Chapter 192: Secret note for Dream Valley

It was early in the morning and the sun was just appearing in the horizon. Luna sat on a hill looking out in the distance, watching the sun rise. They sky turned from dark blue to light blue and yellow. The birds began chirping loudly, the clouds drifted by as the wind blew.
Stardust, his brothers and the four Kings stood at the bottom of the hill behind Luna talking and watching her. King Frost hovered next to King Fiddler and King Sunrise.
"So who is the boy you want to send?" Stardust asked.
King Wispy turned and pointed at a light orange pony with pink,white and purple hair, "Him."
Stardust stared at him. He was a bit young but would he be able to fool the soldiers in town?
"Is he the only one?" Stardust asked.
"I have no one else younger," King Wispy replied.
"He looks more like a soldier. It would be too risky," Stardust remarked.
"Who can we send then?" Skyview asked.
Stardust looked around at the soldiers, non of them were young. They looked too muscular. Who could go to town unnoticed? Suddenly Stardust had a thought but it was a bit risky. He turned and looked at Luna who was still sitting on the hill. She was still dirty from yesterday.
"Luna?" Skyview asked, "Are you crazy?"
"She can go as anyone. She could easily pass the soldiers in town," Stardust whispered back. "Besides I'd send you to watch her."
"Me?" Skyview asked.
"I'll explain later," Stardust replied.
The four Kings stood wondering what Stardust was talking about.
"Go as anyone?" the three Kings asked.
"Just watch," Stardust replied, he looked up at the hill. "Luna!"
Luna turned her head when she heard her father call her name.
"Come here!" Stardust told her.
Luna stood up and walked down the hill. She stood between Stardust and Skyview.
"Luna, would you do something for me?" Stardust asked.
"Sure," Luna replied not sure if she liked what he was going to ask her.
"I need you to change and go to Dream Valley," Stardust told her.
Luna's eyes widen, she couldn't believe he was asking her to change in front of everyone.
"C-change?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"I'm sorry Luna. I know we promised not to say anything but I need someone to go to Dream Valley and I can't send any of the soldiers. You can easily get in town unnoticed. Luna could you change...for me?" Stardust asked.
Luna sighed. She had no choice but to blow her big secret, "Ok. Who would you like me to look like?"
Stardust smiled. He was glad she approved. "A female pony but someone older."
"Can't I just change to my normal earth form?" Luna asked.
"No, you look to much like your mother," Stardust answered.
Luna smiled. "I do?"
"Luna, could you change?" Stardust asked impatiently. "We don't have much time."
"Ok," Luna began to think of someone older. "An older female?" Luna stood and thought about it, she had seen so many female ponies since she got to that world. Who would she pick?
"Preferably an earth pony," Stardust added.
There wasn't too many earth ponies she knew except for one.
"I know of one!" Luna exclaimed.
Her horn began to glow then her body. She grew taller turning into an adult earth female pony. She had completed her change, she stopped glowing.
"Rosebud?" Starfire asked.
"Well, it's the only normal pony that I could think of," Luna replied.
The four Kings didn't know what shocked them, the fact she had shapshifted or her voice changed. They didn't know what to say to her, all they could do is stare. Luna looked at their surprised faces and just smiled at them.
"Luna, here's what I want you to do. Go to a town called Dream Valley," one of the soldiers handed Stardust a gray bag. Stardust then handed the bag to Luna. "Take this bag. There's a note inside the bag. Visit every store in town and show the store owners the note. You must show the same note to all the store owners. Be careful while your in town, there will be some soldiers walking around. If they stop you, tell them your new in town and you're just shopping. I want you to walk there and back, do not fly or wink even if you think your alone. Do not tell anyone where you came from or who you are. Hurry Luna, you have to get back before sunset."
"Why do I have to be back before sunset?" Luna asked.
"It'll get too dark to see and I'll be worried if you don't get back here in time," Stardust answered.
"Oh," Luna slipped the bag over her head so it hung around her neck. Then she turned and was about to take a step when she paused.
"What is it?" Skyview asked.
