Chapter 196: The Great Beast

As Star Cluster stood facing Starfire, his key and the gold chain disappeared. Star Cluster felt tired but for some reason he couldn't lay down or move. He closed his eyes and lost consciousness. Fallon took over and opened Star Cluster's eyes. Starfire was surprised when he saw his eyes. They had changed from green to yellow like Luna's eyes had did. Fallon turned from Starfire and jumped off the wall, landing on the ground hard. He ran to the middle of the soldiers where there was a clearing in the yard.
Everyone was surprised when they saw Star Cluster's eyes, they took a few steps back in fear. Starfire flew to Stardust and landed on the ground next to him.
"His eyes," Stardust exclaimed.
"That is Fallon, not Star Cluster," Starfire told him.
"Fallon?" Stardust asked.
"The great beast," Luna whispered.
The black ponies looked down at her surprisingly. She stood staring at Star Cluster without blinking.
"How...did you know?" Stardust asked.
"I don't know," Luna answered.
Fallon stood in the center, closed his eyes and lowered his head. A second later, fire appeared and surrounded Star Cluster. He was consumed in fire to the point no one could see him. The soldiers quickly stood far from Star Cluster.
The body of fire grew rapidly until it was half as tall as Dream Castle. When he stopped growing the fire quickly dissolved.
Everyone gasped shockingly. They wanted to run but their feet refused to move out of fear. In the yard stood a large dark red scaly dragon. It had four long sharp horns on it's head, one long horn on it's nose with four tiny horns on it's face between the nose horn and long horns. A fin sat on his head stretching to base of his long tail. At the end of his tail were four sharp spikes. He had large leathery, bat-like wings folded at his sides.
"Free at last!" Fallon exclaimed. "Now for some fun."
Fallon jumped in the air and flapped his wings. He flew from the castle to Dream Valley circling it.
"That is the great beast?" Starfire asked.
The black ponies stood speechless. They were too shocked to know what to say.
Luna leaned against her father's coat hiding her face. Royal Heart nuzzled her on the cheek then she looked up at the dragon.
"We have to do something!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Like what?" Stardust asked him.
Suddenly Fallon opened his mouth and shot fire at the town setting a few buildings on fire. Royal Heart gasped as tears began to fall down her cheeks. "Stardust, he's going to burn the whole town!"
Stardust sighed sadly. There was nothing he could do but watch.
Luna looked up and saw Fallon shooting another blast of fire at the town. Her eyes began to water as she thought about all the shops she had went to and the families she met.
"I hate to say it but, Dream Castle could be next," Skyview muttered.
Tears began to fall from her eyes. "Isn't there anything we could do to stop him?"
"I'm afraid not, Luna," Stardust nuzzled her.
"Me and Starfire could try?" Skyview proposed.
Stardust looked at them worriedly. He didn't want to send his brothers but they were the only ones that could get to Fallon. Just when Stardust was about to say ok, a large group of Flutter Ponies flew past the castle towards Fallon. They circled him flying as fast as they could. Fallon was getting annoyed with them, he swung his tail hitting a few. He used his wings and knocked group of flutter ponies to the ground. They flapped their wings rapidly but the wind from their wings just angered Fallon. He flapped his wings and flew around the town and then towards the Flutter ponies. He flew by so quickly that the Flutter ponies were knocked out of the sky.
Queen Calla Lilly and King Arrow Heart flew to the castle yard and landed in front of Stardust. They breathed heavily trying to catch their breath.
"I'm sorry, we did everything we could," Queen Calla Lilly told him.
"We will help you guard the castle from him," King Arrow Heart proposed.
"Thank you," Stardust replied.
"Let us go," Starfire said.
"The Flutter ponies couldn't fight him and I doubt you two could either."
Luna hated the thought of her two uncles fighting with Fallon. It hurt her to see the Flutter ponies bruised and battered from fighting with Fallon.
Luna closed her eyes. She could no longer stand seeing Fallon burning the town.
"I wish I could do something," Luna thought as tears continued to fall down her cheeks.