Chapter 19:The Past

Banner waited till Lunarstar was comfortable on the couch before starting with his story.

Three weeks after Lunarstar was born, the soldiers were patrolling the castle walls when a mysterious green mist appeared one night, it went through Ponyland and the lands around it. No one knew what is was but as far as they could tell it had no effect on them. As dawn came the mist disappeared.
The next night after the mist was gone, a large group of soldiers were waiting just over the hill while a few soldiers quietly walked up to the castle walls and threw a rope over the wall with a hook attacked to it. They climbed the wall and walked to the gate making sure their hooves didn't make a sound. The three ponies took out their swords, holding them in their mouth walked into the tower at the gate, killed the soldier. The other pony went to the other side of the gate in the tower killed the soldier while the third pony took out the guards at the gate.
Banner noticed three guards at the gate, two of them were laying down, "I don't remember putting three soldiers there."
Just as Banner was about to walk towards them, he heard a sudden loud noise. He turned towards the other wall and ran up the steps. A large groups of soldiers ran towards the wall with spears and swords.
"Get ready everyone!" Banner yelled.
Banner ran off the wall and into the castle. The floor was white marble and the walls were light pink. Banner ran past the two pillars in front of the door and up the stairs, down the long hall to a set of double doors. He walked in hoping to find the Queen but she wasn't there. Banner ran back down the hall, he turned left, down another hallway and up the stairs to a white door with gold designs.
Banner stood at the door and knocked. The Queen was a Pegasus with a white coat and Blue hair. She opened the door and noticed Banner was out of breath, she figured something was wrong, "What is it?"
"We're being attacked."
"By who?"
"I don't know your Highness but I think it'll be safer if you and the Princess get ready to escape just in case."
The Queen left the door opened for Banner to come in. She walked to the large white and pink cabinet, took a purple hooded cloak and putting it on then she took a pink silk cloth from a drawer. She walked to a pink baby Crib with pink and white laced skirts around the sides, the Crib sat next to her bed. She carefully picked up the baby Princess.
"I'll have to carry her in something," The Queen whispered so the Princess wouldn't wake up.
Banner quickly looked around the room and saw a basket full of flowers on a table next to the a set of tall windows. Banner looked out the window, he could see the soldiers fighting the enemy.
Banner quickly took the flowers out of the basket and held the basket up to the Queen, "Queen Royal Heart, I'm pretty sure the Princess will fit in this basket."
The Queen laid the Princess in the basket with a blanket underneath her and the pink silk cloth over her. Then she took the basket in her mouth and followed Banner down the halls. As they headed towards the front door of the castle, Buster and Charades ran inside, shuting the door behind them.
"They past the wall and are heading to the castle," said Buster, trying to catch his breath.
"Go through the gate!" Banner suggested.
"Is it open?" The Queen asked.
"It's a full moon. The Gate should be open."
Banner ran down the hall under the stairs with the Queen, Buster and Charades behind him. Once they reached a glass door, Banner turned around, "Buster, Charades. I want you to stand guard."
Buster and Charades knotted their heads nad stood at the door.
Banner walked through the door, checking to see if it was clear, "All is clear!"
In front of them was a stone archway with a carving of a shield, a heart in the middle and a crown on the heart. a Stony pathway led to the archway with flowers on the sides.
"The Gate is open," the Queen observed after noticing the rippling water with a mirror image of the other world.
The Gate stood in the middle of the garden which was full of all kinds of flowers and a maze.
Suddenly Buster and Charades went flying out the door, landing on the stony path. Soldiers stormed in the garden.
"Hurry, Queen Royal Heart!" Banner cried.
The Queen knotted her head and ran through the gate.
Banner went to help Buster and Charades hold the enemy back with their swords, just long enough for the Queen to get away but more soldiers kept coming.
"I don't think we can hold them back for much longer!" yelled Charades.
"Alright get as many soldiers as you can find and meet at the big lake."
The three of them ran around to the side of the castle, through the gate to find more soldiers.
Buster and Charades went separate directions while Banner was still being chased by the enemy. Banner ran along the wall as he glanced back, he noticed there were only two soldiers after him. Banner stopped and took out his sword. As he fought them he saw three Black ponies walk through the battle field towards the garden.
Banner had a bad feeling about those three ponies.

Buster and Charades had managed to send some of the Queen's Soldiers out through the gate at the wall.
They looked around for Banner and spotted him fighting off two enemy soldiers when suddenly one of the soldiers had cute Banner's ear.
Charades ran towards the soldiers with Buster behind him and threw the soldiers to the wall, knocking them out. Charades took a flag that laid on the ground near by and wrapped it around Banner's ear.
"That was too close. I could have lot my ear, entirely," Banner commented.
"Lets go," Buster ordered.
The three of them were the last the leave the castle. They ran through the forest and over the hill to a large lake. The Queen's Soldiers stood and waited at the edge of the lake, some were laying down other were sitting or standing.
"Banner!" cried one of the soldiers, "What happened to your ear?"
"Almost lost it in a fight, " Banner looked around, the group wasn’t very large like he hoped there would be, "Is this all?"
"Most of us was captured or killed," replied a soldier.
"What about the Queen and the Princess?" A Soldier asked.
"She went through the gate with the Princess."
"The Gate? Charades asked.
"It's a doorway to another world."
"I never heard of it," Buster complained.
"It's a Royal family lest it was until tonight. It's the stone archway you saw in the garden."
"Will the Queen and the Princess be back?" another soldier asked.
"I don't think she'll comeback until it's safe or until we get the castle back but first thing first," Banner could feel the blood dripping down the side of his cheek, "We have to go somewhere safe and far from Ponyland."
"Where?" a soldier asked.
Buster looked up at the Mountains in the distance, "How about Moony Mountain?"
Banner thought about it for a minute, "I think the Queen had visited there a few times. Hopefully the King and Queen will take us in." Banner walked through the crowd of Soldiers, "Lets go and don't make a sound."
Buster and Charades slowly followed Banner with the Soldiers behind them. They walked into the dark forest towards the Mountain without looking back at the castle.