"Where's Dream Valley?" Luna asked.
Stardust smiled. "Let me show you." He took Luna to the top of the hill and pointed to his right. "You can barely see Dream Castle but the town sits in front of it."
All Luna saw was a small building in the haze, "I think I see it."
"Good. Now hurry and do not go near the castle. Be careful, Luna."
"Bye," Luna replied.

Luna left and hurried across the clearing towards the forest. Stardust hurried to the bottom of the hill. "Skyview, Follow her but don't let her know your there. Do not let anyone see you."
"Especially baby ponies," Starfire added.
"I'll be careful," Skyview replied. Skyview's horn began to glow and suddenly he turned into a cloud and began floating along the grass.
"I can see you," Stardust exclaimed.
Skyview turned into a misty cloud, blending in the grass.
"Um, Stardust. Is the Princess a shapeshifter?" King Fiddler asked.
"We really saw her change, didn't we?" King Sunrise asked.
"I never thought it was possible for a pony to do that," King Wispy commented.
"Yes, Luna can shapeshift into any living thing she's seen. She can also change her current appearance as she originally looks," Stardust explain.
"What else can she do?" King Fiddler asked.
"She can move things with her mind and wink items or ponies from one place to another," Stardust answered.
"How can one pony process so many abilities?" King Sunrise asked. "Unicorns only have one ability."
"There's a lot of strange things about Luna even I can't explain," Stardust turned towards the forest. "We better wait in the forest before someone spots us."

It was in the afternoon when Luna finally arrived in Dream Valley. The town was large with several streets and many buildings. Ponies walked on the sidewalk going in and out of stores. Luna even spotted a few soldiers. They wore padded armor on their bodies and legs. They swords and spears hung at their sides as they watch the ponies in town. On a hill beyond the large town sat a tall light pink and white castle with a little bit of gold on it. There were many windows that covered the castle. Towers stood high above the castle some were attached to the side walls and didn't stick up as high. A tall thick wall surrounded the castle in the clearing. The forest surrounded the town and castle from all sides.
"Dream Castle," Luna muttered. She had seen the castle before but never so close. "It's so pretty. I can't believe this father's castle."
For a few minutes Luna had forgotten what she was to do and just stared at the castle. After a while Luna continued in to town and walked into the first store she saw. There were boxes and barrels of food.
"This must be a grocery store," Luna thought.
The place was almost empty, only a few ponies were browsing around and then they left.
"May I help you?" a female pink unicorn asked, her white and light blue hair was up in a ponytail.
Luna walked to the counter and stood on her hind legs leaning on the counter top.
"Yes you can. I need to talk to the store owner, please."
"My father is the store owner but he's busy out back," the unicorn replied.
"Please, it's very important. It'll only take a few minutes of his time," Luna begged.
"Alright, I'll get him," the unicorn smiled. "Wait here." She left and went outside through the back door.
"Daddy, someone wants to talk to you."
"Now what?" her father asked. He walked in but was surprised to see an earth female pony, "Please forgive me, I thought you were the soldiers again. My daughter said you wanted to talk to me."
"I have something for you that you should see," Luna dug in her bag and took out a rolled up piece of paper and handed it to the dark teal pony with dark blue and white hair.
The store owner knew a rolled up paper meant it was important. He took the paper and read it quietly then he handed the note back to Luna and smiled. Luna took the rolled up paper and put it back in her bag. As she turned and left she heard the store owner talking to his daughter.
"I think it's time we take a day off tomorrow," the store owner commented.
"What?" the unicorn exclaimed. "We can't afford to do that!"
"We are closing the store tomorrow and that's it. I'll tell you why when we get home. Don't tell anyone about this till then."
"Ok, Daddy."
Luna went to the next store and then the next one. She continued going to every store while two soldiers stood on the other side of the street watching her.
"That pony has went to every single store," the white soldier observed.
"So what," the yellow soldier replied.
"I just think it's a bit odd and besides I don't recall ever seeing that pony here before."
