Chapter 186: Off to find the answers

After Stardust, Luna and his brothers had finished breakfast, they went downstairs. They walked down the hall and left the castle. The sun shined brightly, her white coat was blinding. Luna stepped in his shadow so the sunlight wouldn't touch her coat.
As she walked with him she wondered where her father was going? He didn't say not to follow him nor did he say she could. It just seemed natural to follow him,
Stardust looked back at her, "Come on. I want you by my side."
"Oh," Luna replied as she hurried by his side while still staying in his shadow, "Where are we going?"
"I am going to talk to the other Kings," Stardust answered.
"Oh," Luna answered.
They continued down the path to the gate and stood before it.
"Open the gate!" Stardust ordered the two soldiers.
The soldiers quickly opened the gate letting Stardust, Luna and his brothers through. Luna watch behind her as the gates closed.
"Why are you going to see them?" Luna asked.
"I have things I must talk about," Stardust replied, he looked down at Luna and smiled, "You might learn a few things from it."
"Oh," Luna muttered, "Why is Skyview and Starfire going?"
"We are just going to walked you and Stardust to the camp, then we are leaving," Skyview answered.
"Where are you going?" Luna asked.
"To the Mushrump," Starfire answered.
They walked down the mountain and into the forest. As they walked, Queen Rosy Peach approached them, "Good morning Stardust...I'm sorry, I mean King Stardust. Where are you all heading to?"
"I'm going to talk to the other Kings. My brothers are going to the Moochick's house to find something about Star Cluster's staff," Stardust answered.
Queen Rosy Peach approached Skyview and Starfire, "Let me go with you. I'm rather curious to learn more about the staff, especially after I've seen Star Cluster use it."
"Sure," Skyview replied.
They continued walking through the forest as they made their way through the trees and bushes. Luna liked the forest, it was nice and shady with a slight breeze. They walked quietly till they saw the large camp ahead. Stardust stopped and wished his brothers luck.
"Hopefully we'll find it," Starfire commented.
"Queen Rosy Peach, get on and hold onto my horn," Skyview told her.
Queen Rosy Peach landed on his head and wrapped her arms around his horn.
Starfire flew from the ground as fast as he could. Skyview's horn began to glow, then he and Queen Rosy Peach turned into a cloud following Starfire.
"How long will they be gone?" Luna asked.
"I don't know. It could be a day or two," Stardust replied.

As soon as they entered the camp, soldiers stopped and stared at them. It no longer bothered Luna, she just smiled at them as they smiled back.
The three Kings came out of the tents and greeted Stardust.
"Good morning King Stardust, Princess Luna," King Sunrise remarked.
"Please come in," King Fiddler turned and walked inside the tents with the others behind him. They stood around the table looking at the map. Luna squeezed between Stardust and King Sunrise to look at the map.
"We've been talking about sneaking in Ponyland without being seen," King Wispy quickly said.
"I don't think we could sneak in without being noticed. I'm sure Star Cluster has heard about this camp by now," Stardust replied.
"Yes well, other ponies should not be alerted to what we are planning to do," King Fiddler said.
As they talked about the battle Luna stood on her hind legs to see the map better. She saw Mooney Mountain and the land around it. She notice a vas wide range of forest.
"I could never have found my way back here," Luna thought as she remembered the time the elves kidnaped her.
She noticed Ponyland, the land was larger than most kingdoms. In the ponyland not far from Dream Castle was a bunch of squares she did not recognized.
"Dad," Luna called feeling bad about interrupting him, "What's this thing?" She pointed at the map.
Stardust looked down at the map to what she was pointing at with her hoof.
"That is Dream Valley a town that..."Stardust paused, something suddenly hit him, "It's in front of Dream Castle. We should warn the town before attacking Dream Castle."
"How without giving our plans away?" King Fiddler asked.
"I don't know but I'm sure we'll think of something," Stardust replied.