Chapter 185: Four little Brothers

It was morning and Luna was in Stardust's room eating breakfast with her father and uncles. Stardust could tell she had something on her mind. She stared at her plate and didn't say a word for him since she sat down.
"Luna, is something wrong?" Stardust asked.
Luna just realized how deeply she was in her thoughts, "I was just thinking."
"Oh?" Stardust asked, "About what?"
"What were you like when you were little? And what was Star Cluster like?" Luna asked.
Stardust smiled, "Playful like Starfire. Star Cluster wasn't much different than us."
"What made him change?" Luna asked.
"I'm not sure, Luna. Star Cluster was always getting in trouble. I have to admit, most of it was our fault but mom and dad didn't see it that way," Stardust explained.
"Maybe he was jealous?" Starfire guessed.
"Maybe but I doubt that, he changed long before he ever left us," Stardust explained.
"Oh," Starfire replied.
"It started when we were born. I was born first, then Skyview and Starfire," Stardust began to chuckle, "our parents though Skyview and Starfire were girls at first."
Luna listened closely as he began to tell his story.

The sun was setting and Queen Sunlight laid in bed with three baby black boy ponies. King Ribbon Lock smiled greatly, "Three boys, They're...amazing and black. Never have I seen black ponies or male Unicorns and Pegasus."
"And to think you miss took two of them for girls," Queen Sunlight laughed.
King Ribbon Lock picked up the earth pony, "He's the first born and will be the future King of Ponyland, Stardust."
Stardust opened his eyes and began to cry, then the other two black ponies woke up and began to cry.
King Ribbon Lock nuzzled Stardust while Queen Sunlight stroked the other two on their side. They eventfully calmed down.
"Starfire...yes, I'll call the pegasus, Starfire and....Skyview for the unicorn," Queen Sunlight commented. She looked down at them and smiled, "I hope this isn't a dream. Ribbon Lock, I can't believe they're ours. The other Kingdoms will want to see them and have parties for them."
"We'll have to wait till they are older to have any parties for them," King Ribbon Lock replied, setting Stardust next to Skyview.
A year had pass and the black ponies had grown a bit and were very active. They slept in their crib while Queen Sunlight had her four baby boy. The doctor and servants left the room leaving the King and Queen alone in the room with their sons.
"Oh, Ribbon Lock, he so beautiful. His rich dark purple coat makes his hair colors stand out," Queen Sunlight commented, "I can't believe we have another boy. What should we name him?"
Queen Sunlight was sitting up in bed with the baby pony in her arms.
"Star...Cluster....Star Cluster," King Ribbon Lock replied.
Star Cluster opened his eyes and yawned then he smiled at Queen Sunlight.
"I'm so proud of our boys," Queen Sunlight remarked happily.
"Four amazing boys," King Ribbon Lock replied smiling at Star Cluster and back at the black baby ponies.

Luna sat quietly on the floor. She was to interested in her father's story that she had stopped eating.
"Star Cluster must have been so cute as a baby," Luna suddenly said.
"He was but when we were about six things began to change for Star Cluster. That was about the same time I had gotten my strength. I had a hard time controlling it though," Stardust replied as he continued with his story.