The two soldiers continued to watch as Luna walked in and out of each store. At times she stopped and browsed around the store. When she saw the soldiers, she started to feel scared. Could she pass them without them suspecting something?
Luna walked out of a store and was about to pass the soldiers when they stopped her.
"Wait a minute, miss," The white soldier said to her.
Luna stopped, her heart began to race with fear. She turned and faced them doing her best not to show how scared she was. "Yes?"
"I don't think we've seen you before."
"And we couldn't help but noticed you checking out every store."
Luna took a deep breath to calm herself down. "I'm new in town. I had no idea it was so big and there's so many stores. I had to check them all out."
The soldiers looked at her bag.
"You didn't buy anything?" the yellow soldier asked.
"Oh no I couldn't. There's so much I wanted that I couldn't decide what I wanted. I'll probably come back after I have decided what I wanted. Please if you would excuse me, I have to check out the hat store and the book store and the jewelry store, so many stores to check out. It was nice meeting you," Luna smiled at them and then left as she hurried into a store.
"Hopefully they believed what I said," Luna thought.
The soldiers stood looking a bit confused.
"That is a strange pony," the white pony commented.
"See? There's nothing to worry about. She's just one of those ponies who has to shop all day."
"Yeah," the soldier agreed.
After Luna had shown the note she went to the next store and continued through a few blocks. Three soldiers had been watching her with interest. They stood in the alley keeping a close watch on her.
"That's very odd," a peach soldier muttered.
"What pony would spend hours going to every single store?" The light gray solder asked.
"Why don't you go follow her and see if she's up to anything?" the orange soldier suggested.
"Alright," the peach soldier said.
Luna was had just finished going through all the stores and was walking on the side walk when a light blue pegasus whispered to her from inside a store.
"Excuse me," The light blue Pegasus whispered.
Luna stopped.
"Come inside and hurry."
Luna wondered why the pegasus was whispering. She walked in and was meet by a few pegasus and a few male ponies.
"There's a couple of soldiers following you," the brown male pony suddenly said.
Luna gasped. "What? Are you sure?"
"Yes, we saw them following you across the street. You have to hurry and get out of town," the light purple female pony replied.
"I'm was just on my way out of town," Luna remarked.
"You can sneak out the back door," the tan male pony suggested.
Luna had another idea. Losing two soldiers shouldn't be to hard, after all she had three black ponies after her awhile back.
"No that's ok. I don't want you to get in trouble. I'll figure out away to loose them," Luna replied.
"Are you sure?" the mint pony asked.
"Yes and thank you for telling me," Luna replied.
She left the store and hurried pass several stores.
"I'm going to follow her from the back allies, just to be sure she leaves town safely," the brown pony quickly said, then he hurried out the back door and followed her from a distance.
Luna noticed the sun was starting to set and there were less ponies in town. She wondered how far the soldiers were from her. Out of curiosity she had to look back, the soldiers were a few stores back. When they saw that she had looked back, they bolted into a run. Luna also bolted into a run, passing several store. She turned down in an alley and was about to turn right when she noticed an orange soldier. As soon as he saw her, he ran. Luna turned left and continued running she passing several stores and then she turned left, down an alley. She was about to run pass a store when the same light blue pegasus stuck her head out from the door. "Hurry, inside!"
Luna ran inside and sat behind the light blue pony trying to catch her breath.
"Are you ok?" a purple pegasus asked.
"Were soldiers chasing you?" the tan male pony asked.
"Yes," Luna looked outside at the sky. "I have to go. It's getting late."
"You can't, soldiers will be looking for you now," the light blue pony said.
"We can sneak you out of town," another female pony proposed.
"No. Thank you but I can't wait that long. Dad will be mad and worried if I don't get back," Luna exclaimed.
"Dad?" the light blue pony asked.
"Who is your father?" the male pony asked.
Luna didn't have any choice but to change back and change into another form if she was to get out of town safely. Luna began to glow, then she shrunk turning herself back to a winged unicorn. The ponies in the store were shocked.
