Chapter 197: Luna's Finale Change

Luna thought and wished deeply that something could be done about Fallon. Suddenly an image flashed before her eyes. It was the same image but this time she could see what the two great beasts were. Fallon fighting with another dragon only she was all white with feathers all over her.
Starfire was the first to notice Luna glowing. "Look, Luna's glowing."
Stardust, Royal Heart and Starfire looked down at her. Her entire body was glowing and sparkling. Luna opened her eyes and ran to the center of the yard where Fallon stood.
"Luna!" Stardust called to her.
Luna turned around and looked at him, her eyes suddenly changed from purple to green. The black ponies and her mother were shocked.
"She's doing it again," Skyview muttered.
"Another change I think," Stardust told him.
Luna sat down and closed her eyes. A second later she began to glow brightly till she couldn't be seen. A stream of white, sparkly water appeared around Luna. She began to grow rapidly until she was half the size of Dream Castle. The water dissolved and Luna stopped glowing. Everyone in the yard was shocked.
There in the yard sat a large, white feathered dragon. Her wings were feathered and so was her body except for underneath her, it was white scale stretching from her head to her long tail. On her head were two long pearly white horns, and at the tip of her nose was a large spike. On the back of her neck was a white mane from her head to the base of her tail.
Luna opened her eyes revealing green eyes. She turned her head and saw Fallon burning more buildings in town.
Royal Heart gasped. "The dragon crest!"
"What?" Starfire asked.
"Look at her. She looks just like the dragon on the crest!" Royal Heart turned and looked at the castle. The Royal Crest sat on the castle above the door.
"She does!" Skyview exclaimed. "But how is that even possible?"
"Her two horns are pearly as well," Stardust pointed out.
"Like Luna's horn," Starfire muttered. "I'm confused...what's going on?"
"I have no idea. I'm as lost as you," Stardust told him.
"I have no idea what your talking about," Royal Heart added.
"She cannot change into stone and things that are not real. this even possible?" Skyview muttered.
"Luna!" Stardust yelled.
Luna turned and lowered her head, looking at Stardust closely.
"You can't go. It's to dangerous," Stardust told her.
"You're all we have," Royal Heart added.
"I am sorry but I must go. I am the only one who can stop Fallon. He will destroy everything unless he is stopped," Luna told him.
The black ponies were surprised. Luna's voice had changed and yet, they heard it once before when the gnome kidnaped her.
Luna stood up and turned facing Fallon, She stretch her wings and jumped high, then she flapped her wings and flew towards Fallon.
"I thought Dragons were scaley but Luna isn't," Starfire observed.
"That is a bit strange," Stardust replied.

Luna flew towards Fallon, growling with a deep roar in her throat. She flew by him whipping her tail in his face. Fallon turned and roared as smoke came out of his nostrils. He left the town and flew after Luna. They flew around the town and castle while Fallon threw streams of fire at her but missed every time. Luna turned over and stopped with her head lowed and her claw out towards him. Fallon did the same and attacked her. They flew higher and higher, whipping their tails at each other and trying to bite each other.

Everyone in the yard stood and watch them fighting with fascination.
"Oh Luna," Royal Heart whispered as she began to cry. Royal Heart nuzzled Stardust on the neck hoping Luna would be alright.

Luna used her back feet and scratched Fallon's stomach. He quickly let go and held his stomach. When looked up he saw Luna's mouth open.
"Oh no you don't!" Fallon opened his mouth and shot fire at her just when Luna quickly moved, coming within inches of getting burnt. Luna flew from Fallon towards the sky as he followed. When they reached the clouds, Luna stopped and turned, she quickly threw a stream of fire at Fallon. He barley managed to escape the fire. Fallon threw a stream of fire back at her but missed and growled angrily. He flew fast towards Luna and knocked her out of the sky. They continued to fall as they fought. Luna tried to use her back feet but Fallon used his own feet to stop her. Luna used her long tail and hit him on the side of his head several times. She used her claws and scratched his face causing Fallon to cry out in pain. Then she pushed him back and opened her mouth, instead of fire, a smoky rainbow mist came out and covered Fallon.
"No, not again!" Fallon cried. He began to glow blue then he turned into a blue fire ball. Luna turned herself around and landed on the ground, she stood and watched the fire ball hit the ground and began to shrink. When it was tinny, the fire dissolved revealing a crystal ball.

Stardust ran from across the yard to the gate knocking soldiers out of the way. Suddenly Skyview, Starfire and everyone in the yard moaned in pain. Images began to flash before them.
"Starfire, Skyview, What's wrong?" Royal Heart asked worriedly.
When the images and headaches stopped everyone looked at Stardust.
"We have our memories back," Skyview replied.
"And it's great to have them back," Starfire added.
Stardust stood at the gate entrance watching the white dragon. Suddenly she began to glow and the white waters appeared surrounding her as she shrunk. When Luna had returned to her original form, she closed her eyes and fell to the ground.
Stardust bolted into a run like a blur across the ground. Royal Heart flapped her wings and followed Stardust. Starfire flapped his wings and followed Royal Heart in the air. Skyview turned into a cloud and followed Starfire.

