Chapter 191: Battle at Moonlight Castle

After dinner, Luna had gone to the Library with Queen Snowfall to read. Luna sat on the couch thinking about her father, she couldn't wait till he came back with her mother. Queen Snowfall was on the couch next to Luna reading to her from a green book.
Suddenly, they heard a noise outside. Queen Snowfall set the book on the table in front of her and hurried to the window to see what the noise was about. When she got to the window, she gasped an army of pony soldiers storming the castle walls.
"Star Cluster's soldiers!" Queen Snowfall exclaimed.
Luna stood up feeling scared and surprise.
Just then King Sea Mist burst in the room, "Hurry, follow me!"
Queen Snowfall and Luna left the room and ran down the hall behind him. As they pass the hall to the doors leading outside, Star Cluster's soldiers burst inside. Luna screamed when she saw them. Suddenly a couple of soldiers ran out from another hallway and attacked Star Cluster's soldiers.
King Sea Mist, Queen Snowfall and Luna continued to run down the hall towards the throne room.
"Keep the soldiers out as long as you can," King Sea Mist told the two soldiers at the door.
"Yes," They replied and took out their swords and stood guard in front of the door.
King Sea Mist, Queen Snowfall and Luna ran into the room. As they reached the door in the corner, they heard a loud banging noise at the throne room doors.
"They're here. Hurry this way!" King Sea Mist took them to their private room to the spiral stair in the corner. In stead of going up the stairs they went behind it. King Sea Mist stood on his hind legs and pushed hard on a wall.
Luna's heart was racing, she scared and worried that they wouldn't get out of the castle. King Sea Mist slowly managed to open a door in the wall.
"Get in and don't make a sound," King Sea Mist whispered.
As they hurried into the wall, the soldiers could hear the running hoofs of Soldiers. King Sea Mist had just shut the door when they burst into their Private room.
King Sea Mist squeezed by Queen Snowfall and lead the way to the end of the tunnel. Luna could hardly see it was so dark, only the lights came through the tinny cracks in the walls guided their way. The floor was rocky and the ceiling had spider webs. It was obvious the tunnel hadn't been used for years. Luna kept as close as she could to Queen Snowfall, hugging her body as Luna listened to the soldiers fighting.
King Sea Mist stood on his hind legs and pushed on the wall. When it was opened he took a peak and then looked back in the tunnel, "Come."

As soon as they left the wall, King Sea Mist shut the door and lead them down a narrow path. As they reached the corner of the castle wall, they stopped and gasped. Four of Star Cluster's soldiers were walking around the wall scanning it when they notice Luna next to Queen Snowfall.
"There she is!" a soldier yelled. They took off at a run towards Luna.
"Hurry!" King Sea Mist yelled. The three of them ran but didn't get to far when three soldiers walking up the mountain and saw Luna.
"Star Cluster was right, they did tried to sneak the Princess out," a soldier observed.
King Sea Mist now understood what they wanted. He walked to the other side of Queen Snowfall putting Luna between him and her, "You not getting the Princess!"
"We have orders to capture her and to get rid of anyone that stands in our way," one of the soldiers replied.
Four soldiers charged at King Sea Mist who fiercely fought back. King Sea Mist had no weapon and was easily out numbered. The soldiers quickly knocked him down while the other three soldiers approached Queen Snowfall and surrounded her. Luna stared at them. She was scared to death. Queen Snowfall could feel her heart racing with fear.
Suddenly one of the soldiers charged at Luna while the other charged at Queen Snowfall.
Luna hugged her body next to Queen Snowfall. The other soldier distracted while another soldier grabbed Luna. Queen Snowfall heard Luna scream. She turned and stood on her hind legs.
"On the ground, Luna!" She yelled.
Luna dropped to the ground just as Queen Snowfall pushed the soldier down hill. He rolled on the grass and over rocks till he hit a tree knocking himself out. Suddenly Luna screamed again. Queen Snowfall looked and saw a soldier pulling on Luna's tail. King Sea Mist was too busy fighting the soldiers to help. Queen Snowfall was about to charge at the soldier when another soldier held a sword to her neck. She paused and wasn't able to do anything except watch Luna being dragged from her.
Luna began to cry. She was shaking with fear. She closed her eyes and remembered what her father told her 'Don't worry Luna. I'll be back' She knew she had to find her father but she had to do something about the soldiers. The only way she'll be safe if she was with her father.
Luna deeply wished the soldiers would leave. She wanted them to leave her, the King and the Queen alone. As Luna felt a deep desire to do something about it, she felt a sudden gust of power. Her horn began to glow. The soldiers watched, they didn't know what she was going to do or knew what she was capable of doing. Luna's eyes' suddenly opened and the soldiers were jerked back hitting trees and the wall knocking themselves out. King Sea Mist stood up, "Luna are you alright?"
Luna blinked a few times, then she stood up and looked around at the soldiers, "I'm fine."
"Lets go," King Sea Mist lead the way on the path when suddenly a net landed on Luna.
"I got her!" A soldier yelled.
King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall turned to help Luna who struggled in the net. A soldier on the wall had seen Luna and waited for the right time to throw the net.
As Luna struggled in the net she felt herself slip on the path. King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall grabbed the net and tried to pull her up but she just rolled out of the net and slid down hill.
"Luna!" the King and Queen yelled.
Luna slid pass bushes and over rocks till she landed on a flat ground. Luna sat up and looked around.
"Luna!" The King and Queen called again.
Just then they heard soldiers running towards them.
"Luna Hurry!" King Sea mist cried.
"No, I'm going to find dad. I'm just not save unless I'm with him!" Luna called back.
King Sea Mist knew she was right. They'd always be on the run if she was with him.
"Alright, head West. Hurry Luna!" King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall turned and ran.
"But Sea Mist, we promised Stardust," Queen Snowfall said to him.
"Yes I know but she won't be safe with us. She was almost caught back there. I agree with her, she will be safe with her father. I did what I could, Snowfall. I'm sure Stardust will understand that."