"My father is Stardust. The true King of Ponyland," Luna answered. She had to think of another earth pony but who? Maybe one of her friends but she had so many. Suddenly Luna knew who to change into. Her horn started to glow then her coat turned yellow, her hair shrunk and changed to a rainbow look. Her wings disappeared as did her horn. Soon she looked like a normal little earth pony.
"You are the...Princess. Are you not?" the purple pony asked shockingly.
"Yes, I am," Luna looked outside, and she knew she must hurry. "Please do not tell anyone."
"Your Royal Heart's daughter?" another pony asked.
"Why were you so dirty?" The light blue pony asked.
"It's a long story," Luna answered.
"The note...your father....the three King's signature," The male pony muttered, then he gasped, "I think I know what's going on. Hurry close the store and lets get out of town. Princess, you must leave quickly."
"I certainly will."
"We won't tell a soul that you were here," the male pony added.
"Thank you," Luna hurried out of the store and quickly left town. She looked back and wondered what had happened to the three soldiers that was following her.

As the ponies in the store quickly closed shop, the brown male pony walked in the store from the back door, "Your not going to believe what I saw."
"What?" they asked.
"The three soldiers were chasing that female pony. She ran into an alley..."
"She was just in here," the light blue pegasus interrupted.
"Well the soldiers were about to follow her into the alley when a cloud tripped them and then it grabbed a wooden board and knocked them out."
"A cloud?" they asked.
"Yeah, the cloud took shape and it turned out, it was Skyview. He knocked out Star Cluster's soldiers."
"So the rumors are true!" the male pony exclaimed. "Stardust and his brothers have changed sides."
"What about the rumors of Stardust being King of Ponyland?" the brown pony asked.
"That is true also," the male pony replied. "Lets get home quickly. We will not be back tomorrow."

The Sun in the horizon was disappearing fast. Luna walked as fast as she could through the forest. When she got to the clearing, the sun only had a sliver left. She couldn't wait any long, Luna ran out of the forest and across the clearing to the forest where her father and the soldiers sat waiting.
Stardust knew emmidietly the yellow rainbow haired pony was Luna but the others were a bit surprised and yet curious as to who she was.
Luna ran into the forest and stopped in front of her father.
"Your cutting it a bit close, Luna. What happened?" Stardust asked. "Why did you change forms?"
Luna sat down taking deep breaths, "I had a few soldiers following me so I changed."
"Luna?" Starfire asked, "That is you, isn't it?"
Luna's horn began to glow, then her wings appeared and her coat turned white. Her hair grew turning white again.
Luna looked around but she didn't see Skyview. "Um, where's Skyview?"
"Right here"
Luna looked behind her and saw Skyview standing there smiling.
"Oh, I didn't see you sneak up on me."
Skyview didn't reply he just smiled instead.
"Luna, did you show the note to every store owner?" Stardust asked.
"Yes I did. You didn't tell me that town was big!" Luna exclaimed.
Stardust laughed. "Sorry it must have slipped my mind."
Luna looked at her coat, she was still dirty from yesterday. The tomato coloring her fur red began to smell, "Dad, I got to wash this...stuff off."
"Find Charades, Buster and Banner. Have them take you to the lake, it's not far from here," Stardust replied.
"Ok," Luna took the bag off and dropped it on the ground, then she left searching through the crowd of soldiers.
"Well, how did it go?" Stardust asked Skyview.
"She ran into trouble like she said. The soldiers were chasing her but I took care of them. They'll be out for hours. Just long enough for us to get out of town," Skyview relied. He left out the part where the store owners and his family had seen her change. They had promised to keep it a secret so Skyview didn't see the need to tell Stardust about it.
"Good, now we don't have to worry about the ponies in town. As soon as Luna gets back, lets get some sleep. Tomorrow at daybreak, we attack Dream Castle," Stardust told his brothers and the Kings.
"What are we going to do with Luna?" Starfire asked.
"Someone is going to have to watch her tomorrow."
"But who?" Skyview asked.
"Someone we know and trust," Stardust looked around and saw Luna walking with Charades, Buster and Banner. "Buster."