Chapter 194: Stardust Vs. Star Cluster

Lunarstar and Buster had ran through the forest, resting at times and then they continued running. When they came to a clearing near Dream Valley, they suddenly stopped and looked at the battle in the distance.
"Your father is going to be angry with me," Buster told her.
"I'm sorry," Luna replied.
Buster turned his head and looked at her. It felt strange to see a mirror image of himself and to hear his voice.
After a few minutes Luna began running towards the castle with Buster at her side.

Queen Rosy Peach and King Frost guided their fellow ponies to Star Cluster's room and through the wall.
"Alright, I want four to a ball and carry it outside away from the castle," King Frost ordered.
The tinny ponies grouped in fours and carried a crystal ball outside.
"Be careful with that ball," Queen Rosy Peach exclaimed, "Queen Royal Heart is inside,"
The four tinny ponies nodded their heads and slowly picked up the ball carrying it through the wall. They flew slowly while other groups flew fast. When they reached the forest, they saw a large collection of balls on the grass sparkling in the sunlight.
Suddenly a group of tinny ponies flew by. The group carrying Royal Heart did their best to avoid them.
Queen Rosy Peach and King Frost flew outside just in time to see Little Flitter hit the ball. The four tinny ponies lost their grip on the ball. King Frost and Queen Rosy Peach gasped.
The crystal ball fell to the ground and cracked.
Little Fitter began to cry, "I'm so sorry!"
Just when the Queen was about to yell at her, a smokey mist came out of the ball and formed a scared peagsus. Royal Heart blinked a few times then she looked around while taking her hood off her head and letting her long blue hair drop. Queen Rosy Peach flew up to her, "Your alive!"
Queen Royal Heart stared at her. She had never seen such a tinny pony before but she has heard of them.
"You're a Summer Wing pony?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes I am but there's no time to explain."
"Thanks to Little Fitter, we now know how to release the prisoners. Everyone take a ball and drop them!" King Frost ordered.
Royal Heart was confused at to what was going on. When she noticed the crystal balls she was curious and walked over to it, taking a close look at it.
"You were inside a ball just like that one. Little Flitter released you," King Frost explained.
"Released me?" Royal Heart asked. It was then that she heard the sounds of a battle. Royal Heart turned and gasped at Dream Castle, "What's going on?"
"The castle is under attack," Queen Rosy Peach explained.
"My little baby. Where is she?" Royal Heart asked.
"You mean Princess Luna?" Little Flitter asked.
"Yes, where is she?"
"She's waiting safely away from the castle," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
"Waiting? by herself but she's just a baby," Royal Heart told them.
"I'm sorry Queen Royal Heart but she is no longer a baby. She's thirteen years old," Queen Rosy Peach explained.
Royal Heart gasped, it was like time around her had stopped.
"Thirteen? mean I've been in that...ball for."
"Yes, you've been in that ball for thirteen years," King Frost replied.
All the Prisoners were released and were just as lost as Royal Heart.
"What about Stardust? Where is he?" Queen Royal Heart asked.
"You remember him?" King frost asked.
"Yes I remember everything now. Please, tell me. Where is he?"
"He's inside the castle fighting Star Cluster," Queen Rosy Peach explained.
"Stardust," Royal Heart muttered as she stared at Dream Castle.
The ponies and creatures behind her stared at her as they whispered to themselves.
"It's the Queen."
"Royal Heart?"
"She's alive?"
Royal Heart ignored their whisperings as a tear began to fall from her cheek, "I've missed thirteen years. I didn't even get to seen my daughter grow up."
"I'm sorry," Queen Rosy Peach kindly said.
"I must go. I want to see him pay," Royal Heart started walking when King Frost flew in front of her, "You can't. We must take you and everyone else to safety."
"Star Cluster ruined my family's life. I want to see him pay for what he's done!" Royal Heart said to him angrily. She ran around King Frost and flew from the ground heading towards the window.