Luna gasped when she saw the soldiers heading down the steep hill some fell and slid down. Luna turned and ran through the thick forest. She couldn't fly because the tree tops covered the sky. She ran as the soldiers chased her. She soon found her self getting closer to the bottom of the mountain. Trees hung over the flat path, bushes grew close to the flat ground. Luna ran through the bushes, at times she would trip but she had to jump to her feet and run. As soon as she reached the bottom hill she noticed the King and Queen ahead. She didn't want to go in their direction so she turned and ran. She remembered what King Sea Mist told her.
"Which way is West though?" Luna thought.
Luna heard the sounds of thundering hooves of soldiers. She knew they were very close, she couldn't look back, she had to watch out for the trees. Sticks and twigs broke as the soldiers ran.
Luna was breathing heavily, her legs began to ache. She had ran hard down the mountain wearing her out even more. She glanced back and saw she was running farther away from the mountain. Her heart raced with fear as she heard the soldiers breathing heavily.
The longer she ran the more her legs ached. She couldn't wait to get out of the forest so she could fly if she could get farther from the soldiers. She jumped over a bush and instantly saw a back of a building with more building around it. She figured it was the town at the base of Mooney Mountain only there was no one on the street. They were all hiding inside the buildings. Luna ran between the building and was about to take a flight when a soldier jump on her from behind. Luna fell to the ground with the soldier half on her.
The soldier stood up as he picked her up. Luna tried to wiggle free but she couldn't, she was too tired and breathing heavily. The other soldiers were just as tired.
"Hold on to her," a soldier told him.
"I'm trying," The soldier replied.
Luna eventually stopped wiggling, she was too worn out to move. As the soldier held her, tears began to trickle down her cheek.
"Dad, I'm so sorry," Luna thought.

Inside one of the buildings a female pegasus stood at the window watching with other ponies around her.
"That's the Princess," She whispered.
"Those soldiers can't belong to King Sea Mist," a male pony muttered.
"No, those are Star Cluster's soldiers," a pony answered.
"Oh the poor Princess," another female pony replied.
A male pony picked up an arm full of tomatoes, "Lets go help her then."
The ponies in the store all gathered tomatoes and other fruits.