6 years had pass and the Black ponies had grown. Skyview, Starfire and Star Cluster raced out of their large play room and hurried to their parent's room. Their mother was sitting at a desk writing a letter.
"Mommy!" The boys cried.
Queen Sunlight stopped writing and turned around to see them racing in the room. They looked very upset.
"What is it?" She asked.
"Stardust busted our ball," Skyview answered.
"We were playing and he just busted it," Starfire exclaimed.
"We can't play ball now thanks to him," Star Cluster added.
Queen Sunlight looked at the door and saw Stardust peaking in the room, "Stardust, come here."
Stardust walked in the room with his head lowered. He stopped and sat down behind his brothers as tears fell from his eyes, "I didn't mean to. Mommy, I really didn't mean to. I-I didn't...mean to," Stardust felt so bad about busting the ball that he began to cry.
Queen Sunlight stood up and walked over to Stardust, "Don't cry. You're a big boy now but your are very strong and have to be carful."
"I was, mommy," Stardust replied.
Just then King Ribbon Lock walked in and saw his boy in the room looking upset, "What's going on?"
"Stardust accidently busted their ball," Queen Sunlight explained.
"Daddy, I didn't mean to. I was holding it and busted."
"You have to be very carful, Stardust," King Ribbon Lock replied.
"I am."
"You need to learn to control your strength, especially when your around other ponies," King Ribbon Lock said.
Stardust sighed sadly. Queen Sunlight stroked his forehead and smiled at him, "You'll learn to control sooner or later."
"Daddy, what are we going to do now that Stardust busted our ball?" Star Cluster asked.
"Why don't you guys color in a coloring book?" King Ribbon Lock suggested.
"Color?" They all asked.
"Come with me, I'm sure you have a box of coloring books in your play room somewhere," King Ribbon Lock replied. He turned and left the room with his four boys behind him. They went to the large Play room which wasn't to far from the King and Queen's room. The room was light blue with a couch, bookcases, a couple of large toy chests and two windows a one end of the room. King Ribbon Lock went to the bookcase and found a yellow box. he picked it up and placed the box on the floor. The boys stood and watched as King Ribbon Lock opened the box revealing a stack of coloring books. King Ribbon Lock took out four books, a large box of crayons and set them on the floor in front of the boys.
"You boys stay in this room, I'll be back to see how your doing. Stardust and Starfire, I don't want to catch you two speeding through the halls. The four of you are to stay in this room. You understand me?"
"Yes, daddy," They replied.
When King Ribbon Lock left, the boys grabbed a coloring book and began to color. After awhile Stardust and Skyview got board of the book and went to grabbed a book from the box. Stardust and Skyview suddenly realized they had grabbed the same book.
"I got it first!" Stardust cried.
"It's mine, I got it first!" Skyview yelled.
Stardust snatched the book from Skyview's grip, "It's mine!"
Skyview grabbed the book but Stardust wouldn't let go, "It's mine!"
"There's plenty of other books," Star Cluster pointed out.
"I want this book!" Stardust and Skyview replied.
As they tugged on the book it began to rip. Skyview fell back holding half the book while Stardust sat and gasped at the other half of the book.
"You ripped my book!" Skyview cried.
"It was my book. I grabbed it first!" Stardust exclaimed.
Skyview's eyes began to water as he fought back the tears, "It was mine!" He dashed towards Stardust and began fighting him.
"I better go get daddy," Star Cluster was about to leave the room when Starfire stopped him, "Daddy said not to leave."
"I'm just going to get him," Star Cluster left and hurried through the halls.
King Ribbon Lock walked up behind Queen Sunlight and nuzzled her on the cheeks, "What are you writing?"
"It's a reply to an invitation. I think the boys are old enough to start traveling," Queen Sunlight replied.
As they talked Star Cluster approached the room and saw that his parents were busy talking. He stood at the door and waited till they were finished.
"I can't wait to take the boys to the parties. I'll be good for them to be in public," Queen Sunlight added.
King Ribbon Lock smiled, "Good for them or is there another reason?"
Queen Sunlight smiled, "You know me to well, Ribbon Lock."
"Yes I certainly do," he smiled at her.
"I can't wait to show off our boys, especially Stardust, Skyview and Starfire," She exclaimed excitedly.
"The Kingdoms would be most interested in seeing those three," King Ribbon Lock agreed.
Star Cluster sighed sadly. They were going to a party and his parents didn't even mentioned him. Was the party just for his brothers? Star Cluster felt sad that they had forgotten him.
King Ribbon Lock saw Star Cluster and turned towards him, "Star Cluster I told you to say in your play room."
"But daddy," Star Cluster began to say.
"Go on, Star Cluster," King Ribbon Lock told him.
Star Cluster turned and left. He was mad that his father didn't listen to him.
"The Kingdoms are going to adore Star Cluster. His coat is so pretty and shinny," Queen Sunlight commented.
"They most certainly will," King Ribbon Lock agreed.
"Do you think he wanted something?" Queen Sunlight asked.
"Probably but I told him and the other three not to leave their room. I better go check on them in case the other three decided to wonder out of the room," King Ribbon Lock left the room.
"I'll go with you," Queen Sunlight stood up and followed King Ribbon Lock out of the room.
Star Cluster hurried back to the room and saw that Stardust and Skyview were still fighting.
"Well?" Starfire asked as he saw enter the room.
"Daddy wouldn't listen to me. Starfire, I heard them talking about going to a party," Star Cluster replied.
"Party?" Starfire asked.
"Yeah, you, Stardust and Skyview are going. I don't think I'm going," Star Cluster explained.
"Why not?" Starfire asked.
"They never said I was going," Star Cluster replied.
"I can't stand it, Lets both go and tell daddy," Starfire suggested.
"Ok but he won't be happy we left the room," Star Cluster turned and was about to leave the room.
"I said I was sorry about the book," Stardust exclaimed.
"You always brake something when you touch it," Skyview cried.
"It's not my fault!" Stardust kicked Skyview and sent him sliding across the floor. He rammed into Star Cluster and sent him sliding out of the room and into the hall. Star Cluster bumped the wooden vase stand. He curled in a ball covering his face as the white and green vase fell. It shattered to pieces all over the floor.
King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight had just walked around the corner and saw the vase shatter. The Black ponies stood at the door way gasping.
"Star Cluster!" yelled King Ribbon Lock.
Stardust took a few steps back, he knew Star Cluster was in trouble and it was his fault.
Star Cluster looked up at him, "Daddy, it wasn't my fault. I didn't brake it."
"It sure looked like it to me. Star Cluster go to your room. You will be having dinner in your room tonight," King Ribbon Lock exclaimed angrily.
Queen Sunlight picked up a piece of the vase, "This can't be repaired."
"Mommy, I'm sorry," Star Cluster said sadly.
"Go to your room, we will speak to you about this later," Queen Sunlight replied.
Star Cluster began to cry and ran down the hall ignoring his parents yelling at him about not running through the hall.
"Now I assume someone knows what's going on?" King Ribbon Lock exclaimed angrily.

