Chapter 183: Under a spell

Luna left the castle after she had searched for her father and two uncles. The sun shined brightly on her white coat, her hair shined in the sunlight.
Luna paused at the door and smiled greatly when she saw Skyview and Starfire. Luna hurried down the steps and ran to the wall. Skyview and Starfire had just finished talking to Banner when Luna approached them.
"There you two are, I thought you left with dad," Luna exclaimed happily.
"Nope, we're staying here with you today," Starfire replied.
"Great!" Luna exclaimed.
Skyview and Starfire smiled when they saw how excited Luna was.
"Want to play a game?" Luna asked.
"Sure, what would you like to play?" Skyview replied.
"Rope toss," Luna answered.
"I should have known," Skyview laughed, "go get the rope and meet us at the water fountain."
"Ok," Luna winked out.
During the rest of the afternoon, Skyview and Starfire played Rope Toss with Luna. The soldiers loved to see them playing, it gave them something to do while patrolling the wall.

When it was dinner time, they quickly ended the game with Skyview being first at the water fountain.
"You won again," Luna exclaimed, catching her breath.
Skyview dropped the rope, "You won a few times though."
"You two are lucky, I won only once," Starfire remarked.
"It's better than not winning at all," Skyview replied, "Besides you may have had a change to win a few times if you didn't try to push me out of the way."
"That's because you were in my way," Starfire replied.
"I was not. You pushed me."
"Well You shouldn't have tried to use your horn to knock the rope away, otherwise I wouldn't have pushed you," Starfire exclaimed.
"You pushed me first so I had no choice."
Luna sat down and watched them as they argued, suddenly her stomach began to rumble.
Skyview and Starfire stopped and looked at her.
"I'm hungry," Luna replied.
Skyview glared at Starfire, "If you don't push me then I won't use my horn."
"Fine, the same goes for you."
Skyview looked at Luna and smiled, "Why don't you take the rope back and meet us at the King's dinning room?"
"Ok, I'll meet you there," Luna winked out and appeared in her room. She set the rope on a table and turned around, suddenly she saw something scurry under her bed. Curious as to what it was, she walked over to her bed and looked underneath. Suddenly sparkling dusts flew at her face.

Skyview and Starfire went to the dinning room and saw King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall at the table waiting for them but Luna wasn't there.
"Did Luna come here yet?" Skyview asked.
"No, We haven't seen her since earlier today," King Sea Mist answered.
"Why, is something wrong?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"I hope not," Skyview replied, "I'll go check on her." Skyview winked out leaving the King , Queen and Starfire in the room.
Skyview appeared in Luna's room, only she wasn't there. He looked at the table and noticed the rope he was playing with earlier.
"Humm, I wonder if she winked to the dinning room and I had just missed her," Skyview guessed. He winked back to the dinning room but she wasn't there either.
"Was she there?" Starfire asked.
"No she wasn't but the rope was there on her table so she had to have been there," Skyview answered.
"Where did she go then?" Starfire asked.
"You look around on the first floor, I'll check the second and third floor," Skyview proposed.
"I hope you find her," said Queen Snowfall worriedly.
"So do we," Skyview replied, he winked out while Starfire left the room.

Starfire walked through the halls but there was no sign of Luna. He checked the Library hoping she was there but she wasn't. He searched all the rooms but still he didn't find her. He went to the soldiers standing guard at the throne room and asked them if they had seen Luna.
"Sorry, we haven't," one of them answered.
Starfire turned feeling worriedly, it wasn't like Luna to just disappear during dinner.
He went back to the dinning room and reported to King Sea Mist, "I didn't find her."
Just then Skyview winked back, "I couldn't find her."
"She has to be here," King Sea Mist replied.
"I know but she's just not in the castle," Skyview exclaimed.
"Have my soldiers and servants help you look one more time. Ask the Summer Wing and Windy wing ponies check the area on the mountain," King Sea Mist told them.
"I'll talk to the servants and soldiers, Starfire find the Summer Wing and Windy wing ponies," Skyview told him.
"Ok," Starfire turned and left the room while Skyview winked out. He told the soldiers what happened, they all agreed to go in the castle and search every room. Skyview winked to every floor and had the servants help.
Starfire found the Summer Wing and Windy wing ponies in the forest and asked them to check the mountain and the yard in at the castle.
After everyone had searched, they reported to Starfire and Skyview.
"Sorry, we couldn't find her," a soldier reported, "She's just not in the castle."
A yellow Summer Wing ponies approached Skyview, "She's not on the mountain or the yard."
Skyview and Starfire looked at each other worriedly.
"Thank you for your help," Skyview said kindly.
The soldiers smiled and left the castle with the Summer Wing and Windy wing ponies. The servants went back to work.
"I must tell Stardust," Skyview exclaimed.
"I'll check the sky, maybe she snuck out and decided to do some flying," Starfire suggested.
"Ok," Skyview winked out.

