Chapter 198: Thinking of Family

The Sky was dark, the half moon shined brightly in the clear sky. The stars twinkled brightly. Luna grunted and then jumped awake. She looked around and saw that she was in her large room that her parents gave her. Her bed was large and the floor was light purple with light purple see through curtains. Luna threw her blue blanket off of her and got off the bed. She walked across her room to the balcony to get some cool air. She leaned on the white marble railing with her front hoofs and looked out in the distance as the wind blew her hair wildly.
She thought about the dream she just had. It was the strangest dream she ever had. She saw a white ball consumed in fire in the darkness. It seemed calm at first, then suddenly a large white hand with claws grabbed the ball and held it tightly in it's fist. The flames disintegrated to smoke and then she woke up.
"Strange dream," Luna muttered.
She yawned and then left the balcony. She walked to her bed and sat down. On her wooden and gold night stand sat a picture of her and her friends on her birthday. Luna picked it up and held it close as she stared at it. She thought about the times she was with them and her adopted parents.
"I miss you guys," Luna whispered.
She laid down on her bed still staring at the picture.

It was morning and the birds chirped loudly. Royal Heart walked in Luna's room. Her blue hair was tied up on her head with a golden large tiara covered in diamonds and letting strands of hair hanging down in curls. She walked to Luna's bed and was about to wake her when she saw a picture under Luna's hoof. Royal Heart moved Luna's hoof and picked up the picture. She smiled at the picture noticing Luna covered in bows ad ribbons, then she looked down at Luna, "My poor little girl." She put the picture on the night stand. "She must miss her friends."
Royal Heart shook Luna. "Wake up, Luna."
Luna slowly opened her eyes and smiled at her mother. Then she looked on her head and stared at her tiara. She had seen her mother wear it before but it was still pretty to look at. Her father's crown was also very pretty.
"You feeling better today?" Royal Heart asked.
"A lot better," Luna replied yawning.
Royal Heart smiled, "Well it's time you get up and see the rest of the castle."
Luna yawned and rubbed her eyes, "What time is it?"
"It's 9 am."
"What? That's too early," Luna exclaimed.
Royal Heart laughed. "Yes it is but you are a princess and there's a lot to do."
"Do? Like what?" Luna asked still laying in bed.
"There's breakfast in the morning and you have to meet a few important ponies and then you have to learn how to rule this Kingdom." Royal Heart walked to Luna's dresser and picked up her white and gold brush. "Come on, Luna. Get out of bed."
Luna threw her covers off and got out of bed. Royal Heart walked up to Luna and began brushing her long white hair.
"You are so pretty," Royal Heart commented, "I can't wait to dress you up like a princess."
"Dress me up?" Luna asked.
"Some day when you are of age, you'll receive a princess crown. On that day you'll have your hair completely redone and you'll also have a Princess party, the whole Kingdom will celebrate."
Luna turned around looking up at her mother, "When will that be?"
"Not for quite some time." Royal Heart put the brush back on the dresser and walked to the door. "Come on Luna, it's time for breakfast."

Luna followed her mother downstairs to the first floor and turned left. When they came upon a white door, they opened it and entered the room.
Stardust was wearing his golden crown with a golden collar around his neck. Skyview and Starfire sat at the long wooden table with Stardust at the end. Each of them wore golden collars except for her mother who wore a silver collar.
"Good morning, Luna," Stardust commented.
"Morning," Luna replied tiredly.
Luna sat at the table next to her father with her mother on the other side. When they were all seated, 5 servants walked in the room and placed 5 oval shaped plates in front of them. Luna smiled when she saw pancakes on her plate.
"I remembered how you like pancakes so I had some made for you," Stardust remarked.
"Thanks Dad," Luna replied smiling.
As she ate, she thought about her adopted mother who always made her pancakes in the mornings.
"So Luna, how are you feeling today?" Skyview asked.
"Fine," Luna replied.
"You're back to normal?" Starfire asked.
"Yes I'm feeling normal," Luna smiled.
"You slept a lot," Skyview said to her.
"How long has it been since the battle?" Luna asked.
"A week. You spent most of the week sleeping and staying in your room," Stardust answered.
"Really?" Luna asked. "I guess I was really tired.
"Yes you were. Do you remember the dragon you changed into?" Stardust asked her.
"What dragon?" Luna asked.
"A large white dragon," Starfire answered.
"No I don't remember," Luna replied.
"Well you changed to a white dragon and defeated Fallon," Skyview explained.
"Luna, I don't want you to ever change into that dragon again," Stardust told her.
"Ok," Luna replied, she was still not sure how or when she changed. "What happened to Star Cluster?"
"You imprisoned him in a crystal ball with Fallon," Stardust explained.
"Oh," Luna replied as she tried hard to remember. "Can I explore the castle?"
"It would probably be a good idea for you to know the castle first before meeting other ponies and teaching you how this kingdom runs. Take Starfire with you, this castle is big. A lot bigger than Moonlight Castle," Stardust replied.
"I forgot about showing you around the castle. I guess I'm just anxious to start teaching you," Royal Heart smiled at her.
"Skyview, what about you?" Luna asked.
"What about me?"
"Are you going to join us?" Luna asked.
"I'm afraid not, Luna. I have to help rebuild the town. Fallon destroyed a large portion of the town and it needs to be rebuilt as soon as possible."
"Oh," Luna replied, she was disappointed that Skyview wasn't coming with her.

