Chapter 184: Star Cluster Prepares for battle

The Gnome had entered Dream Castle as the soldiers opened the doors for him. The soldiers behind him refused to enter, they knew Star Cluster would not be happy to see them.
"Are you guys coming?" The Gnome asked them.
"No, we are returning to our duties. You can tell King Star Cluster that you failed," the blue soldier replied. He turned around and left with the soldiers behind him. The Gnome continued into the castle and walked through the halls till he came to the throne room. The soldiers at the throne room doors stepped in front of the doors.
"I'm here to report to King Star Cluster," the Gnome told them.
The soldiers stepped aside and opened the door, letting the gnome in. He walked pass the soldiers and into the room. He jumped down the stairs skipping a few steps. He followed the red rug passing the large water fountain. Star Cluster sat on the throne with the staff in his hooves.
"Where are they?" Star Cluster asked calmly.
"I couldn't bring them-"
"You had the pouch of sparkle dust," Star Cluster pointed out.
"You Majesty, I had the Princess in a spell, she did everything I told her to. I had her catch the black ponies after the soldiers were defeated..."
"So where is she?" Star Cluster exclaimed, feeling impatient, he knew the Gnome was hiding something.
"She...broke out of my spell...She-"
"What?!" Star Cluster cried Feeling angry about the Gnome's failure, "You lost her and the black ponies?"
"Your Majesty, it wasn't my fault. She...changed..."
"Changed? What do you mean?" Star Cluster asked curiously.
"Her eyes...changed to a cats eyes. Her voice had changed as well. It was like she was a different pony," the Gnome explained.
"Green Cats eyes?" The voice asked.
The Gnome looked around where the voice came from, he knew there was no one else in the room.
"Return him to your collection," the voice ordered.
Star Cluster stood up and pointed the staff at the Gnome. Lighting Shot out and hit the shocked Gnome. He froze and shrunk, then a crystal ball formed around him, trapping him inside.
"What a waste. That story about the eyes and voice was the stupidest excuse if I ever heard one," Star Cluster walked to the crystal ball and picked it up.
"Green Cat eyes..." the voice mumbled as he continued to repeat the words, "Green cat...eyes."
"Don't tell me you believe him?" Star Cluster asked.
" eyes...It sounds very familiar," The voice replied, a few minutes later the voice gasped, "No it can't be."
"Can't be what?" Star Cluster asked.
"It's not possible," The voice added still surprised, "All white with green cat can't be...her."
"Who?" Star Cluster asked.
The voice became silent for a few minutes pondering on what the Gnome had said.
"Well?" Star Cluster asked.
"Bring the Princess to me, alive and unharmed," the voice ordered.
"I thought you wanted her dead earlier," Star Cluster replied.
"I did and now I don't," The voice replied.

Just then a soldier walked in the room and bowed at Star Cluster, "Your Majesty, Stardust has gathered a large army at the base of Mooney Mountain."
"Humm, so Stardust plans to attack," Star Cluster muttered, "Gather the other Kingdoms here. Send the Pegasus with a note and get the soldiers ready for battle. I want to know the minute Stardust and his army leaves Mooney Mountain."
"Yes, your Majesty," the soldier stood up and left the room.
"I will not loose Dream Castle!" Star Cluster exclaimed.
"Bring the Princess to me. I will turn her against Stardust. I guarantee you, with her on your side, you will never have to worry about Losing dream Castle," the voice replied.
"What can she possibly do to win the battle?" Star Cluster asked.
"If she is who I think she is, you'll be surprised what she would do," the voice replied.
The staff turned into a key and appeared around Star Cluster's neck. He continued on the red rug and left the throne room with the crystal ball in his hoof.