Chapter 195: Star Cluster's Great Secret

Star Cluster ran out of the castle and suddenly stopped at the top of the steps. His soldiers were defeated, and some were still fighting back. He could hear hooves echoing in the halls. He knew his three brothers were coming for him as he realized his worst fears were coming true. He had lost everything that he had taken. How would he escape? Was it even possible to escape Dream Castle?
"I have to get out of here," Star Cluster whispered.
"Use that ability of yours. The one you thought was a useless ability," the voice suggested.
Star Cluster looked back into the hall. The sounds of hooves were very close. He looked forward over looking the yard. Then he saw a narrow path through the soldiers to the gates. He hoped they would be to busy fighting to notice him. Star Cluster ran down the steps just as his brothers ran out of the castle.
"There he is!" Starfire exclaimed.
They took off at a run and followed him down the steps. Stardust wanted to use his super speed but there were too many soldiers around.
"Stop him!" Stardust yelled to the soldiers ahead.
The soldiers in the yard rushed in front of the gate, blocking Star Cluster's path. Then more soldiers surrounded him pointing their swords at him.
"I want him captured!" Stardust yelled angrily.
Star Cluster looked around him. He couldn't see anyway through the soldiers. He was completely surrounded.
As the soldiers walked closer, Star Cluster quickly looked around the yard for a clear spot. When he saw one, he ducked low to the ground.
"What is he doing?" Starfire asked noticing how low Star Cluster was to the ground.
Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Star Cluster jumped high in the air and over the group of soldiers. He landed in a clear spot behind them putting an imprint on the ground. He stood up tall and ran towards the castle walls.
"I-I...don't believe what I just saw!" Skyview exclaimed.
"Since when did he have an ability?" Stardust asked, "We all thought he was normal like Skyview."
"I'm not normal. I have an ability too I just...never told you," Skyview replied.
"What?" Starfire and Stardust exclaimed.
"I'm sorry, I was afraid to tell you two," Skyview replied. "But this is not the time to explain. I'll tell you when this is all over."
Star Cluster stopped at the wall, he ducked low to the ground and then jumped high. He landed softly at the top of the wall and was about to jump over the other side when a cloud appeared. Star Cluster turned and looked angrily at Skyview who had his horn glowing. Star Cluster looked around the cloud walls that Skyview had put, it was a large blanket-like cloud surrounding the castle.
"This is just great," Star Cluster muttered. He looked at the gate and noticed the cloud stopped at the gate opening. Maybe he had a chance to escape after all. He bolted into a run towards the gate.
"He's going for the gate!" Starfire exclaimed. He flapped his wings and flew over the soldiers. He stopped in front of the gate and hovered just above the wall. Star Cluster stopped suddenly.
With Starfire in the way he had no chance to escape.

Royal Heart and Luna walked out of the castle and down the steps to join Stardust.
"You two should not be out here," Stardust told them.
"I want to see him pay for what he's done," Royal Heart replied angrily then she nuzzled Luna on the cheek. "I missed thirteen years thanks to him."
Stardust smiled at Luna, "I know, so have I."
"Where is Star Cluster?" Royal Heart asked.
"On the wall. We have him trapped within the castle walls. He can't escape," Stardust answered.
Royal Heart looked on the wall and saw Starfire flying in one spot in front of Star Cluster.
"How did he get up there?" Royal Heart asked.
"He jumped," Skyview replied.
"Jumped?" Royal Heart asked. "That's not possible."
"He has the ability to jump high. It was quite a shock when we saw him do it," Stardust replied.
The soldiers in the yard just noticed Royal Heart standing with Stardust. They smiled and were happy to see she was safe and had been rescued.

Star Cluster took a few steps back giving himself space between him and Starfire.
"Now what?" Star Cluster asked.
"I can get you out of this," the voice said.
"Just who are you?" Starfire asked after hearing the voice.
"I am Fallon. I've been trapped in this stupid crystal ball for centuries," Fallon answered.
"Get me out of this," Star Cluster told him.
"I will need your permission to borrow your body," Fallon replied.
"My body?" Star Cluster asked.
"I can not use you or touch you in anyway without your permission. Now do you want out or not?"
"Ok, do what ever you want as long as you get me out of here," Star Cluster told him.
Fallon began to laugh, "Wonderful. This is just what I've been wanting to do."
"Do what?" Starfire asked.
"To be free but since it's not my body it will be temporary," Fallon answered.