Stardust and his two brothers ran to the throne room and stood at the top of the stairs.
"Well if it isn't my big brother," Star Cluster smirked.
"I have my memories and I've come for my throne!" Stardust said angrily.
"I'm not giving it back. This is the most important thing I've ever had."
"You have the gate. It's your inheritance, to guard the gate," Stardust told him walking down the stairs with his brothers.
"Guarding the gate from what?" Star Cluster laughed, "That's not important. The only reason dad gave it to me is because it's the only inheritance left in this Kingdom. He felt bad for leaving me out. He did not plan on having a fourth son so he had to think of something to give to me. The Gate is useless to me!" Star Cluster cried angrily.
"The gate is very important. Dad had planned to give it to you..." Stardust began to say.
"I know! I heard everything they said that night," The key around Star Cluster's neck turned into a staff. He grabbed the staff and pointed at Stardust, "Mom and Dad always loved you three the best!" Suddenly lighting shot out from the staff. Stardust and Starfire ran while Skyview winked out.
Star Cluster continued shooting lighting bolt at his two brothers while Skyview winked behind him and was about to grab him when a voice cried, "Behind you!"
the voice had caught the black ponies off guard.
Star Cluster gripped the staff tightly and sent his brothers across the floor, "I was always someone to blame when things went wrong."
Stardust stood on his feet, "What are you talking about? Mom and Dad loved you. You were very important to them."
"Sure, that's why they left me a useless stone archway to me. To guard from who? No one knows about it," Star Cluster pointed his staff at his brothers and sent them to the wall again.
"I should have put you three away when I had the chance," Star Cluster pointed his staff at his brothers and was about to shoot a lighting bolt at them when suddenly Royal Heart flew in and rammed into him. He and Royal Heart fell to the ground.
Star Cluster quickly stood up and gasped shockingly at her, "How? you can't be here!"
"I was set free!" Royal Heart replied.
Star Cluster looked at her angrily, he gripped the staff tightly, "I will send you back where you belong,"
Just then a brown male pony with tan hair rushed in the throne room, "they're climbed over the walls."
"I know that!" Star Cluster yelled.
Stardust stared surprisingly at the brown pony, "Luna" His brother heard him mutter her name and they looked at the brown pony.
"Are you sure?" Skyview asked sitting on the floor.
"Yes," Stardust whispered.
Just then a tan pony with red hair rushed in the room, "they're in the castle!" He turned and looked at the brown pony, then he gasped, "How is this possible?"
Star Cluster left Royal Heart and walked towards them, "What are you talking about?"
"This pony is dead in the hall," the soldier replied.
"He's making it up. It's a trick, to get you outside."
Star Cluster stood in front of them studying them. He wasn't sure what was going on. A dead pony walking around? Was he right about it being a trick?
"I don't know what's going on but I'll figure it out later," Star Cluster pointed the staff at the two ponies and shot a lighting bolt at them.
Stardust and his brother gasped.
When the lighting cleared, they only saw one pony. The tan pony was frozen and then it began to shrink.
"What? Where did he go?" Star Cluster asked. He looked around and saw a bright light. When the light was gone, he stared surprisingly at Luna. She had changed back to a white winged unicorn. Royal Heart gasped and stared at Luna.
"Luna?" She whispered. She couldn't believe how mush Luna had grown.
"You must be the Princess. My niece and Stardust's daughter. It's nice to finally see you," Star Cluster pointed his staff at Luna and shot another lightning bolt at her but missed. She winked out and appeared else where in the room. While Luna kept winking in and out keeping Star Cluster busy, Stardust stood on his feet and ran as fast as he could across the floor. Star Cluster looked and gasped, there was no time to save himself. Stardust rammed him to him, sending him across the floor. The staff turned back into a key, appearing around Star Cluster's neck. When he stopped sliding across the floor he looked up and he saw Stardust rearing on his hind legs looking down at him angrily.
Star Cluster jumped to his feet and began to run when suddenly Starfire and Skyview rammed him to him. Star Cluster was on his back with his brothers on him. He tucked his feet under him against his stomach and then, kicked them across the floor. Stardust was quite surprised. How could he do that? Stardust knew he was not strong.
Star Cluster jumped to his feet and ran for the door.
"Where are you going? Fight!" the voice told him.
"I'm not stupid. I know when I have lost," Star Cluster ran up the steps towards the door.
Stardust turned towards Luna who was standing at the water fountain, "Stay here with your mother!"
Stardust and his brothers ran after Star Cluster.

Luna looked at Royal Heart. Her heart began to race, Luna was scared and excited a the same time. She had waited for so ling to see her real mother. The two stared at each other for several minutes till Royal Heart stood up and walked up to Luna.
"Luna," she said.
The voice sound kind and soft. Her blue hair hung long Like Luna's. Her eye's her bright pink.
"Luna," Her mother said again as tears began to fall from her cheek. Luna did not know her own mother but for some reason she too began to cry.
"My little baby girl," Royal Heart muttered. She took Luna in her arms and hugged her, "I missed seeing you growing up. I missed raising you, my own daughter. You were three when I last saw you. I'm so sorry I was never there to see you grow up."
Luna was still crying. She leaned against her mother's white coat with her eye's closed. Royal Heart let Luna go and began brushing her long white hair away from her face, "You've grown so pretty."
Luna wanted to stop crying but couldn't, he sat wiping the tears from her eyes, "I'm thirteen. I'm still growing."
Royal Heart smiled at her which made Luna stopped crying, "Yes, you are. I guess I didn't miss everything but you will continue to grow till your sixteen, then you will grow very slowly."
" you mean?" Luna asked.
"Your father didn't tell you about that?" Royal Heart asked.
"Well, he's got a lot to explain then but now is not the time for it," Royal Heart stood up, "Lets go."
"Go where? Dad said to stay here."
"I'm not staying here and I'm not leaving you here alone. I want to see Star Cluster pay for what he's done to us."
Luna stood up and followed her mother out of the throne room.