After breakfast, Skyview left the castle with a large group of soldiers and wood carpenters. Stardust and Royal Heart went to the throne room to talk to other ponies leaving Luna and Starfire alone. Luna stood up from her chair, "Are you ready?"
Starfire stood up from his chair and smiled, "Yes I am. Where would you like to go first?"
"Um...the library," Luna replied.
"Oh, that is one big library. You'll love it, Skyview sure does. If you can't find him, go to the Library, you'll see him on the couch or chair reading with a pile of books in front of him." Starfire left the room and walked down several hallways with Luna behind him. He stopped at a set of tall doors that came to a point at the top. He opened the doors letting Luna in. She walked in and stopped, the floor was light pink marble. The walls were white with pink lining around the room. The spiral staircases were white and gold, stretching to two tall floors. The room was larger than the one at Moonlight castle. On one side of the room were tall glass windows.
"Well?" Starfire asked noticing her surprised look.
"It's so big and pretty," Luna replied.
Starfire laughed, "I guess I'll be seeing you in here with Skyview then."
There was a long table by the windows with three couches in the center of the room. A large mint green and pink rug laid on the floor under the couches. In the center of the couches was a short long table.
"Lets go, there's a lot to show you," Starfire told her. Luna turned and followed Starfire out of the room.
He took her all over the first floor, then he showed her the large kitchen where she met the cooks. Then he took her to several other rooms.
"Those rooms were so pretty," Luna commented.
Starfire smiled, "That's just the first floor wait till you see the other rooms."
He took her upstairs to the second floor and showed her more rooms. They even stopped to see the paintings that hung in the halls.
"Starfire, Where's Star Cluster?" Luna asked.
"In the crystal ball that you put him in."
"I know but where is he?" Luna asked.
"Oh, you want to see the crystal ball?" Starfire asked.
"Yeah!" Luna replied excitedly.
"Ok, it's on the third floor," Starfire replied.
When they walked down several halls and found the stairs. Luna followed Starfire up the wide stairs to the third floor. Then he took her down a long hall and turned right. In front of a door stood two pony soldiers.
"Luna, don't touch the ball but you can look," Starfire told her. He opened the door and led her in which had two more pony soldiers. Luna walked up to the ball that sat on a small pillow in a glass box.
"I can't touch the ball anyways," Luna told him noticing the glass case.
"I wasn't taking any chances."
Luna got close to the glass box and stared at the crystal ball.
"He and Fallon are really inside but they're not moving," Luna observed.
"They're frozen inside."
"Will they ever get out?" Luna asked.
"Stardust has no intentions of ever releasing Star Cluster or Fallon," Starfire replied, standing behind her.
"Oh," Luna muttered.
"Lets go, it's almost time for dinner and I don't want to miss it," Starfire told her.
Luna turned and followed Starfire out of the room.
"What about the rest of the castle?" Luna asked.
"I can show you tomorrow."
"Oh," Luna replied. She kept silent for a while. Ever since breakfast she couldn't help but wonder about the collars her parents and uncles wore.
"Why do you, Skyview and my parents wear those collars?" Luna asked curiously.
Starfire stopped at the stairs and looked at Luna, "It shows that you are royalty."
"But everyone knows your are royalty."
"It's family tradition to wear them," Starfire replied.
"Oh so I'll get one too?" Luna asked.
"Yes but yours will be silver with jewels on it like your parents."
"Why?" Luna asked.
"The King, Queen and the heir to the throne wears jeweled collars."
"How do they fit on?" Luna asked.
Starfire smiled at her, he stood up on his hind legs and used his front hooves to reached under his mane. Then carefully pulled the golden collar off.
"Oh, I thought it connected in back."
"No it doesn't. You just slip it on and let it hang on your neck," Starfire explained.
Luna took the golden collar from Starfire and held it, then she tried it on. The collar hung low almost falling off. Starfire took the collar from her neck and placed it around his neck, "It's a bit to big for you. The one you will get should fit you till your older."
"When do I get one?" Luna asked.
"Soon, very soon," Starfire replied.
"Do I have to wear it all the time?" Luna asked.
Starfire laughed, "Your full of questions today, Luna. Yes you have to wear it all the time but you'll get used to it. Soon you'll feel funny without it."
Starfire and Luna continued downstairs as they talked.

It was after dinner and the sky had gotten dark. Luna spent time with her parents talking and laughing, telling Royal Heart everything that happened during those thirteen years. When it got late her parents walked her to her room so she wouldn't get lost getting there.
"Goodnight, Luna," Stardust commented. He lowered his head and rubbed her cheek.
"Goodnight, Luna. I'll see you in the morning," Royal Heart gave Luna a hug and then sent her to her room.
"Goodnight," Luna replied.
She went to her bed and sat down. She still couldn't believe she was living in a castle that her parents owned. Everyone treated her so nice, and for a while she had forgotten about the other world.
Luna picked up the picture on her night stand and stared at it.
"I wish you guys could see Dream Castle. It's so big and pretty," Luna whispered.
She laid on the blankets as she continued to look at the picture. "I wish mom and dad could see this place too." A tear trickled down her cheek as she thought of her adopted parents and the times she had fun with them. Luna turned on her stomach and hugged the pillow, burying her face as she silently cried.
"I miss them so much," Luna muttered.