King Whispy, King Fiddler and King Sunrise with Stardust were looking at a map on the table.
"I think it would be best to move the army around here to avoid being seen," King Whispy pointed at the map.
"We could go here too," King Sunrise pointed.
"Or here," King Fiddler added, pointing at the map.
"Stardust, what do you think?" King Whispy asked.
When they didn't get a reply, they looked up at him. Stardust was staring at the map but he hadn't heard anything the Kings said, Stardust had other things on his mind. He could sense Luna moving far from him. Had his brother taken her to town? The more he thought about it the worried he got.
"Stardust?" King Sunrise called.
"King Stardust" they called to him.
Stardust blinked his eyes a few times and looked up at them.
"Are you ok?" King Sunrise asked.
"Yes...well, not really. It's Luna, I don't sense her close by."
"Sense her?" They asked.
"I know when she or my brothers are nearby," Stardust explained.
Just then Skyview appeared next to him.
"Stardust!" Skyview almost shouted.
Stardust jump, his fur stood on end. Stardust shook his coat so his fur would lay flat.
"I'm sorry but.."
"Has something happened to Luna?" Stardust suddenly asked.
"You...know?" Skyview asked.
"I can barley sense her," Stardust explained.
"She's not at the castle or on the mountain, everyone looked. Stardust, we had no idea where she's at," Skyview exclaimed.
"I think I do. Hurry, take me to the clearing outside of town before I can no longer sense her!" Stardust told him.
Skyview lit his horn and lowered his head to touch Stardust. As soon as his horn touched him, they winked out, reappearing in a clearing near town. It was then that they saw Starfire diving out of the sky and disappearing behind the trees.
Stardust and Skyview ran through the forest to a clearing ahead. As soon as they stepped in the clearing, they hurried over to Starfire who was laying on the ground.
"Are you alright?" Stardust asked.
Starfire slowly stood up, "I'm fine."
Stardust looked up and saw Luna he was about to take a step when Starfire stopped him.
"Don't get near her, there's something wrong with her. She's not herself," Starfire warned him, "I was flying towards her when she blew me away."
"What?...why would she do that?" Skyview asked.
"Because I told her to," a voice answered.
The black ponies looked at Luna and saw a small elf like creature appear next to her. It was a lot smaller than an elf. He was as tall as Luna's knees. He wore a brown pointed hat with a feather on it. He had on a brown and black leather vest with black pants and boots.
Stardust walked towards Luna when suddenly he was blown back and knocked into his brothers. Luna's horn stopped glowing and stared at them blankly.
Stardust stood up feeling angry, "What have you done to my daughter?"
"She's under my spell thanks to this little bag. She will listen only to me and no one else."
"You're a Gnome, why would you do this?" Starfire asked, "your people are kind hearted."
"I don't know what your talking about nor do I care. I have orders and that's to bring you in, The Princess was just to lure you all out," The Gnome replied.
"What?" The black ponies asked as the realized it was all a trap.
"What's wrong with him? Gnomes don't do this sort of thing?" Starfire asked.
"Star Cluster probably did to him what he did to use," Stardust whispered.
"No memories?" Skyview asked staring at the little Gnome.
"I plan to take the princess with me too," The Gnome looked at the forest, "Catch them!"
Suddenly pony soldiers ran out of the forest with nets and swords. The Black ponies fought them. Skyview rounded a group of them and sent them far away, dropping them in the middle of the forest. It didn't take long to defeat them. Stardust turned towards the Gnome angrily.
"You give me no choice," The Gnome looked up at Luna, "Princess, catch them and kill them."
Luna's horn began to glow and suddenly, the three black ponies were lifted off the ground. Skyview was surprised, "She can't do this, she shouldn't have the power to lift three of us. No unicorn can."