Stardust stopped at Luna's feet. She laid on the ground, not moving a muscle. He walked around her and put his hoof on her, lightly shaking her. "Luna, wake up."
But no matter how hard he tried Luna wouldn't wake up. Stardust sat on the ground and picked her up.
"Luna!" he called in her ear. "Lunarstar, please wake up. Move, do something."
But Luna laid in his arms lifeless.
Stardust held her close and nuzzled her as a tear fell from his cheek, "Luna, Please."
But still she didn't move or wake up.
Royal Heart landed on the ground next to Stardust and gasped.
"She won't wake up," Stardust cried.
" she can't be," Tears began streaming down her face. "My little baby girl. I to know her." Royal Heart and Stardust rubbed their heads on Luna as they silently cried.
Starfire landed and stood with his eyes closed feeling sad. Skyview appeared next to him and looked at Luna sadly.
"She's...gone," Stardust cried.
Royal Heart called to Luna but she still didn't move or wake up. "She can't be...gone."
Skyview walked up to Luna and held his ear close to her. "Shhhhhh,"
"What?" Starfire asked.
"I have the ability to hear a pin drop which is why I'm such a light sleeper. I...thought I heard something," Skyview held his ear close to Luna, then he raised his head and looked at Stardust, "She's alive but barley breathing."
"Really?" Stardust asked him.
"Yes, my ears are sensitive to sound. I can hear her breathing but it's pretty shallow. I'm just guessing but changing into the white dragon probably took all her strength and power so when she changed back it left her very weak."
Stardust sniffed his tears back and looked down at Luna. Was she still alive? But he couldn't see her breathing.
"Luna," Stardust called to her. Royal Hear put her hoof on Luna's face and stroked her fur. "Luna, wake up."
After a while the black ponies and Royal Heart began to call Luna but she still did not wake up or move.

The soldiers at the castle watched sadly.
"The Princess, is she.."
No one answered the soldier. No one wanted to believe it.

As Stardust held Luna, he suddenly noticed she was taking deep breaths.
"Luna," Stardust called again.
Luna's eyes slowly opened but only halfway. She felt very tired and too weak to move.
"Luna, oh my baby girl," Royal Heart nuzzled her,and then Stardust hugged her.
"Luna, you scared us to death. We thought you were...dead," Stardust said to her.
Luna just looked up at him. She was to weak to say anything or smile.
"Luna, how do you feel?" Royal Heart asked.
It was several minutes before she could get the last bit of her strength to say something.
Stardust and Royal Heart looked at her surprisingly.
"You can't talk?" Stardust asked her.
"She's tired...too tired to move," Skyview replied.
Stardust and Royal Heart looked up at him.
"That's what she said," Skyview added.
Stardust smiled, "I'm so glad your alright. Don't ever change into that White Dragon again."
Luna looked at him confusingly then she moved her mouth to say something.
"She wants to know what your talking about," Skyview said.
"Doesn't she remember?"
"No, she said," Skyview replied.
"We'll talk about it later when she's feeling better," Stardust remarked.
Starfire suddenly noticed a golden Crown with a crystal ball in the middle. He walked over to the crown and picked it up. He turned and walked over to Stardust, "I think this belongs to you," He carefully placed it on his head while Skyview picked up the crystal ball. Luna looked up at his crown with fascination.
"Look at this," Skyview held it up for Stardust to see. In the ball frozen like a statue were Fallon and Star Cluster.
"That's what those two deserved," Stardust commented.
"I can't believe Star Cluster did this to us, our own little brother!" Skyview exclaimed.
"Something happened to Star Cluster when he was little. Didn't you hear him talking to us in the throne room?" Stardust asked.
"Like what could have happened?" Starfire asked. "We were with him a lot."
"That is something only Star Cluster knows and I'm afraid he will never tell us as long as he's in that ball," Stardust replied, "Skyview take that ball to the castle and I want soldiers guarding that ball at all times."
"Ok," Skyview winked out.
Stardust stood up on his hind legs. "Take Luna and put her on my back." Starfire took Luna and waited until he was on four feet. Starfire carefully put Luna on his back making sure she wouldn't slide off. Her legs hung on both side with her head hanging down on one side.
"Lets go home," Stardust said to Royal Heart.
"Home...Stardust, don't ever leave us," Royal Heart said to him.
"I can't promise you that but right now I don't plan to go anywhere else." Stardust began walking as Luna closed her eyes going back to sleep. They walked from the hill, across the clearing and to the castle gate. Stardust and Starfire smiled when they saw who was standing at the gate with Skyview.
Stardust stopped at the gate and smiled, "Hi Mom, Dad. It's so good to see you after all these years."
"Time has not pass for us while we were in that crystal ball but It is nice to see things are going back to normal again," Ribbon Lock replied.
Sunlight looked on Stardust's back and smiled greatly, "It's her, Luna?"
"Yes, that's my daughter. She's thirteen now," Stardust replied.
"She's so pretty, Stardust," Sunlight muttered.
Luna moaned and tried her raise her leg to get comfortable but she was till to weak to move.
"We should get her to bed, Stardust," Royal Heart smiled.
"She needs to get to bed. I'll talk to you later," Stardust replied, "Skyview, Starfire. I want this yard cleaned up and the town rebuilt."
"Ok," they replied.
Stardust turned and began walking with Royal Heart at his side. When he saw the three Kings he stopped. "Can you forgive me and my brothers for what Star Cluster made us do?"
"King Stardust, we do not blame you for those years when you and your brothers scared the kingdoms. We understand what has happened and hope it will never happen again," King Wispy replied.
"Thank you and I promise, as long as I live, this will never happen again," Stardust continued walking into the castle with Royal Heart.
"Home, there really is no place like home!" Stardust exclaimed happily.

As everyone at the Castle started to clean the yard, a dark stranger hidden in the forest, stood watching. He walked into the light and stared at the castle. He was dark green with red and gray hair. His eyes looked like gold cat's eyes.
"It's not possible for her to be alive. I saw her..." the pony paused, "I'm going to have to rethink my plans," the pony turned and disappeared into the dark forest.