Chapter 188: The Secrets of the staff

As soon as the Sun rose in the horizon, Skyview, Starfire and Queen Rosy Peach left the Mushrump and headed back to Moonlight Castle. Starfire flew as fast as he could with Skyview and Queen Rosy Peach in cloud form behind him.
They flew over the forest and swamp till they saw Mooney Mountain. Starfire saw the castle sticking up above the tree top. As he flew toward, he felt anxious to hear what the book said.
Starfire slowed down the minute he reached Moony Mountain. The soldiers saw him and watched as he circled the yard and landed in front of the stars of the castle. Skyview and Queen Rosy Peach returned to their pony forms. Starfire turned to see if Skyview still had the book.
"Don't worry, I still have it," Skyview replied as he noticed Starfire eyeing the book.
"I was just wondering," Starfire exclaimed, "Grouch."
Starfire quickly walked in the castle before Skyview had a change to yell at him.
"Oh, one of these days, Starfire," Skyview muttered.
"Skyview if you don't mind, "I'm going to see how my subjects are doing," Queen Rosy Peach said, she flapped her wings and flew from his head heading into the forest.

As soon as they were in the castle, Stardust and Luna were walking downstairs.
"Stardust," Starfire called to him.
Stardust and Luna hurried over to them and saw that Skyview had a big dark red book.
"We found it," Skyview remarked.
"That was fast. You came back sooner than I had expected," Stardust replied surprisingly.
"A rabbit named Habbit had the book," Skyview replied.
"Habbit?" Stardust asked, "The Moochick's friend?"
"Yes," Starfire answered.
"I hadn't expected him to have the information we need. Well, now you got the book, I need to gather all the kings. Skyview give me the book and go tell King Sunrise, King Fiddler and King Wispy that they need to come here. We found the answers to Star Cluster's staff. Have them come to the Resting room," Stardust told him.
"Ok," Skyview handed the book to Stardust and winked out.
"Luna, Starfire, come with me," Stardust held the book and walked to the throne room. He stopped at the door and told the soldier that he needed to speak to the King.
The solder nodded his head and went in the throne room to tell King Sea Mist.
"Let them in," King Sea Mist told him.
The soldier nodded his head and opened the door, "You may go in."
Stardust, Starfire and Luna walked into the throne room and stood before the throne.
Luna noticed Queen Snowfall wasn't there. She wondered if the Queen as in her garden again.
"King Sea Mist, Skyview and Starfire has returned with the information about Star Cluster's Staff. I have sent for the other three Kings to join us. I think it's important that we all know what this books says about it," Stardust explained, "Can you join us in the Resting Room?"
"Yes, I can. I just need to tell my wife," King Sea Mist replied.
"Of course," Stardust turned and left with with Starfire and Luna behind him.
as the left the throne room Luna walked a little faster so she could walk beside her father, "Um dad, can I go outside or something?"
"No, I want you with me where I can watch you," Stardust answered.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"Luna, just because your behind the castle walls don't mean your safe," Stardust answered.
"Oh," Luna muttered.
Stardust stopped at the stairs and looked at Luna, "Learning about Star Cluster's staff is very important. It's something I think you should know as well, Luna. I don't want to face him without knowing something about the staff first."
"Oh, so your going to battle after you read the book?" Luna asked.
"Yes but it'll take a day to get every soldier prepared for battle," Stardust replied, He continued up the stairs and down several hallways till he found the Resting room. He walked in and sat down on the chair. Luna went to the balcony and looked out. She had forgotten what it was like to be on a balcony. She wondered about her father going to battle. Would he come back this time? Would he defeat Star Cluster? Luna had been worried about the battle but she tried to not let it show.

After a while, King Sea Mist walked in the room, "I see the others haven't arrived yet."
"They will. I can sense Skyview within the castle walls," Stardust replied.
A moment later, Skyview walked in with the three Kings behind him. They gathered around Stardust and sat down on the couches and chairs. Luna walked up to her father and sat on the floor next to him.
"I'm sure Skyview told you what this is all about," Stardust commented.
"He just told up he found some important information and that you wanted us her to hear about it,: King Fiddler replied.
"Yes, well as you know, the Staff can talk and has a great deal of power but that is all we know," Stardust opened the book and flipped through the pages till he found a picture of the staff, "Now lets see what it says."
Luna and the Kings sat anxiously as they listened to Stardust reading the book.
"The Forbidden Staff, a staff of great power. It is unknown as to where the Staff came from but it is said it dates back as far back as Ancient times. A great beast had wished for power, he was power hungry and greedy. Soon his wish was granted and he was imprisoned in a crystal ball where he had great power but only if he stayed in the crystal ball. If he was ever to be set free he will loose his great power and those that saw him will be in great danger. The Crystal ball sits on a gold and silver staff. Those who weald the staff said it spoke. In time, the Staff became to dangerous to use and eventually it mysteriously disappeared," Stardust finished reading the book.
"A great Beast?" King Sunrise asked.
"What kind of great beast?" King Sea Mist asked.
"A bear?" King Fiddler asked.
"Lion?" King Wispy asked.
"What does it mean by great?" Starfire asked.
"I'm not sure. It could be something strong or big or pretty, I don't really know," Skyview answered.
"Does the great beast talk or just the staff?" Luna asked wondering which one it was.
"That's a good question. If the beast does talk then there's not many in this world that can talk," Stardust replied.
"Do you think Star Cluster knows about this?" King Sunrise asked.
"I wouldn't be surprise if he knew more," Skyview answered.
As they talked about what the great beast could be, Luna stared blankly as an image appeared in her thoughts. I was so dark and a bit fuzzy. She saw two great big beasts fighting in the air. One of them was different, she could tell by the outline of it's wings and neck and yet the two beasts seemed the same some how.
Starfire noticed Luna staring like a stone statue. He pointed at her to get the others attention. They looked and was puzzled as to what was wrong with Luna. Why was she staring?
"Luna?" Stardust asked but she sat quietly as if she never even heard him. Stardust put his hoof on her shoulder and shook her. Luna blinked a few times them lost the image in her thoughts. She looked up at Stardust, "What?"
Stardust looked at her confusingly, It was a strange question for her to ask after she had been staring at nothing.
"Are you alright?" Stardust asked her.
"Yes, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"
"You were staring and you didn't even hear me call you."
"Luna, What's wrong?" Stardust asked again. He didn't believe she was fine like she said.
"I was just thinking," Luna replied.
"Even I don't think that hard," Skyview exclaimed, "What were you thinking about?"
"Well, I was wondering what a great beast would look like."
"What do you think it is?" King Wispy asked.
"I...don't know. I," Luna paused, how could she explain what she saw? "I imagined two great beasts."
"Two?" Starfire asked.
"What did they look like?" King Sea Mist asked.
"I don't know. They were big and long and they could fly."
"What kind of beast is that?" King Sunrise asked.
"I don't know."
"How can you imagine something like that if you never seen it?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know. I-I don't...know," Luna muttered. Was she imagining it or was it something else?
Stardust smiled at her, "Don't worry about it. We are just curious to know what would a great beast look like. What's important that it never gets set free,"
The others agreed. Luna felt deep within her that is was important to know what the great beast is. What is the great beast? What was she imagining? She continued to ask those questions to her self as she listened to the others talk.