Chapter 189: Battle Palns

It was in the evening and the Kings had dinner in the King's dinning room. They left and headed back into the Resting room.
Luna stayed with Queen Snowfall while her father talked to the Kings, which she was glad. It was boring to sit and listen to them discuss battle plans.
Skyview went to get King Frost and Queen Rosy Peach in the forest.

Stardust walked in the room with the others behind him. King Wispy had gotten a soldier to fetch the map during dinner. He laid the map on the table for all the see.
A few minutes later Skyview winked in the room with the two tinny ponies on his head. They flapped their wings and flew to the table landing on the map.
"Now our big problem is what to do with the town," Stardust said to them, "The ponies in town needs to be warned but how to do that without letting Star Cluster know we are there?"
"The town isn't to close to the castle so it might be alright," King fiddler guessed.
"We could send a messenger to warn everyone," King Sunrise suggested.
"That's not a bad idea," King Wispy agreed.
"It would have to be someone that doesn't look more like a soldier," King Sea Mist said.
"Yes, someone who doesn't look like a soldier. I spotted Charades in town a long time ago, It was easy to spot him. If I could do it so could other ponies," Stardust replied.
"So who would go?" King Sunrise asked.
"I know. One of my soldiers. He's young and would be perfect," King Wispy replied.
"it'll have to do, he's all we got at the moment. I'll have a letter made out so we can all sign it. It will be shown to the store owners," Stardust explained.
"That is a great idea," King Sea Mist exclaimed.
"Now another big problem," Stardust looked at the map, "How to get the soldiers in Ponyland without being seen?"
"The villages are in the way or would be to close to us," King Fiddler pointed out.
"Especially during the day," King Sunrise added.
"Why don't we go in by the other end of Ponyland," King Wispy asked pointing on the map.
"We can't Paradise Estate is there and guarded by two soldiers. There's a big chance they could see us. There's even a village and town not to far from there," Skyview answered.
"Why don't you go around the back of the castle?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Star Cluster is sure to see us if we do," Stardust replied.
They sat quietly thinking. Neither one of them knew how to sneak in Ponyland without being seen. Was it even possible?
After a while of silence, Starfire spoke up, "Why do we have to get everyone in at once in the same place. Why not split in groups and surround the castle?"
Everyone looked at Starfire surprisingly.
"That's a wonderful idea," Stardust exclaimed.
"I didn't think you had any good ideas," Skyview remarked.
"I'm not as stupid as you think I am, Skyview," Starfire remarked.
"You never seem to..."
"Stop it," Stardust exclaimed.
"Sorry, Stardust," Starfire and Skyview replied.
"Sorry about that they have a habit of arguing. Sometimes I think they actually like it....well anyways, that is a good idea. We could split. I'll take the front of the castle. King Wispy, you take the right. King Fiddler you take the left and King Sunrise you take the back of the castle. King Frost, Queen Rosy Peach you go with King Wispy to the right. Skyview will have to tell you then which window is his room. King Sea Mist would you stay and guard my daughter while I'm gone?"
"Yes, I will be honored to," King Sea Mist answered.
"With small armies marching in Ponyland it will be less likely anyone will see us. I'll send Skyview to give you all the word to attack," Stardust planned.
"Ok," They nodded their heads in agreement.
"First thing tomorrow, lets get the soldiers ready. They will need a good nights sleep tonight," Stardust told them.
The Kings agreed to the plan and smiled.