Chapter 187: Missing old book

Starfire flew like a blur across the sky with Skyview behind him. To other ponies on the ground it looked like a smoking rocket.
Starfire flew over the swamps which seemed to have stretched for miles.
"And to think we walked through it," Starfire thought gazing at the swamps below.

The sun was starting to set lower in the sky by the time he saw the Mushrump.
"Finally, there it is," Starfire thought feeling relieved. His wings were starting to ache from all the flying. Starfire dived towards the ground as he slowed himself down. Once he landed, he stood and watch Skyview return to himself with Queen Rosy Peach on his head.
"Wow, we're here already?" Queen Rosy Peach, she flapped her butterfly wings and flew towards the stony house. Starfire and Skyview followed her. Starfire opened the door letting Queen Rosy Peach in first. They walked in the library and stood.
"This could take all day," Skyview exclaimed looking around the room full of books. He walked to a bookshelf and began reading the binding on the books while Starfire took out a book and flipped through the pages.
Skyview looked across the room at him, "That could take even longer."
"Well at lest I'm looking. I don't see how your going to find anything looking at book bindings," Starfire replied.
"Sure I will," Skyview replied. He turned and pointed at a book, "Like this one, it's obvious to anyone that a Staff won't be in it."
"Why not? Looks like a good book, it might have it in it."
"It says, Cooking out of the house."
"Oh," Starfire replied.
Skyview walked over to Starfire and read the binding on the book he was holding, "That book won't have the staff either. It says, stones of old."
"Oh," Starfire replied after realizing the book was about stones. Every page told about stones.
"Oh, look at this. The Night Crystal," Starfire pointed out.
Skyview looked at the book over Starfire's shoulders, "So Stardust was right. It turns good dreams into bad dreams."
"Well I did find something," Starfire remarked.
"Yes, well, not the right something," Skyview looked out the window and saw the sun in the horizon, "Lets hurry."
They spent most of the evening till sundown looking at books. When it got dark, they laid down on the floor sleeping. Queen Rosy Reach slept on the chair.

The Sky became pitch black. Crickets made their noise in the grass. The wind had died down till it seemed like nothing was moving. Skyview slept peacefully till he heard a creaking noise. Skyview opened his eyes and saw a dark figure in the room looking at the bookshelf.
"Who are you!" Skyview asked.
The figure was startled and quickly left the room.
Skyview winked to the door stopping the scared figure, it turned and ran the other direction. Starfire was curled in a ball sleeping when the figure fell over him waking Starfire up. The figure hurried to the corners and sat on the floor shaking. Skyview lit his horn and walked closer to the figure.
"Why it's a rabbit," Skyview said surprisingly.
Starfire walked to Skyview to see what ran over him, "A rabbit?"
"Not just any rabbit," Queen Rosy Peach answered as she flew from her chair to the corner, "That is Habbit. The Moochick's friend. I wondered where he disappeared to."
Habbit was a light brown with red shorts. Queen Rosy Peach flew up to Habbit who hid his face in the corner.
"Habbit, it's alright. They're friends," Queen Rosy Peach kindly said.
Habbit looked up at them then he stood tall pretending to hold a staff.
"No, they're not with Star Cluster," Queen Rosy Peach replied, she turned and looked at the black ponies, "He can't talk but he's smart."
"Habbit, I am Skyview and this is my brother, Starfire. We came to find some information on Star Cluster's staff."
Habbit's ears stood straight up as if he knew something, then he jumped up and down and ran across the room pointing to the door.
"Ummm, what's he doing?" Starfire asked as he watch Habbit jumping and pointing.
"He wants us to follow him," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
They hurried after Habbit to a large oak tree across meadow. Habbit dug under the tree at base of. Slowly he revealed a hole in the tree. He reached in and took out a large dark red book. He turned and handed it to Skyview.
Skyview took the book and flipped through the pages, with the light from his horn he quickly found what he and his brothers had been looking for.
"Here it is. The Forbidden Staff, a staff of great power," Skyview read the large print loudly.
"Is that all?" Starfire asked.
"No, there's more but I think Stardust should read it. We'll returned to Moonlight Castle in the morning," Skyview held the book in his mouth and walked to the house with the others behind him.
He laid down with the book at his pillow. Starfire laid down close to Skyview. Habbit and Queen Rosy Peach laid on the chair.
they all slept soundly till morning.