Luna sat feeling sad for Star Cluster, "Poor Star Cluster. It wasn't his fault though."
"No it wasn't. It was my fault. Dad eventfully found out the truth and felt bad for punishing Star Cluster but that wasn't the only time Star Cluster got in trouble. It seems like every time he was around us he got in trouble and it wasn't always his fault. He eventfully stopped playing with us and spent his time reading or staying with mom," Stardust explained.
"What about the party?" Luna asked.
"Oh yes, the party. Star Cluster eventfully found out he only heard half of what mom and dad had said. It turned out that we were all going to another Kingdom for a party in our honor. We had went to many parties since then and Star Cluster always seems to disappear during the parties except for that one time," Stardust explained as he continued to tell the story, "We were around nine at the time and mom and dad had gotten another invitation to a party. Mom just couldn't pass up another party so she said yes and we all left for the party."

The sun was setting by the time they arrived at a large yellow castle. A small group of soldiers followed King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight. The four boys walked behind them as they entered through the castle gates. The soldiers that followed them stood at the gate and waited.
King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight with their boys, walked into the castle and down the long hallway till they came to a standing sign.
"This way to the Royal Party," King Ribbon Lock read.
They walked up the stairs and down the long hall till they came to set of tall doors. They entered the room and was greeted by a servant.
"Your invitation, please," He said.
King Ribbon Lock gave him the invitation. The pony took the card and looked at it then he wrote their names in the guest book. When he was done, he gave the card to the soldier next to him. The Soldier wore a silver and blue armor with silver leg bands around each leg, "Right this way."
King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight followed the pony to the stairs.
"Introducing King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight with their four boys, Prince Stardust, Prince Skyview, Prince Starfire and Prince Star Cluster," The soldier called.
The four boys stood behind their parents in rows of two as they walked down the steps. Ponies turned and gasped at the four boys especially the black ponies.
"It's true?" a pony whispered.
"They're really black," another whispered.
"And all boys. Truly amazing," another whispered.
King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight walked up to the King and Queen bowing their heads.
"It's an honor to be here," King Ribbon Lock remarked.
"Thank you for coming," The King replied, "I am King Spinner and this is my wife Queen Candy."
King Spinner was a peach pony with white and orange hair. Queen Candy was light yellow with orange, red and green hair.
Queen Candy walked up to the four boy and smiled, "your boys are so cute, especially you last one."
"That's Star Cluster," Queen Sunlight replied.
"Star Cluster, you are a very pretty little pony," Queen Candy commented.
"Thanks," Star Cluster replied.
"The first one if Stardust, Skyview and Starfire," King Ribbon Lock introduced them.
"Stardust, you must be the oldest," Queen Candy remarked.
Just then a yellow pony with orange and yellow hair approached them from the crowed.
"Oh, this is our daughter, Princess Goldie," King Spinner added.
Princess Goldie smiled at the boys.
"Where's your brother?" Queen Candy asked.
"Around I guess," Princess Goldie answered.
Queen Candy looked up at Queen Sunlight, "we also has a son. His name is Sunrise."
"Why don't we join the party, I'll introduce you to a few of our guests," King Spinner suggested.
"That would be wonderful," Queen Sunlight replied.
King Ribbon Lock looked down at his four boys, "Why don't you boys go and look around. Find some ponies your age, make some friends."
"Ok," Stardust replied.
Neither of the boys wanted to stay around for to long, Princess Goldie continued to smile at them batting her eyes. The boys turned and quickly left, heading into the crowd.
"That was close," Skyview breathed.
"What's with those eyes of hers?" Starfire exclaimed feeling the chiles as he thought about it.
"I think she liked us," Stardust replied.
"Lets go find some boys to play with before Princess...ummm, what's her name finds us," Starfire suggested.
They agreed and began walking around the crowd till they saw a small group of boys in a corner talking.
"Well, so it's true," a boy exclaimed once he saw them approach.
"Are you really boys?" another asked.
"Yes we are," Stardust replied.
