily and hugged her father.
"I realize you have another life in the other world that you can't simply walk away from. Luna, once you finish school you are to stay here but you can always visit the other world," Stardust told her.
"Don't worry though, that won't be for a long time. Just enjoy the moment while your there," Royal Heart told her.
"Thank you so much," Luna muttered happily.
"Oh, I almost forgot!" Royal Heart exclaimed, "I'll be right back." Royal Heart left the room. A little while later she entered the room. In her mouth was a purple box with yellow moons and a white bow in top.
Stardust set Luna on the bed and took the box from Royal Heart, "We had this made for you, so you can remember us while your in the other world."
Stardust handed her the box and watched as Luna quickly took off the bow. She opened the box and looked inside. Stardust and Royal Heart smiled as they saw her surprised look.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
Luna took out a gold chain. On the chain was a round, gold locket with a silver moon.
"It's so pretty. Is it really mine?" Luna asked.
"Yes it is," Stardust replied.
"Open it," Royal Heart told her.
"Open it?" Luna asked as she examined it. "Oh, it's a locket?" She opened the locket and saw two pictures, one of Stardust as King and one of Royal Heart as Queen. Luna smiled greatly as tears fell down her cheeks. "I'll never take it off," She got off her bed and hugged her parents.
"I'll miss you Luna," Royal Heart whispered.
When they were done hugging, Stardust and Royal Heart tucked Luna in bed.
"Good night Luna. Get some sleep this time," Stardust said with a smile.
"I will."
"Goodnight, Luna," Royal Heart muttered happily and she followed Stardust out of the room as Luna closed her eyes and fell asleep.