Luna cried and began to wiggle but the soldier wouldn't loosen his grip.
"Let her go!" a pony yelled.
The soldiers looked up and saw a tan pony on his hind legs with an arm full of tomatoes, "Let her go!"
the soldiers stood and smiled at him. Just then seven more ponies walked out of the store each carrying fruits and other items. a second later, more ponies left other stores each carrying something in their arms.
"Let her go!" another pony yelled.
"Oh? and just what do you think your going to do with those?" the soldier laughed.
The tan pony was the first to throw a tomato at him then other ponies joined. The soldiers were getting hit with fruits, vegetables and other items. They stood and covered their faces. The soldier holding Luna let go and ran with the other soldiers towards the mountain. Luna laid on the ground covered in tomatoes, grass stains and dirt. She laid trying to catch her breath and resting her legs. The tan pony approached her, "Princess. Are you alright?"
"Yes," Luna replied. She slowly got to her feet and smiled at them, "Thank you." She was still tired and her legs still ached.
"Which way is west?" Luna asked.
"That way," The tan pony pointed, "Why? Your not going in that direction are you? That's where Dream Castle is."
"I know. My father is heading that way. I have to catch up to him."
"Stardust?" a pony asked.
"It's true?" another asked.
"Yes, Stardust is my father. He is King of Ponyland. Thank you all for helping me."
"If you going to go, you better hurry. The soldiers could come back soon," the tan pony told her.
Luna smiled then she ran and jumped in the air. She flapped her wings and flew as fast as she could towards the west.

The sun was setting by the time she lost sight of the town. Her wings continued to flap as they started to ache. She had been in the air for quite a while looking on the ground for a large army.
"Where is he?" Luna asked herself.
She continued to look but all she saw were trees and houses. Her wings were aching and she had to glide but even then her wings began to hurt. She wanted to land and rest her wings but she couldn't she was determined to find her father.

The sun was half in the horizon when Starfire noticed something in the air.
"Look at that?" Starfire pointed.
Stardust, Skyview, the three King and the army stopped and looked. They saw something falling out of the sky.
Stardust eye's widen with shock once he realized who it was.
"That's Luna!" Stardust exclaimed.
Skyview's horn began to glow. Suddenly a cloud appeared and caught Luna, wrapping her in a ball. The Cloud ball floated towards Stardust and rested on the ground in the meadow where they had stood and waited. Skyview did his best to let Luna down slowly. Once the cloud dissolved Luna was set on the ground softy as she breathed heavily. Her wings hurt to much to move them. Every pain in her wings shot to her back.
Stardust and his brothers gasped. She was covered in tomatoes, dirt, grass and had scratches on her.
"Luna what happened?" Stardust asked.
Luna was to tired to answer, she was still catching her breath.
"Luna, take deep breaths," Starfire told her.
Luna did as she was told and soon she began to feel better but her wings still ached.
"As soon as you left, Star Cluster's soldier attacked the castle. They were all over. There was so many. King Sea Mist, Queen Snowfall and me left the castle. Apparently the soldiers only wanted me. We were attack again by soldiers and when I got rid of them a net came down on me. Then more soldiers came. King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall tried to take the net off of me which they did but I fell down the slope. The soldiers continued to come after me so I thought it was best to find you. King Sea Mist agreed and told me which way you went. I was caught in town and rescue by the ponies in town then I flew and I haven't stopped since," Luna explained.
"You flew all this way?" Skyview asked.
"Luna is King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall ok?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, they're fine."
"Stardust it's almost dark, we should find a place to sleep before it gets to dark," King Sunrise said to him.
Stardust looked around, "Lets head for those trees. Everyone should gets close together. Luna can you walk?" Stardust asked.
Luna stood up, almost falling down again, "Yes I can."
"You sure?" Starfire asked.
"I'm just tired from running," Luna replied.
"Luna stay with me," Stardust told her, then he began walking with an army of soldiers behind him. Luna walked slowly with her wings hanging down at her sides. The Kings and the army of soldiers had to walk as slow as her so they wouldn't step on her.
Stardust entered the forest and continued walking till he found a clear spot for him, his brothers and Luna.
Skyview laid down first then Stardust laid behind him using his back for a pillow. Luna laid against Stardust's stomach and quickly fell asleep. Starfire laid behind Stardust and used his back for a pillow.
"Poor Luna, she's so worn out," Starfire muttered.
"She had a very long day," Skyview replied.
Stardust smiled at her, "She sure has."
"Stardust what are you going to do with her? We had not planned on taking her with us. We can't take her to battle," Starfire pointed out.
"I'll think of something," Stardust replied. He laid his head on Skyview back and fell a sleep. By the time the sun had left the sky everyone was sound asleep.