The boys stared at the three black ponies.
"I'm Stardust."
"I'm Skyview"
"I'm Starfire"
"Well it's nice to finally meet you. I'm Sunrise."
Sunrise was a light yellow pony with yellow and white hair.
"Your Princess...umm," Starfire paused trying to think of her name.
"Princess Goldie?" Skyview asked
"Yes, your Princess Goldie's brother," Starfire exclaimed.
The boys began to laugh.
"So you meet my sister. Don't worry we are all hiding from her too," Sunrise replied.
"Yeah, she a bit odd and always batting her eyes at you," a blue boy said.
"It's creepy," a pink boy added.
"It sure is," Stardust agreed.
The group of boys stood talking and laughing. Before they knew it, an hour had pass.
"I heard there was four of you. Where's the other one?" the white pony asked.
"Star Cluster?" Skyview asked, "He's here."
"Or was," Starfire added.
"He always seems to disappear during parties," Stardust looked around at the crowed, "I wonder where he goes?"
"Lets find out," Skyview suggested.
"I would love o know what he's been doing during all these parties we had went to," Starfire exclaimed.
"Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Lets go find him," Stardust said.
"We'll help," Prince Sunrise proposed.
"What does he look like?" the Blue pony asked.
"He dark purple with blue, green, orange and yellow hair. You can't miss him once you've seen him," Stardust replied, "If anyone finds him, meet back here."
"Ok," They replied.
The boys split up searching the large room. Some looked from the stairs, others looked under the tables full of food. Some asked around. When no one could find him they meet back at the corner except for Skyview.
"Um, where is Skyview?" Stardust asked.
"I have no idea," Starfire replied.
Skyview cracked the glass doors opened and slipped unnoticed on the balcony. He looked at the large room and saw ponies walking around, most were royal ponies or very important ponies of some kind.
Skyview stood on his hind legs and looked into the garden. There were a few trees with a small stony path. The garden was full of colorful flowers. As he stood and looked around, he suddenly noticed Star Cluster walking in the garden. Skyview turned and hurried inside. He went to the corner and found his brothers.
"I found him," Skyview turned and hurried back to the balcony. The other boys thought it would be best to wait and not interfere.
When they got to the balcony, Skyview was surprised to see Star Cluster on the balcony. He leaned on the railings and stared in the distance.
"How did he get up here so fast?" Skyview thought. He knew Star Cluster had no powers or abilities like his brothers.
"There you are," Skyview exclaimed making Star Cluster jump.
Star Cluster stroked his fur flat and glared at him.
"Where have you been? Why don't you join us at the party?" Stardust asked.
"So you finally noticed I was missing?" Star Cluster asked.
"Of course. Your our brother," Stardust replied.
"Why don't you come inside with us. You could get something to eat," Starfire suggested.
"I'm not hungry," Star Cluster replied.
"Then at lest meet the other boys," Stardust replied.
Star Cluster turned and stared in the distance before answering, "Alright," Star Cluster turned around, "I'll go with you."
"Great," Stardust exclaimed, "The others wants to meet you."
Star Cluster followed his brother into the large room when he was inside the room he heard a little pony sobbing. He stopped and look. not to far from him, across the room stood three ponies, one of them was a small white pony. She looked a few years younger than him.
"Are you alright?" The mother asked.
"Yes," The little pony sobbed.
"I'm sure she didn't mean to," The mother muttered to her.
"Now cheer up and go have fun. We won't be here for to much longer, " the father said to her. Her parents nuzzled her before she joined the girls in the group.
Skyview turned and approached Star Cluster after realizing he wasn't behind them.
"Are you coming?" Skyview asked.
"Yes," Star Cluster replied and began to follow him.
Skyview glanced behind him wondering what he was staring at.

Luna, Skyview and Starfire sat listening with fascination.
"You meet King Sunrise at the party? Luna asked.
"Yes but that was along time ago," Stardust replied.
"How did he get on the balcony?" Luna asked her father.
"I have no idea. He couldn't have climbed up. The balcony was too high," Stardust answered.
"So he doesn't have any powers?" Luna asked.
"No, he does not. He's just a normal pony," Stardust asked.
"The powers he has now comes from his staff," Starfire explained.
"That reminds me, we need to find out more about his staff," Stardust suddenly said, "I'll talk to the other Kings about it after breakfast."