"She has an unknown power. A Power she couldn't tap into...but I thought she could only use it when she was made but..." Stardust became quiet, lost in his thought over what Luna was doing.
"But she's not mad," Starfire added.
"She sure isn't," Stardust replied.
Luna was calm and had a blank stare. She wasn't mad, sad or happy she just had a blank look. Her eyes never even once, blinked.
"Luna!" Stardust cried hoping he could get through to her.
"Your wasting your breath, she can't hear you, only my voice," the Gnome exclaimed.
Suddenly, sticks with sharp points flew out of the forest and surrounded the black ponies.
"Luna!" Stardust yelled but it did no good. He continued to call Luna but she couldn't hear him.
"What are you waiting for? Hurry up!" The Gnome cried.
The Sticks suddenly flew at them. Stardust and his brother cried loudly for Luna. Just then the Sticks stopped with in inches of them. Luna's eyes' widen.
The Black ponies looked at her and was relieve to see she had heard them call for her.
"Princess, you are to hear only me and no one else!" the Gnome ordered her.
Luna's eye began to change green like large cat like eyes. Her surprised looked turned to an angry look.
The Black ponies were shocked at what they were seeing.
"Princess, I order you to kill them!" The Gnome cried, "Do you hear me? I gave you an order."
Luna turned and looked at him surprising the Gnome.
"Your...eyes?" The Gnome gasped, it was enough to scar anyone who looked at her.
"You have no control over me," Luna told him. Her voice had changed as well, sounding a bit older and soft.
"What...Y-y-you can't be a pony...What are you?" the Gnome asked still staring into her green eyes.
Just then the Gnome was lifted off the ground along with the soldiers around the black ponies.
"Wait...I-I-I" The Gnome stuttered but Luna didn't listen nor did she care to, she sent him and the soldiers flying across the sky, landing in the forest far from her. Luna turned around and looked at the black ponies, she slowly let them on the ground then her horn stopped glowing. Stardust and his brothers approached her curiously and yet a bit scared.
"Luna?" Stardust muttered.
Suddenly her green eyes turned purple and then they quickly closed. She fell to the ground laying in the grass. Stardust went to her side and stroked her head, "She's asleep."
his brother looked at him with confused look on their faces.
"A Sleep?" Skyview and Starfire asked.
"What, how...Just what happed?" Starfire asked.
"She...defiantly wasn't herself," Skyview remarked, "I...can't believe you two were right, her eyes...they changed green."
Stardust picked her up in his arms, "I don't know what's happening to Luna but I don't want anyone telling her about what just happened. She is to think this was all just a dream."
"Why?" Starfire asked.
"A lot has happened to her, I don't think she should know abut this. I just know she'll have a lot of questions and I don't have any answers for her. Skyview take her to bed and come right back," Stardust handed Luna to him.
Skyview took Luna and winked out, a minute later he appeared.
"Tell everyone not to mention about today. I do not want her to be alone at anytime," Stardust told them.
"What about when she goes to bed?" Skyview asked.
"Have someone on guard at her door," Stardust answered.
"I can't get over her voice, it...changed," Starfire commented.
"It was like, she was no longer Luna," Skyview replied.
"Her eye's lasted longer this time. The first time it was a glimpse, the second time it was a few seconds but this was several minutes," Stardust paused, "I hate to see what changes she'll have next time."
The three of the stood with worried looks on their faces, wondering what other changes she'll have next. They knew one of them will someday have to tell Luna about her changes.
"Skyview take me back to camp," Stardust told him.
His horn lit up and as soon as he touched him, they winked out. Starfire flew from the ground towards Moonlight Castle still thinking about what he had seen.